Casino scam! Casino does not pay out, what to do?

Author & Responsibility: Julia Beyer
Last update by Gregor Ziegler on 5. April 2024

When the casino refuses to pay out, many players automatically think of fraud. Although this possibility exists, there are actually other reasons. Sometimes it is the customer’s own fault because he has violated rules. Fraud is rather a rarity. Misunderstandings, on the other hand, are more common. If the debit does not materialize for unknown reasons and the online casino is no help in clarifying the situation, it is necessary to contact the supervisory authority. The most important information is summarized below.

The most important in a nutshell:

  • There are legal reasons for the casino exclusion. These include self-blocking, unintentional fraud by the player or false information during registration.
  • As signs of fraud are the failure to pay out by the casino, the non-response of customer service, as well as the use of manipulated games.
  • Should there be fraud, it is important to remain calm and patient. At best, facts are documented with atomic shots (screenshots). By involving independent instances (licensors and testing institutes) pressure is built up. Lastly, it remains to go to your own lawyer.
  • Reasonable is to prevent a casino scam. This is already possible with a look at the available license and the address of the casino. Can the service be reached and does the provider do something for player and youth protection? If renowned companies are among the partners of the casino, the trust is there. Most help, however, positive experiences with the payout of their own money!


It's a real nightmare. If the casino does not pay out and the account is blocked, then it is impossible to get your own funds for the time being. It may even be more difficult to contact the provider. However, the support channels can usually be reached. That is where the research should begin. However, there is something that casino customers can do ahead of time—and that is to question themselves.

Although there is a lot of resentment, there are perfectly legal reasons for blocking accounts. We list these below and then go into more detail:

  • Time out or self lockout
  • Suspicion of fraud
  • Alleged bonus abuse
  • Opening multiple accounts
  • Untrue information about identity
  • User data entered incorrectly
  • Violation of youth protection guidelines
  • Using a Virtual Private Network
  • Prolonged absence of the player
  • Casino is a fake site
  • The provider lacks the money to pay out
  • Evidence of manipulated games
  • No response from customer service
  • Accumulation of negative reporting

Time out or self lockout

Let's start with time out. Many online casinos now offer a button for this. Anyone who clicks this is temporarily excluded from playing. There is often talk of a 24-hour time-out. To prevent customers from reconsidering this, the short-term self-lock applies immediately after the button is pressed. It is not asked again on the part of the casino. In this case, the payout is also blocked. However, there is no fraud here. Rather, it is a measure of self-protection for the player.

Self-locking is one step above this. In principle, this acts like a 24-hour lock. But the duration is longer. The player can choose for how long he wants to lock his account. The selection ranges from months to a year or permanently. In the case of a permanent block, activation is possible again after one year at the earliest. In Canada, licensed casinos, land-based casinos and gaming arcades are interlinked. If you are blocked from one establishment, you are also blocked from other gambling providers. There may be an account lockout for this reason as well.

External lockouts by family or friends occur less frequently but are within the realm of possibility.

Suspicion of fraud in the game

An online casino is a game of chance. If a player wins by luck, he may of course keep the winnings and also pay them out. However, if the casino suspects fraud, then the player's funds could be frozen until the matter is resolved. This is the case when the player does not bet on luck, but actively tries to cheat the casino. Some customers even do this unintentionally and then suspect a fraud of the online casino themselves.

From our point of view, the information policy of the venue is important in this case. The customer should know about the verification of an operation. Because in this way the player himself can contribute to the clarification of the facts. If, however, the account has been blocked for no apparent reason, the customer service department must first be contacted for a painstaking investigation. Those who have played at a legal and reputable casino should in any case go the official route of clarification. In this regard, the responsible supervisory authority must be contacted subsequently. This can often be found in the footer of the respective homepage.

Suspected bonus abuse

There are two overarching goals as to why casinos offer a bonus. Once to attract customers and then to turn them into regulars. The financial offer is therefore not an end in itself. Customers can often play with it for twice as long as with their deposit. However, some casino customers might get a bad idea. Why not set up two accounts. After that, the user logs in to the roulette. One customer account goes for red, the other for black.

This allows the implementation to move forward without incurring losses (the green zero is the exception). The fact that this procedure is not in the inventor's spirit can already be seen from the bonus conditions. There is always a reference that the bonus can be used only once per person, IP address, computer and place of residence. Of course, it is also forbidden to coordinate with a friend and use the described tactics. All of these things fall under bonus abuse. In this case, the online casino would have every right to block the player's account.

Hold multiple accounts

Even regardless of the abuse of the new customer bonus, holding multiple accounts is strictly prohibited. At this point, however, let's put the logical reasons aside. The customer may have opened an account four years ago and not thought about it later. However, after various gaming sessions, the provider notices that there are now two accounts under the name “Max Mustermann”. There is a high probability that at least the newer and in this case active account will be deleted or blocked.

It is also possible that both accounts will be put on hold. In this example, the customer who does not remember opening the first account is naturally confused. However, perhaps there is a misunderstanding. Because there are plenty of people with the same name in Canada. In fact, with careful checking, the address of the account should also be identical. What are we getting at? Whether intentional or not is completely irrelevant in this case. Multiple accounts are prohibited under the Terms and Conditions.

False identity information

In social networks, it has become a fad not to log in with your real names. This is to protect personal data. Some customers also get this idea in the online casino. Why should I give away my data just like that? Finally, customers later suspect fraud when the payout is denied. But in this case, verification must take place in advance. The player must present his identity card or other photo identification. Upon reconciliation, the casino finds that the data from the ID does not match the data on the account.

In this case, the debit may be refused with good reason. Since the user has intentionally provided false information, blocking the account is legitimate. The fraud here is not on the part of the provider. In general, of course, identity is worth protecting. But online banking also requires correct information. Online casinos are encrypted with similar technologies. If you choose a reputable casino, you can enter your real data.

Some providers allow dial-up with Facebook data. In this case, the incorrect or outdated information on the social network could have led to the subsequent account suspension.

Entering incorrect user data

Depending on the customer's activity on the Internet, there may be various customer passwords and usernames to remember. In fact, it is not appropriate to use the same dial-up data everywhere. But sometimes your memory plays tricks on you. Either the password is no longer retrievable or there is even a mix-up. This makes it possible for various incorrect entries to occur. Now the reputable online casino may suspect fraud.

In the end, it could actually be the case that a stranger tries to gain access to the customer's account. In fact, if the account is frozen in this example, the player should be happy. However, if the owner of the customer account has made frequent mistakes when dialing in, the blocking seems excessive. But how is the casino supposed to know who is trying to log in. Here, caution is better than indulgence. In this case, however, the facts should be easy to explain to customer service.

Afterwards, only a new password has to be sent by e-mail. And already the customer may proceed with the use of the casino. By the way, if there is only one letter mistake in the data, the misunderstanding can be cleared up without any problems.

Youth protection reasons

The protection of minors is one of the overriding objectives in the State Treaty on Gaming 2021. If a player is under the age of majority, the account rightfully belongs to be suspended. As it stands, 18 years is the limit. Whereby there is definitely a discussion to move the limit up to 21 years. Anyone who violates the requirements for the protection of minors has forfeited their right to participate in the online casino. In fact, this can also apply to players who are already 18 years old.

Suppose a customer came of age 14 months ago. However, the customer account has been in existence for 18 months. Since accounts are not transferable in this case, a customer who is currently of age has already violated the rules for the protection of minors in advance. Gambling by minors is prohibited. Whether this faux pas happened knowingly or unknowingly is irrelevant. In principle, it is commendable when a virtual casino takes its responsibility seriously in this regard.

Use of VPN programs

What is a VPN? This is a virtual private network. It may be a standalone program on the computer, mobile device or just an extension in the browser. In fact, the Internet is thus made to believe that the player is based in a different location. So, in a sense, a customer from Canada could register with an online casino from Croatia. If the casino does not usually accept Canadian customers, the rules were violated in the process.

But can the use of a VPN be detected? In fact, it is not that simple. Especially since not every customer is investigated as a matter of principle. However, some users do not always dial in from the same location. Of course, casino players are also allowed to travel and play from anywhere in the world. However, if a customer dials in from Austria now and dials out from the U.S. two hours later, this is an impossibility. Then there may well be a check for the use of a VPN.

If you don't want to do without your VPN tool and want to be on the safe side, you should take a closer look at our article on the best VPN casinos.

Inactivity of the casino client

Perhaps the customer used to love to gamble at the casino. Later, however, other things, such as the job or the family had priority. This is perfectly legitimate. Consequently, the casino account was dormant. However, this does not mean that no more money was kept there. Once things have calmed down in their private and professional lives, the player wants to access their account again. In the meantime, weeks, but equally months or years may have passed. At first, you may be surprised when logging in no longer works. Has the customer account been blocked?

The likelihood of a temporary lockout is high. Within certain intervals, the casino provider cleans up. In this case, the active accounts are separated from the inactive ones. To ensure that data traffic is as clean and clear as possible, blocking takes place. This way, no stranger can gain access to the unused accounts. However, here is no fraud of the online casino. Rather, there are practical and technical reasons. In addition, the customer account can usually be reactivated after consultation with the casino.

Casino is a fake

Now it gets a little complicated. If the casino is a fake, that is, not a real casino, who is to blame? In principle, there are two victims here. On the one hand, there is the real casino. Fakes often use the design and even the texts and games of the original. They look confusingly similar to the real casino. Only the domain name differs. The second victim is, of course, the player. The latter suspects that he has registered with the original casino.

Already with the deposit his money is lost in this case. Because a fake has not made it its business to entertain the player. Unquestionably, the casino games there work as desired. Even the payout ratio is identical to the original. There is a reason for this. If the customer loses funds, he may pay in again. The difference between fake and original is that with fake there will never be a payout. In this case, the player probably paid an apprenticeship fee. Now you have to report the fake to the original and explain the facts there.

We have made it our goal to spot fake casinos and protect our readers. Therefore, we would like to raise awareness here and at the same time also refer to the page of the best reputable casinos.

Casino has no money to pay out your winnings

Especially when the casino is still young, there may not be sufficient financial reserves available. Of course, this does not apply to a supposedly low payout of 100 or 1,000 euros. Here we are already talking about a big win. However, there is usually a regulation in this regard. This is because the casino aims to generate long-term revenue. It is therefore possible to control the payout to the lucky winner in installments.

If there is an inability to pay, the refusal to debit does seem unfair from the player's perspective. But then again, the online casino has no other choice in this case. Otherwise, the company would have to file for bankruptcy. This must not be the goal. Therefore, the customer should contact the service and look for a solution that satisfies both sides. The installment payment is the only solution here, which is fair.

Casino uses manipulated games

Is the casino to blame when rigged games are in play? As a rule, the machines are provided by software forges. How big the influence of the casinos on this software is, is difficult to assess as an outsider. However, it is generally the case that every Internet gambling house that displays a valid license is checked for this. This is because the regulatory authorities check whether the slot games function according to the rules. Software forges are also supervised in this regard.

For the player, on the other hand, it is difficult to find out whether a slot actually converts the promised payout. If, for example, the payout ratio is 95 percent, then 95,000 of the 100,000 euros wagered on the day would have to be returned for payout. However, a single player can still lose his 500 euro bet completely. In return, it is possible for another customer to take a profit of 8,000 euros from his 200 euros. However, the manipulation of slot machines is a rarity in online casinos.

Customer service does not react at all or only evades

If the customer suspects fraud in the casino, the first address is the customer service. Players take this step especially when the casino does not pay out. If no feedback is received, all customer service channels should be used first – email, live chat and phone. There may even be a separate complaints office. Then the message belongs there. This is then usually a mail address.

In the first place, it doesn't matter if your written English isn't perfect. The only important thing at this point is that your request is understood. Translators who can help you with this are plentiful on the Internet.

Sudden accumulation of negative comments and ratings on the Internet

Possibly, the virtual gambling house suddenly faces negative comments on the Internet. Now both sides need to examine how these poor ratings came about. Here is an example: There is a technical problem with the payout and the customer service is poorly staffed for such queries. This may well delay the debit process by weeks. However, customers who justifiably insist on their profit distribution usually cannot wait that long. Immediately there is a scent of fraud.

However, it would be the right course of action for the casino to openly communicate with the affected parties in such cases as well. Conversely, the player should ask himself how it comes to the accumulation of negative reporting. Perhaps there was a change in the leadership and therefore in the policy of the online casino. If the business conduct is no longer compatible with one's own claim to fairness, then it is time to change the provider.

What to do if I suspect fraud?

It is not possible for us to make a remote diagnosis of whether there is fraud in the casino. However, in the past we have often encountered cases where the customer first overreacted. Because in the event of a win, from the player's point of view, things always have to move very quickly in case of doubt. While the casino has data to check, verification to perform and other pitfalls to consider. Only then is the credit released for booking. And then the corresponding financial institution still has to book the receipt. This step can also take another one to three days. After all, this is another reason why we have become big cryptocasino fans.

Below we have compiled a few tips on how casino customers should behave in the event of (alleged) fraud. In advance, here is a brief summary of the most important key points:

  • Stay patient and don't go on a service rampage
  • Keep calm and don't get carried away with your choice of words
  • Make a documentation of facts and evidence
  • Involve independent bodies (testing institutes and player protection organizations)
  • Seek legal advice

Be patient

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is a good motto. Patience plays a role in this from our perspective. Your casino winnings do not expire within a few days or weeks. There is no point at all in bombarding the provider with emails or other messages. Of course, it is right to contact in case of delay. Finally, the player wants certainty that the booking is in preparation. If the casino does not report back, the displeasure is quickly very large.

Response times vary from casino to casino. Some try to respond by email within 24 hours. With other companies, it already takes several business days. Then again, online casinos want to check the process themselves first. When a payout is denied, there is sometimes a reason. So before writing the answer to the player, it is necessary to see through the process. As a customer, you should therefore have the patience to wait for a response.

Stay calm

Is there fraud? This suspicion alone quickly brings some casino customers to 180. So the pulse goes through the roof. At this very moment it is right and important to keep calm. Because those who accuse others of fraud do not make themselves popular. Anyone who spreads such a false message may even be liable to prosecution. Fraud must be proven. In the event of a failure to pay out, the case quickly seems clear. But there may be discrepancies. Perhaps the name of the account holder and the money recipient simply do not match.

In such cases, the casino has a duty to conduct an audit. This can take a while. Especially in the first weeks it is therefore necessary to keep calm. Nowadays there are other ways to get your money. However, insulting ignorant casino employees is not one of them. If you stay calm, you will reach your destination sooner. Also because other methods can be taken at the right time.

Document facts and create screenshots

If the case does end up in court at some point, it is important to be able to present evidence. This starts with the account balance. The debit should also be documented at best. You may even be able to see the status of the payout. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep the conversations via live chat and e-mail. However, the question now is how all this evidence is secured in the first place. There is a simple method for this – the screenshot. You can make this with the “Print” key on the keyboard and integrate it with “Paste” in an image editing program. However, it is better to resort to a tool.

At this point we would like to recommend Atomshot. What makes this software so special? It not only creates the screenshot. At the same time it adds the URL and the time. This may be relevant for evidence review later. It is important to document what needs to be recorded. For example, if the online casino has blocked the account, it is difficult to keep a pictorial record of the account balance. However, conversations via live chat can be collected as image files. Without a screenshot, it is still possible for the player to make a memory log.

Involve independent entities

Every reputable online casino has a license. Whether this comes from Canada, Malta, Curacao or Gibraltar is irrelevant for this step. If the customer suspects fraud in the casino and talks with the provider have failed, then the next path leads to the supervisory authority or the licensor. This is usually mentioned in the footer of the homepage of the casino, sometimes even linked. There you can call and write an e-mail. An investigation is then launched from their side.

Player protection organizations or testing institutes are another address where the player can seek advice. As an example, we would like to mention eCogra. This is an independent testing agency. For example, it checks whether the payout ratio of a specific machine is correctly stated. Organizations and testing agencies can indirectly put pressure on online casino. Because casinos fear bad coverage from this side.

Involve lawyers

It is the last step. If the financial value is worth it, then the path leads to the lawyer. The latter can exert pressure on the company in a different way than the player protection organizations can. Ultimately, the case may end up in court. However, the question first arises as to whether legal action is likely to be successful. Because the customer has gained nothing if he does not get paid on his winnings and on top of that has to settle a lawyer's bill.

Legal action is worthwhile in any case for all casinos with a Canadian license because behind it is a Canadian supervisory authority. The same applies to companies that enjoy a global reputation and are licensed at least within the EU. Malta, for example, is part of the European Union. Finally, in any case, a consultation should first occur with a lawyer specializing in gambling. In case of doubt, he or she will tell the customer whether legal action is worthwhile and what the chances are.

Prevent online casino fraud – How to recognize reputable casinos

Prevention is better than cure. In this case, it is smart to bet on reputable casinos than to complain about a scam or the lack of a payout afterwards. Which leads us to the following question: How can reputable online casinos be recognized? There are different methods to put the seriousness of an Internet gambling house to the test. However, it is better to recognize a safe casino in advance.

In the following section, we'll look at how resourceful casino customers should inform themselves in advance. Once again, we summarize the most important things already in this list:

  • Check on independent testing institutes as partners
  • Control player protection measures in advance
  • Consistent exclusion of minors from the casino
  • Positive player experience, especially when it comes to payout
  • Availability of contact details; accessibility of customer service
  • Renowned game developers provide their titles
  • The general terms and conditions are formulated in an understandable way

Independent testing organizations as partners

Independent testing institutes include eCogra and iTechlabs. These organizations care about fairness in the game. For example, in slots, there is a so-called return to player (RTP). This is a percentage indication of how much of the staked capital is paid out on average to the slot machine's customers. If this information is incorrect, it is casino fraud. Independent testing bodies can technically determine whether the stated figure is true.

However, the testing institutes look not only at the casino games but also at the bonus. For example, a bonus with a volume of 500 euros could be subject to such strict rules that turnover is almost impossible. If the probability of the new customer bonus being paid out tends toward zero, then the review partner steps into the breach and criticizes the offer. It is, therefore only natural that online casinos with independent testing institutes as partners enjoy a reputable reputation. There, players can usually also count on a payout.

Player protection is a top priority

What does the Internet casino do for player protection? This question can often be answered after just a cursory glance at the homepage. After all, informative education is the be-all and end-all. Consequently, what is needed first of all is a website dedicated to the topic of responsible gaming. At best, this section includes a reference to help available in the event of a gambling addiction. In addition, a test can sometimes help to detect signs of addictive behaviour. Most of the time, such information can be found on the casino page only in the footer.

Technical aids can also ensure player protection. In this regard, a casino should definitely introduce limits. In Canada, a deposit limit of $1,000 is now even mandatory. Foreign operators offer limits on deposit, wager, or loss regularly but not consistently. Furthermore, it sometimes helps to set up a panic button. This allows customers to take 24-hour time off. If, in addition, a self-block can still be submitted in the long term, player protection is guaranteed in our view.

No chance for youth players

Young players should not have a chance to play in online casinos. There can be no two opinions on this. At this point, however, it is necessary to question how casinos ensure this fact. Of course, new customers must enter their date of birth when registering. However, it is easy to cheat. If a minor wants to participate in casino gambling, it is difficult to stop them in this way. Canadian casinos counter this with very early verification. The player must present an identity card or other photo ID (scanned).

Now the following happens: A data comparison takes place. The information entered during initial registration is matched with the data on the photo ID. So, in order to log into the casino as a teenager, you need at least someone else's ID. However, the account would also have to be opened in this person's name. However, a name is also stored when making a deposit. This must also match the account. Young people can sometimes sign up this way but fail to verify or make a deposit. This is to make unlawful gambling impossible.

The protection of minors can therefore be traced back to the measures taken during registration and verification.

Positive disbursement practices and experiences

When is an online casino considered safe? All measures and protections aside. The security is often recognized by players only when their winnings have reached the bank account. Then casino fraud can be definitively ruled out. If the casino does not pay out, it is considered to be dubious. However, the payout practices of the casinos are already different. Some process the debit within 24 hours. Other sites like to take several business days. Then, the financial institution itself must also take action.

It already stands out positively if the payment is processed via an EU bank. Separation of accounts (assets and player funds) is required. In addition, the venue should be financially capable. This includes the possible payout in case of a higher win. Lastly, hopefully, secure payment providers are available. However, we do not only include credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal. Various e-wallets, Sofortüberweisung, Apple Pay, and other methods have also been proven to be used to transfer money confidently. If the payout is now SSL-encrypted, all is well.

In a nutshell, nothing beats the customer's own positive payout experience.

Customer service and support is always available

Let's start directly with the address. A reputable company does not need to hide where it is headquartered. However, casino customers should not be unsettled at this point. Sometimes, the seat is in Malta, Gibraltar, or Cyprus. This usually has nothing to do with a lack of security. There are tax reasons behind it. However, it is not only the address that must be visible. From the player's point of view, the contact details are even more important. How to reach the casino in case of doubt. In our view, the postal address is one of them.

In order to clarify questions in case of problems, at least one e-mail address should be available. Better is the presence of a live chat and a hotline. Because that's where problems can be solved in real time. However, it is a fact that many casinos do not offer all three types of service. For this reason alone, fraud should not be suspected. Even if only the mail address is available, a provider can act seriously. Customer service must be easy to reach. Even before registration, in principle, a test request can be made there. Then the potential customer waits for a response. This provides additional security.

Recognized game developers as partners

Serious companies find each other. So, if the live games are provided by NetEnt or Evolution Gaming, this is already an indication of the provider's seriousness. Playtech, Microgaming and other gaming companies are also considered reputable. If the titles of these developers can be found in the online gaming store's online gaming program, the chance of fraud is immediately much lower. However, we do not want to stop here with the developers. Because the same is true for a very specific payment method.

Now we come back to PayPal again. At that time, when casinos were banned in Canada, the service completely withdrew from this sub-segment of gambling. Today there are licenses for the slot game again. Therefore, PayPal has come out again. Even without this rigorous stance, PayPal is considered a secure payment service provider. So, player protection is satisfied if an online casino allows deposits and withdrawals with PayPal. Conversely, the absence of PayPal is of course, no argument to doubt the seriousness of the provider.

Translation of the homepage is professional

A homepage that is not translated decently into Canadian immediately makes a bad impression. But here, it is important to distinguish. If the casino site has been on the market for a while, such errors should not occur. However, translation errors may occur if the casino has only been on the market for a short time. This often results in a process. Texts are checked in post-processing and then improved. However, it makes perfect sense to pay attention to the subtleties.

One or more translation errors may occur. If the texts in the online casino can otherwise be read smoothly, everything is probably fine. It may look different if the texts read as if they came fresh from the Google translator. Because no professional was at work in the translation. This aspect alone allows conclusions to be drawn that the casino also displays less than professional behaviour in other areas. From our point of view, however, there is one exception. While it is nice to have the terms and conditions translated into Canadian. However, with foreign operators, the T&Cs are always in the original language anyway.

GTC is understandable and fair

At best, the GTC is available in English. Once again: In case of doubt, the General Terms and Conditions in the original language always apply to a foreign provider. However, it is important that the GTCs are formulated comprehensibly and fairly. There, the online casino may not inscribe any rights that it is not entitled to in the course of a fair relationship between customer and provider. At the same time, the sentences must not be so complicated and convoluted that readers no longer understand what they are actually talking about.

At best, GTCs are divided into sections. This makes navigation easier. In addition, today, we expect a company within the EU to have a policy on data protection. Furthermore, a data protection officer should be designated. In any case, it is worth taking a look at the privacy policy. It should be enshrined there that customer data is only collected for gaming purposes and is not passed on. If there are no problems after reviewing the T&Cs and the privacy policy, trust in the provider is once again a little more established.


What did we want to achieve with this article about possible casino fraud? First and foremost, we wanted to show that it doesn't always have to be the provider's fault when an account is suspended. We were concerned with the legal reasons for blocking. This includes a timeout or self-block as well as an unintentional scam against the casino. Opening multiple accounts under the same name, bonus abuse, false entries or the use of a VPN round out our explanations.

We then examined the signs of fraud. The Internet gambling house could be just a “copy” of a real, existing domain. Then, it is clearly a double fraud—on the player and also on the original casino. If the provider uses manipulated games, the customer service does not respond to queries from the player, or the casino refuses to pay out winnings, the suspicion of fraud is obvious. Caution is advised when negative reports and testimonials accumulate.

We also provided information on what to do in the event of suspected fraud. The first thing to do is to remain calm and patient. Because someone who argues objectively gets further than someone who throws insults around. When it comes to the burden of proof later, it makes sense to document the facts with screenshots. Here, the tool Atomshot is recommended, which immediately provides the image file with URL and date. Involving independent authorities and one's own lawyer is then the final step.

Ultimately, the goal is to prevent casino fraud. Users should pay attention to the existence of a Canadian or European license. This speaks for the casino if independent testing institutes, renowned game developers, and payment methods are on board. Information on player protection, the accessibility of customer service, and positive experiences with payouts round off the seriousness of the online casino.

Suspicion of casino fraud FAQ

Are the millions in a jackpot paid out immediately?

At an online casino with experience, this procedure is the rule. If the provider has not been on the market for a long time and has not yet built up any reserves, the payment may well be made in installments.

Is it justified if the online casino does not pay?

Yes, provided there are legitimate reasons. For example, there are T&Cs and bonus terms and conditions on the provider's homepage. If the customer – unknowingly or intentionally – has violated this, the payout may be refused.

Are new online casinos reputable?

Experienced casinos that have been pleasing their clientele for many years are considered to be highly reputable. Conversely, however, new casinos are not to be classified as dubious per se. However, new customers should check the license and put the customer service to the test.

Is arbitrary player account suspension possible in reputable casinos?

No, normally account blocking should not be done without a valid reason. An exception may be a technical error. Or when unauthorized persons have tried to log in to the player account.

How can I report an online casino scam?

The first thing to do is to inform the online casino itself and describe the problem. If the hoped-for response is not forthcoming, contact must be sought with the regulatory authority and possibly with independent testing institutes. A possible fraud can be reported there.

Is bonus hunting a scam?

It is legitimate to grab a bonus, wager it and withdraw the remaining amount. After that, it is up to the player to decide whether to stay with the current casino or move on to the next bonus offer.

Can you be banned from a casino if you win more often?

This myth persists. However, the fact is that the online casino also enjoys domiciliary rights. Customer funds – including winnings – must be made available for payment. However, the casino is free to block players. However, this is not the usual process. Because the more customers are active, the higher the profit of the online casino. Winnings are usually based on the luck factor anyway. On the other hand, casinos reserve the right to exclude professional players.

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