Casino Wagering Requirements – Definition & Examples

Die Umsatzbedingungen in Casinos sind ein stetiger Begleiter der Spieler. In jedem Online Casino winken Bonusangebote. Und in 99,9 Prozent aller Fälle sind diese an gewisse Vorgaben und Bedingungen gebunden. Was es mit den Umsatzbedingungen der Online Casinos genau auf sich hat, wie diese aussehen und wie du faire Konditionen erkennst, zeigen wir dir im Folgenden.

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Das Wichtigste in Kürze: 

  • Umsatzbedingungen sind in Casinos ein fester Bestandteil und gehören zu jedem Bonusangebot dazu
  • Die Casinos geben dir mit den Umsatzbedingungen Anforderungen vor, die für die Auszahlung des Bonus erfüllt werden müssen
  • Neben den reinen Umsatzanforderungen können auch zeitliche Vorgaben, unterschiedliche Spielwertungen oder ausgeschlossene Spiele zu den Bedingungen gehören
  • Nicht immer sind die Umsatzbedingungen der Anbieter gleichermaßen fair
  • Faire Bedingungen sind einem hohen Bonusbetrag immer vorzuziehen

What are wagering conditions?

The turnover requirements in online casinos are a default for the players. These take effect in connection with bonus offers and can be described as a “roadmap” for the bonus, so to speak. Specifically, you must meet these requirements if you want to withdraw the bonus amount.

What is somewhat misleading in the course of the turnover requirements is that they include both turnover requirements and other requirements. When talking about the turnover conditions in casinos, this term therefore spans several individual specifications. Below you can see from which requirements the turnover conditions are usually formed:

  • Turnover requirements
  • Time constraints
  • Excluded games and payment methods
  • Different valuation of the stakes
  • Maximum round bet and maximum winnings

Turnover requirements

Probably the most important part of the bonus conditions in online casinos are the turnover requirements. With these, the casino tells you how many times you have to wager your bonus amount before making a withdrawal. For example, if the bonus is wagered ten times, you will have to wager the bonus amount ten times before making a withdrawal. With a bonus of 50 euros, a bonus turnover of 500 euros would therefore be required for the payout. Important to note here: Of course, all bets are evaluated and not only your own money. Thus, if you collect and wager interim winnings, they will also contribute to the turnover requirements.

You still have to pay attention to the subtleties here. There are differences in whether you only have to wager the bonus amount or also a possible deposit. The latter would, of course, noticeably increase the requirements. For example, if you have to wager the total amount ten times, you would have to wager your bonus amount and the deposit amount ten times each. As a result, the difficulty level has doubled compared to the previous example.

Time constraints

An enormously important part of the bonus conditions in online casinos are the time requirements. You usually can't use your bonus for as long as you want. This expires and must be unlocked by you within a certain time. So, within this period, it is necessary to master all the revenue requirements. If you let the time pass, the bonus amount will be removed from your player account again.

If you take a closer look at the offers on the market, you will notice some major differences in the time frames. In fact, some providers are significantly more generous here than others. While you can discover periods of 30, 60 or even 90 days in some casinos, in others it may be as little as five, seven or ten days. The shorter the period, the tougher the revenue requirements. However, a correct evaluation is only possible if you put both requirements in relation to each other.

For example, a 30-fold bonus turnover within 60 days is considered very fair. It would be different if you have to master this 30-fold turnover within five days. However, if the casino only requires a five-fold turnover of the bonus amount, for example, even a short period of seven or ten days is considered fair.

Excluded games and payment methods

With the turnover requirements and the time limit, the two most important factors of the bonus conditions are quickly found. However, there are quite a few other limitations. If it is a deposit bonus, certain payment methods may be excluded from activation. Skrill and Neteller in particular are two typical “candidates” for this exclusion. You can then activate the deposit bonus only if you use one of the other casino payment methods. Also widespread is the exclusion from certain games. You will not be able to clear your bonus in these titles. At best, you should focus on the approved games during the active bonus and only after the free spins on the excluded games.

Different valuation of the stakes

In a certain connection with the excluded games, there is also the different valuation of the stakes. De facto, your bets in the excluded games will not be counted. These are considered to contribute zero percent toward meeting the revenue requirement. Of course, this is not true for all games. Within a casino, there can be big differences in terms of the wagering value for your bonus.

Slots and slots usually contribute 100% towards fulfilling the wagering requirements. If players resort to table games, jackpots or live games, the scoring may be different. In most cases, it is so that these bets can make up a maximum of 20 or 30 percent for the turnover. With an example, this can be understood a little easier. If you place a wager of ten euros on the slot machines, these ten euros will be completely counted towards the bonus conditions at 100 percent. If, on the other hand, you play roulette with a rating of 30 percent, a ten euro bet would effectively only contribute three euros towards fulfilling the bonus conditions.

To give you an approximate idea of how the stakes are scored in the different games, we have listed a typical breakdown here:

  • Slot machines: 100%
  • Live Casino: 10%
  • Roulette: 10%
  • Black Jack: 10%
  • Poker: 10%
  • Jackpots: 0%

Maximum round bet and maximum winnings

Depending on the offer, the casino may have further restrictions and requirements for your bonus. A real “classic” in this context is the limitation of the round bet. So in some cases, you will only be credited a certain amount per game round. If you exceed this, it may result in the cancellation of your bonus offer.

In addition, it is possible that the bonus offers will also have winning restrictions. These are used to determine how much maximum profit you can make from a bonus. These requirements are particularly common, for example, in connection with free spins or a no deposit bonus.

Why are there turnover requirements?

Why casinos equip their bonus offers with turnover requirements is obvious. Of course, the providers have nothing to give away either. If they were to waive conditions on their offers, players would simply activate them and pay out immediately. This would be a successful source of income for all players. Casinos, in turn, could discontinue their service after a short time and would be bankrupt. This is exactly what the turnover conditions “protect” against.

These prevent players from activating and cashing out a bonus directly. The bonus amount must be wagered first. Of course, the providers additionally hope that the players will find enthusiasm in the offer and get to know it properly with the bonus conditions first.

The fact that bonus requirements often include additional restrictions, such as a limit on the maximum round wager, also has to do with fairness between players. All players should have equal chances to clear the bonus for withdrawal. If the round stake were not limited, financially stronger players would have significantly better chances.

How to recognize fair wagering conditions

How can fair wagering conditions be distinguished from unfair bonus conditions? Of course, you will only succeed in this if you intensively deal with the respective offer. You should pay attention to different aspects. A fair offer, for example, is characterized by the fact that the sales requirement is realistically feasible within the specified time. So to evaluate this, you should always look at time requirement and revenue requirement in context.

In addition, in the best case all payment methods of the casino should be available to you for the activation of the offer. Likewise, you should pay attention to how the stakes are scored in the games. If these are as close to 100 percent as possible across the board, this means that you are in a comfortable frame of mind. It will be even more pleasant if the provider also waives a limit on maximum winnings and round stakes.

  • Sales requirement within the time target realistically well feasible
  • No far-reaching limitation of the permitted payment options
  • Highest possible stake rating in many games
  • No limit on maximum winnings and betting possibilities

Wagering Conditions: Calculation Examples

In order to make the wagering conditions of the online casinos a bit easier to understand, we have prepared a few examples for you. In these, we make clear, among other things, the differences between the pure turnover of the bonus amount and the turnover of the total amount. In addition, we will show you what differences there may be in terms of conditions between free spins and bonus money.

20x turnover bonus amount vs. 50x turnover bonus amount

To help you understand the differences between the casinos' turnover requirements, let's look at an offer with a 20x turnover requirement and an offer with a 50x turnover requirement. In both cases, the information refers only to the bonus amount. Moreover, in both cases the bonus amount is a sum of 100 euros.

With a 20-fold turnover, you would have to place a turnover of 2,000 euros (20 x 100 euros) to withdraw the bonus amount. With a 50-fold turnover requirement, this amount increases to a sum of 5,000 euros (50 x 100 euros).

20x turnover total sum vs. 20x turnover bonus sum

It becomes even a little more interesting to look at the difference between the turnover of the total amount and the turnover of the bonus amount. In this case, we are looking at a 100 percent deposit bonus of up to 100 euros. If only the turnover of the bonus amount is required, you would have to convert these 100 euros 20 times. So, just like in the previous example, you would have to wager an amount of 2,000 euros.

The situation is different for 20 times the total amount. Here, the amount of the deposit is also added to the 100 euro bonus. So again 100 euros. So the total amount is 200 euros. The 20-fold turnover of these 200 euros would thus be associated with a turnover amount of 4,000 euros.

Turnover requirements of bonuses and free spins

Interesting differences can often be seen in the turnover requirements of the free spins offers as well. These are not always identical to the specifications for bonus money. So, when it comes to free spins offers, you definitely need to pay attention to how the casino handles your winnings. For one, these are often limited to a certain amount in freespin deals. Moreover, you cannot always request an immediate payout of the winning amount.

Depending on the casino, your winnings from free spins may be treated as bonus money for now. These are then once again tied to their own turnover conditions, which must be met before the payout. As a player, you should of course prefer the offers that allow you to withdraw winnings immediately.

Meet more effectively: Tips for the turnover requirements in casinos

Of course, we don't have any tricks for you that can give you a guaranteed profit with your bonus. Nevertheless, we would like to show you four tips for a more effective use of the bonus offers:

  • Use the initial period: Especially the initial period after the bonus money is credited should be used by you as a player. The euphoria is high in the first hours, the game is fun and so you fulfill the conditions virtually in passing. A pleasant side effect is the fact that you take the pressure off your own shoulders. After all, this increases noticeably if you still have to master many turnovers shortly before the bonus period expires. The more of them you get behind you at the beginning, the more relaxed you can be about the bonus period.
  • Use mobile app: Every casino nowadays provides you with a mobile game variant in addition to the variant for the computer. With this you can take advantage of the entire offer on the road. Of course, this will give you a few advantages for your bonus. You can fulfill the conditions not only in your home, but also on the road. If you are waiting for the next train at the station, you can use this time to unlock the bonus. Thus, the mobile version helps you to act much more effectively and to master the sales requirements faster.
  • Play high stakes games: The different scoring of the stakes is a factor that you should not neglect in any case. With an active bonus, you should focus only on the slots that offer a high value to your bets. Even though your favorite game may not be here, this requirement has priority for now. Once you have successfully cleared the bonus, you still have plenty of time to play your favorite games.
  • Time control: This brings us to the next point – time control. You should always keep an eye on the available period for fulfilling the bonus conditions. Few circumstances are as annoying in the casino as losing your bonus due to an expired period. To avoid exactly that, you can, for example, set a reminder in your smartphone or mark the expiration of the bonus conditions in your calendar. Anything that helps you keep track of the time period is allowed.

Hand on heart: How important are the turnover conditions really?

Many players often accept excessive bonus conditions in online casinos with a shrug of the shoulders. In most cases, the belief prevails that these requirements can somehow be mastered. We warn against underestimating the turnover requirements. These can mutate into a real challenge if they are not fair specifications. It is not uncommon for this to result in enormous frustration on the part of the players, as what was actually a great offer has turned into a “flop”.

So we can only say it as clearly as possible: you should always check the conditions of an offer carefully. If they are not fair, we do not advise you to use the particular deal in any case. Not even when a seemingly record-breaking bonus sum beckons.

Conclusion: Only fair conditions are attractive

You will not be able to get around the turnover requirements in the casinos in most cases. The providers tie their bonuses to different conditions that you have to master before you can withdraw the bonus money. The requirements consist of hurdles such as a required turnover, an associated time limit, and potentially excluded games. Before you claim a bonus, you should look into the requirements in detail. If the requirements turn out to be too complicated, you should at best turn to a competitor's offer.

FAQ: Turnover requirements in casinos

How exactly do I meet the turnover requirements?

The turnover requirements in casinos are fulfilled by own bets. Every cent contributes to the fulfillment of the conditions. However, not only deposited sums are evaluated, but also money won in between.

Why do casinos give bonuses and link them to turnover requirements?

Bonus offers are provided by online casinos primarily to attract players or to retain existing customers in the long term. The turnover requirements are brought into being to undercut any abuse of the bonus offers and to encourage players to wager the funds.

Why should I choose a casino bonus with a low turnover requirement?

The lower the turnover requirements, the fairer a bonus can be rated. The turnover requirements are the biggest hurdle on the way to the payout. Only if they can be solved well, the bonus is really a support for the players' bottom line.

Bonus without turnover requirements: Does it exist?

In rare cases, players can also claim bonus offers without turnover requirements. These bonuses are usually of a low value or are provided in the form of free spins. Winnings from the free spins can then be paid out directly.

Where can I find the turnover requirements of an online casino?

Information about the turnover requirements in online casinos can usually be found by players directly near the respective offer. In addition, however, the conditions can often be studied in special sections for the bonus conditions or in the general terms and conditions.

What is the best no turnover casino bonus online?

The best no turnover casino bonus online is one that combines easy activation with an attractive bonus amount. Players should definitely compare suitable offers before using them and look into all the details of the conditions.

What does "no turnover condition" mean?

If a bonus is not tied to a turnover condition, the bonus amount can be paid out directly. In this case, players do not have to make a required turnover first, but can directly dispose of their bonus freely.

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