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Evaluation Process and Criteria of

Which casinos make it into the selection of

Are you trying to say that not every casino gets in? Is this not how you make money?

Yes, but what advantages would it bring you, as a player, if we would include every casino?

You would have to choose from various casinos and would not know which online casino is trustworthy and fair.

That’s precisely what we do for you and that’s also why some casinos are not included in our lists.

Our experience has taught us that it’s not enough to take a simple look at the casinos. Only after playing, depositing and, of course, withdrawing you can see whether the registration at a casino is worthwhile.

We go through these steps and examine each casino during our constantly evolving evaluation process.

Broadly divided, we examine the following areas of a casino:

Game Selection

The number of available games is not our only criterion when it comes to the Game Selection category. Frankly, many games are not well-designed, so we prefer to look for a healthy mix of games.

Even casinos with comparatively few slots can have such a fascinating mix of games that you never get bored. Moreover, we also want to know if there are highlights among the games and if a casino – regardless of its size – is constantly adding new games.


Software providers also play an important role in game selection. We pay attention to whether a casino cooperates with many different software companies to provide the players with as many games as possible or offers a limited number of impressive games from the popular and reputable game providers. We analyze this in our reviews so that you, as a player, know straight away what you are getting into.

Live Casino

In addition to different games and software providers, live casino is an essential part of this category. The popularity of live casinos is increasing because the real casino feeling can only be found here. The biggest provider in this section is Evolution Gaming, but not every casino uses its complete offer. There are also differences in the selection of tables and limits, which we also clarify in our reviews.

Payment Methods & Deposits/Withdrawals


No! That’s not the only point we want to address here.

Let’s start over:

The most important thing for us is that you, as a player, do receive your winnings. For this reason, we make sure that the withdrawal process – regardless of the payment method – is smooth, and you don't get the feeling that your payments could be confiscated. At the end of the day, the winnings count and they should be on your account quickly.

In this category, deposits are also significant. We get annoyed during our evaluation process when we notice how long the deposits take, despite fast methods, such as cryptos. Casino enthusiasts just want to play, but it is not possible.

This must not happen!

Now we come to different payment methods, including cryptos. Our primary goal, as, is to introduce you to the best crypto casinos. Nevertheless, we want to provide you with alternatives, such as real money casinos.

In general, we look at possible limits, costs and the speed at which you can then play. In addition, it also interests us whether a casino offers specific methods that are anonymous, as we are often asked about this.


High bonus = everything great?

Of course, this is not the case!

A bonus can seem very high and can “lure” players at first, but there’s a catch to it, as we discover afterwards. And that's where we come in:

We closely examine the bonus and wagering requirements and discuss potential pitfalls that could spoil your fun. Here it doesn't matter whether a bonus is a deposit bonus, free spins bonus or a cashback. We check everything for you!

Security and Trustworthiness

If you feel that something is not right with the casino over time, what’s the point of all the fun?

We find it very important to recommend a trustworthy casino where you can have an enjoyable gaming experience for a long time. This differentiates us from competitors, who want to show you every single casino. But not us!

Security and License

Is this casino safe? Does it offer me a secure and encrypted connection? Does it have a gambling license? While testing a casino, we keep these particularly interesting questions in mind.


In this section, we try to figure out whether a casino stands for fair play. We ensure that a payout percentage is checked by an external agency or other information, transparently showing what we’re dealing with, is provided by a casino itself.

Gambling Addiction Prevention

It is also important that our readers gamble responsibly and can get help in case of an emergency. Self-exclusion tools and various limits play a crucial role here.

We pay close attention to how casinos proceed in this situation. Do the providers attach importance to the topic or tend to sweep it under the rug? If the latter is the case, it is our duty to draw attention to it.

Mobile Use

We don't live in a world of Nokia 3210s anymore, even if that cell phone was legendary.

Our tech-savvy team scrutinizes a casino also in this regard.  Does a casino have an app? Then it should work well, be secure and easy to navigate.

Nowadays, casino websites have to be state of the art. A casino should be accessible on the go, and its website should be responsive, making your gaming experience easier without doubting the technological development of a casino.

Most casinos are increasingly paying attention to this technological aspect, but some remain stuck in the past. This is not good enough for our readers and us anymore!

Customer Service

Hello, is anyone there? Can you hear me?

A desperate player in the chat of a bad online casino

What matters to us in this category is that a casino provides extensive support for all different questions. It is a big drawback if a casino, for example, cannot be reached via phone or other channels. Customer service response times should also be as short as possible. When it comes to new online casinos, we are not that strict, but here as well, we expect that the players are never left alone.

Now you are familiar with our casino evaluation criteria.

Should a casino develop negatively, we will inform you about it. If the quality of a casino will no longer be good enough, we will remove it.

Your stands by your side!

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