Luchadora Slot Review

Rating: 94 %

Wrestling is the theme in the Luchadora slot machine. The guys from Thunderkick have definitely come up with something special. The masked fighters, who often enter the ring for show fights, are otherwise almost invisible in slot games.

In addition to the athletes, Mexican fruits can also be found on the reels. Together, they create an extremely harmonious overall picture. In addition, the machine manages to be colorful and still present a clear overall picture at all times.

Author & Responsibility: Gregor Ziegler
Last update by Stephan Weber on 27. May 2024


Name Luchadora
Provider Thunderkick
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,2 %
Paylines 30
Reels 5
Rows 3
Min bet 0,10
Max bet 100
Max win x1.995
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Luchadora: How it works!

How does the Luchadora slot machine work? We see a playing field consisting of five reels. Each reel contains four symbols when stationary. After completing a rotation, 20 images can be recognized on the playing field.

There are 30 win lines running from left to right. We need identical symbols on these rows to achieve a win. According to the paytable, at least three matches are required for a winning combination.

You should define the stake before the first round. Beginners can look forward to a low minimum stake of 0.10 euros. However, high rollers need not avoid the Luchadora slot. This is because up to 100 euros can be wagered per spin without any problems.

The stake is multiplied by a factor of x1,995 for the maximum win. Consequently, high payouts are certainly possible. In any case, slot machines pay out decently. This is because Luchadora pays out 96.2% of the total stake of all players.

Luchadora winning symbols

When describing the winning symbols, we go into as much detail as possible about their design and value. All figures are based on our basic stake of one euro. The following images can be found on the reels:

  • Lucha Bonus symbol
  • Lucha Smackdown
  • Misterioso Campeón
  • La Luchadora symbol
  • El Toro
  • El Rayo
  • El Serpiente
  • El Pantera
  • Red peppers
  • Orange bell pepper
  • Yellow pod
  • Green pod

Lucha Bonus symbol

Within our description we start with the Lucha Bonus symbol. There are reasons for this. This is because some pictures only come into play after the bonus has been activated. The design is that of a wrestling belt. This must be visible three to five times on the pitch.

However, the belt does not show us any independent value. In fact, the bonus symbol unlocks free spins. Three matches already provide seven free spins. The number increases to eleven or 15 free games with four or five matching symbols.

Lucha Smackdown

In terms of the subject matter, this is another bonus image. However, the bonus granted here is left to chance. However, the Lucha Smackdown has one thing in common with the conventional bonus symbol. Both pictures have no value of their own. Lucha Smackdown shows off a golden bell.

When the battle bell sounds, three different functions can be triggered. Either we are also granted free spins. Alternatively, we are happy about a multiplier of x2 to x15. The wrestler transformation can also be triggered. This brings up to four wilds into play.

Misterioso Campeón

This is the blank image, so to speak. It kind of shows a wrestler, the champion, but at this point we don't know who it is. When the wrestlers occupy the four corners of the match, Misterioso Campeón transforms into the La Luchadora symbol.

However, Misterioso Campeón also appears in the regular game. This is the first picture with an independent value. If it appears three times on the playing field, we will be pleased to refund 50% of our stake. If you match four or five, you get one or five euros back (for a stake of one euro).

La Luchadora

At this point, we have arrived at the most valuable symbol of the slot machine. It is the wrestler with the white mask and the red star on his forehead. He is the champion, but he mainly appears through the symbol transformation. Nevertheless, it is equipped with decent counter values.

La Luchadora pays out two and a half times the capital invested with a valid treble. If we line up the symbol four times, we will already receive five euros as a payout. A nickel earns us up to 25 euros. This also applies to all converted wrestlers (in Joker).

El Toro

El Toro is the sportsman with the pink mask. His name is derived from the bull's horns that his mask displays. In its normal state, the fighter does not appear particularly motivated. But he has the most to offer of all the ordinary wrestlers.

Even with a triplet, we are just within the profit zone with a payout of EUR 1.20. If we even get four of a kind along a win line, we will be paid out four euros. Five matches result in a prize of 25 euros. El Toro can turn into a game.

El Rayo

From the bull we come directly to the rooster. In fact, we've arrived at the wrestler with the orange mask. He wears a yellow cockcrow on his head, which gives him his name. The color scheme is of course also designed to prevent players from confusing the symbols.

There is a small gradation in terms of value. El Rayo grants a refund of the stake in the Luchadora slot machine if a treble is reached. With a four of a kind, we receive three times our invested capital as a payout. Five of a kind provide a refund of 20 euros.

El Serpiente

The snake has a smooth head. This of course applies to the mask. In general, his entire suit is in the color green. A large collar, which alludes to its name and reminds us of a cobra, cannot be overlooked.

Once again, the counterparts are falling slightly. If we get three identical symbols on the playing field, we only get 80% of our stake back. With four equals, two and a half times the amount is paid out. One quintuplet leads to a repayment of 17.50 euros.

El Pantera

With the Panther we come to the last wrestler on the field. His suit is turquoise. It has two small yellow horns on the front. This clarifies the origin of its name. In terms of counter values, however, El Pantera is at a disadvantage compared to its colleagues.

Because one treble leads to a payout of 0.70 euros. If we manage four matches on the playing field according to the rules, we get double our basic stake back. Finally, five of a kind earns us 15 euros.

Red peppers

With its slightly rounded shape and red base color, this vegetable is hard to miss on the pitch. The background is also slightly reddish in color. The connection to the wrestling theme is quickly established. Because both originally come from Mexico.

In the following, we will look at the values of red peppers. After all, we still receive 20 % of our basic stake in the case of a triplet. If we reach four red peppers along a winning line, we get 80% of the stake back. Five matches ensure a payout of 3.50 euros.

Orange bell pepper

The vegetables become more pointed and lose a little of their color. So now we are dealing with an orange bell pepper. In Mexico, vegetables are known to have a certain spiciness. But on the pitch, the equivalent value continues to diminish.

However, with three matches we still get a fifth of our stake back. This was identical for the red bell pepper. But in this case, a valid four of a kind only yields 70%. Five matches result in a prize of three euros.

Yellow pod

The basic color of the vegetables is yellow and the background is also colored accordingly. It's the same with vegetables as it is with wrestlers. The makers of Thunderkick deliberately use different colors so that players can easily distinguish the symbols of the Luchadora slot machine.

The yellow pod loses a little of its value compared to the previous picture. What remains identical is the payout of 20% of the stake for a valid treble. If we reach a quadruple, we get a refund of 60%. Five of a kind will give you a profit of 2.50 euros.

Green pod

We have now reached the last symbol of the slot game. This is the green pod. This is healthy and demonstrably spicy. But in terms of value, it occupies the last position in the game.

Of course, we still took a look at the equivalent value and stayed true to our basic stake of one euro. Three matches again lead to a refund of 20% of the stake. If we get four of a kind, we still get 50% back. Five identical symbols pay out double the stake.

Features and special features

If the symbolism is the foundation on which a slot machine rests, then the functions are the basic framework. Players are just waiting for a feature to be triggered. These special features give a slot game the necessary level of excitement.

At this point, we are really glad that we are dealing with a wrestling slot at Luchadora. Because this theme invites you to play a few bonus games. The developers of Thunderkick were actually very creative here.

We have taken a closer look at the available functions:

  • Transformation
  • Free spins
  • Multipliers
  • Autoplay


The four wrestlers El Toro, El Rayo, El Serpiente and El Pantera can all transform into Jokers. To do this, a corresponding wrestler must come to a standstill in a corner of the playing field. These are the so-called “ring corners”.

Land El Toro in the top right corner and all El Toro symbols will turn into Wilds. In fact, it is possible that all four wrestlers end up in the same corner. Then the transformation is complete and the playing field is flooded with jokers in the best possible way.

Because in this case, there is another special feature of the Luchadora slot machine. Because in this case, the underdog symbol is also transformed into the La Luchadora image. This gives the player a greater chance of winning big.

Free spins

There are two ways to win free spins in this slot game. Firstly, of course, there is the bonus symbol. If the belt appears three, four or five times on the playing field, the player can look forward to seven, eleven or 15 free spins.

However, there is another picture that can trigger free spins. This is the bell. This is linked to other functions. It is up to chance whether you will be credited with free spins. But there is also the chance to win up to 15 free spins.

The special feature of the free spins is quickly explained. The player does not have to pay a stake for these rounds. However, winnings will be at the usual level. Each free spin is carried out with the bet that was set for the triggering spin.


The bell is not just for winning free spins. Multipliers also come to light. These are factors that lift our profits into new spheres. The multiplier x2 already doubles the original win amount.

If the feature is activated, a counter runs through. In addition to doubling, there may also be a tripling (x3). The multiplier is even higher with a factor of x5. The maximum is reached with the multiplier x15.

At this point, we would at least like to calculate how big the impact actually is. Let's assume we have won 100 euros and are also granted the x15 multiplier. Then our profit increases to 1,500 euros. In our view, the difference is very clear.


Almost all players are annoyed by the regular clicking at some point. Because the rollers stop every few seconds. To start a new round, activate the rotate button. To do this, customers move the mouse pointer over it and press the left mouse button.

However, this activity is superfluous. Because the Luchadora slot machine comes with the autoplay feature. Here, players can set a number of rounds that are executed fully automatically. At least five turns must be selected. A maximum of up to 5,000 rounds are available.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any other options for setting autoplay. However, we are allowed to set a check mark. Then the reels stop at least when a feature has been won. This way, we never miss the highlights of the slot machine game.


Are there any Luchadora alternatives? In any case, it depends on how broadly we define the topic. If we only concentrate on wrestling, it will certainly be difficult to create similar games.

But Luchadora is more than just a wrestling slot. This is because it is a machine from Thunderkick. Without question, the developers have chosen a Mexican theme. Fruit also plays a role.

So if we focus on these features, we can actually recommend a lot of slot machines. We have chosen the following three titles, which our experts really enjoyed.

Nacho Libre – Here the wrestlers are linked to the numbers and letters, among other things. Manufacturer iSoftbet has created a slot machine with ten win lines and a return to player of 95.67%.

Karate Pig – They may not be wrestlers, but they are fighters nonetheless. To be more precise, a karate pig is the center of attention. This Microgaming machine has a payout ratio of 96.5%.

Extra Chilli Megaways – A win rate of up to 96.82% and a number of up to 117,649 win lines are available. There are also many features and even the option to buy bonus rounds.

Playing Luchadora online – our conclusion

Do you have a soft spot for Mexico or perhaps for the sport of wrestling? Then the Luchadora slot is the right choice for you. Although there are not that many functions, the existing features are designed with love.

We really liked the link between the ring corners and the transformation feature. All wrestlers can actually transform into Jokers. It is precisely such special features that make the Luchadora slot machine a highlight.

Of course, we didn't miss the opportunity to take a final look at the strengths and weaknesses of the slot machine. If you want to see for yourself, use the demo function that we have embedded at the top of this article.

  • Wrestlers transform into Wilds
  • Bonus round: Up to 15 free spins
  • Stake from 0.10 to 100.00 euros
  • No Wild available in the base game
  • Autoplay without limits


Can I play Luchadora for free?

Luchadora comes from the game developer Thunderkick. The company is happy to make its slot games available to the general public. The slot machine can therefore be accessed via the homepage there. We have also added the demo here. If you look further up, you can try a few spins. However, if you play for free, you won't make any real winnings.

Can Luchadora also be played on the go?

Nowadays, it is no longer absolutely necessary to download an app from the respective casino onto your smartphone or tablet. Luchadora is one of the slot machines that are available across all platforms. Neither your end device nor the operating system play a role here. Simply log into the online casino of your choice on your mobile and start the machine.

What are the limits at Luchadora?

The Luchadora slot machine has a minimum bet of 0.10 euros. Customers can risk up to a maximum of 100 euros per round. This makes the machine equally suitable for beginners and high rollers. The win limit is the multiplication of the stake by a factor of x1,995. As a result, it is possible to win large sums of money.

Is Luchadora also available with Megaways option?

Luchadora is a slot game that comes with ring corners. This is a function that is linked to the outer fields of the slot. Megaways would only be a hindrance with this feature. Consequently, Thunderkick has decided against releasing a Luchadora version with Megaways.

Can I play for real winnings at Luchadora online casinos?

Luchadora is a slot machine game. It can be executed in the demo. You do not need to make a deposit here. Conversely, you only play for play money winnings. However, if you have completed the registration process at an online casino and made a payment there, you can play for real winnings (and losses) without any problems.

Which manufacturer is behind Luchadora?

Thunderkick is the studio behind Luchadora. It is a game developer from Stockholm (Sweden). The company was founded back in 2012. In the meantime, many interesting titles have been created there. These include Gods of Rock, Fortune Cats and Cosmic Voyager.

What is the payout percentage at Luchadora?

The payout ratio describes the amount of the stake that the slot machine pays out on average. Depending on the machine, there is also talk of the win rate or the return to player. Luchadora has a payout rate of 96.2%. As a result, an average of 96.2 euros of every 100 euros wagered is returned to the players.

Which streamers play Luchadora?

Luchadora is not at all unpopular in the streaming industry. This is certainly due to the interesting topic. However, we also searched the channels of well-known casino influencers. We couldn't find any videos of the Luchadora slot machine there.

Is Luchadora a serious game?

Thunderkick is a software company from Sweden that has been around since 2012. Luchadora was developed and released there. Online casinos have the machines checked again by the local regulatory authorities in accordance with national laws. So if the Luchadora slot has made it into the virtual casino, the slot machine can be rated as reputable.

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