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Our company history is more of a “how it all began”, since the previous professional experience of our founders plays an important role here. The company was founded by Tom Grisper and Steven Harper, who basically also cover our two main topics.

Tom Grisper

Tom was on the other side for a long time, helping to build two world-renowned online casinos. He gained most of his experience in the UK and Asian markets, which is also where he first came into contact with Bitcoin.

While the topic of cryptocurrencies was still quite unknown here, Tom realized how popular Bitcoin was with casino players, especially in Turkey and China. This was mainly because it could undermine restrictive government systems and give people some freedom.

To gain more experience, Tom became CMO at a major crypto casino, where he worked for two years (we listed it here, but it’s not the overall winner). However, in 2018, he switched sides!

Steven Harper

Steven, on the other hand, is 100% from the crypto niche. He was one of the early developers who helped develop some well-known cryptocurrencies. As a full-time developer, he had excellent technical skills needed for the job.

He became interested in the topic of casinos when he noticed how many players explicitly buy cryptos to play anonymously at a casino.

2018 – Beginning

In 2018, the founders sat together at a crypto conference and quickly realized that the two topics fit together very well. While the crypto community likes anonymity, many casino players also don’t necessarily want their gambling habits to end up in a government-run database. On top of that, many issues arise when it comes to the different opinions that banks have on gambling. The first countries like Spain have already started to restrict casino products.

This is why the founders wanted to do more in this area and quickly found the right domain. They thought it would be a purely German-language product at that time. The website was only supposed to be a hobby.

2020 – Full Time and Corona

When the pandemic hit us all in 2020, both Tom and Steven suddenly had more time on their hands, in part also due to some clients pulling out to save money. The involuntary gain of free time was immediately invested in the growing website, and the visitor numbers showed very clearly that:

  • People are increasingly using crypto.
  • Players want a complete gaming experience without government restrictions.
  • This is true for players from all over the world.

2021 – Globalization

The word many don’t like fits well here since 2021 was all about the internationalization of The website went live in Spanish and English and will soon launch in other languages as well.

The hobby project has turned into a full-time task and has ten employees now!

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