Editorial Guidelines

We have summarized the following guidelines and principles behind our posts, news and reviews to show you how we, at Kryptocasinos.com, work. These guidelines are essential to accomplish our mission to be as objective and neutral as possible.

Isabella Brown
Author & Responsibility: Isabella Brown (iGaming expert)
Last update: 15. June 2022
Why trust us?

We work according to transparent editorial guidelines and disclose our testing methods as well as funding. This article may contain links to our partners, but this does not influence our objective view in any way.

The Fundamental Thesis

Our fundamental principle is to present the information and reviews to our visitors neutrally and objectively. We focus mainly on cryptocurrencies but sometimes also write about FIAT money and casinos.

Casinos are our passion because we like the gaming fun. Since gambling is also connected with some dangers, we want to be as neutral as possible and give you warnings where appropriate.

Core Values

Honesty and neutrality are at the top of our list when it comes to core values. In addition to objective reporting, we want to ensure that our website is easy-to-navigate. This is the reason why we keep asking our readers for feedback.


We can clearly explain what integrity means to us: We never mislead the reader and present all aspects in the most objective way.


We check every source before using information from it. We do all we can to avoid being tricked, so our readers don’t end up with fake news because we did a bad job checking the sources.

Our Experts

Among our experts are permanent employees and freelance editors from all over the world who care deeply for their work. Our principles apply equally to all, with no exceptions.

Originality & Plagiarism

Every time we make a direct quotation, we mark it as such and cite the source. Otherwise, all texts are created in our editorial office and thus exclusively owned by Kryptocasinos.com.


All our links provide the readers with further information that is context-appropriate. When the advertising links are displayed, we mark them to avoid misunderstandings.


We are open for discussion, also a heated one. Nevertheless, we don’t tolerate insults and spam, which is why we moderate comments. Critical exchange is always welcome, though.