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Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with the most relevant and reliable information, as well as a high level of security and, of course, the best entertainment in your casino choice.

At the same time, the demands on ourselves:

  1. A rigorous and accurate review of every online casino
  2. Understandable and honest reviews
  3. Safety for casino players
  4. Simple guides to casino games like blackjack, roulette, live casino and more.

Our team

Our entire editorial team consists of experienced and passionate eGaming experts who pass on tips and tricks through their expertise in order to optimize your gaming experience. We handle various cryptocurrencies that can be used as payment methods in different online casinos, and we closely monitor their developments in the gambling market to offer you the latest information.

Our goal is to become your first port of call when it comes to online cryptocasinos and to provide you with safe, trustworthy and quality coverage.

Abby Richards
Expert for iGaming in US and Canada
57 Published Articles
Before joining Kryptocasinos.com I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the iGaming industry. I currently lead the North American initiatives at KC, overseeing our reviews process for the US and Canada. In my leisure moments, you’ll discover me immersed in the creation of avant-garde fractal art or engaging in culinary experiments as I invent new dishes.
Arielle Tamayo Meléndez
iGaming & Crypto News Journalist
305 Published Articles
As a child, I wanted to be a writer and used to make up stories in my spare time and read them to my younger siblings. During an internship at our local newspaper, I wrote an article about my brother’s hobby: Playing poker with friends. Since then, the whole topic of poker and the world of casinos has stayed with me.
Christian Dräger
Slot-Enthusiast and Developer
62 Published Articles
The movie “Rain Man” flashed me so much that I only watched similar movies afterwards and started counting cards myself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as successful as I had hoped and it feels like you can count the German casinos on one hand. Out of boredom, I started blogging about my experiences and ended up at Kryptocasinos.com via several international sites.
Gregor Ziegler
Nerd of Numbers
447 Published Articles
As a bit of a nerd and travel fan, I get to combine many things at KC. As a member of the team, I can ensure that our readers play in reputable casinos and at the same time contribute to the technical development. I do that from Germany or Spain, my adopted country.
Isabella Brown
Isabella Brown
iGaming expert
205 Published Articles
Online Gambling, Greece and my dog Gringo are my three favorite things in my life. Before working for Kryptocasinos.com I was leading the content team of an iGaming Online magazine where I was focused on researching casinos, their licenses and the connection between the members of the industry.
Janina Frei
Swiss Casino News Writer
86 Published Articles
I was born in Switzerland and have been living in Spain since 2015. This doesn’t stop me from writing iGaming related news articles for my home country. In 2024 I started working for Kryptocasinos.com because I wanted to write more about Swiss online casinos. Before that, I was working on an international gambling project that didn’t involve Switzerland.
Julia Beyer
Casino Auditor & Content Manager
397 Published Articles
I have been part of Kryptocasinos.com since 2020 and love to go through the casinos with my colleagues down to the smallest detail and write down the experiences. When casinos then also implement our recommendations, it makes me even happier. In my free time, I like to eat Italian food and read a good book on the balcony.
Leah Amsel
124 Published Articles
I’ve been on the team since the beginning of 2024. I was completely swept away by the crypto hype. I love trying out the new currencies and testing them in online casinos. A few facts about me: I have a weakness for classic 3-reel slots and coffee! When I’m not at my desk, you’ll find me at the coffee machine.
Maja Lorenz
Maja Lorenz
65 Published Articles
After a few other stops in the casino industry, I have been part of Kryptocasinos.com since 2022. I have tested many casinos over the past few years and am always excited to see what newcomers have to offer. When I’m not scrutinizing casinos, I like to travel and spend time with friends in cozy cafes.
Marcel Fuhrmann
Gambling- & Sports Betting-Enthusiast
79 Published Articles
In 2002, I placed my first bet on the last friendly matches before the World Cup and actually won. I then lost the money again during the World Cup, but my interest in strategies and tactics was awakened. Here I can combine my passion for numbers with sports betting and poker.
Michael Schmitz
Michael Schmitz
Cryptocasino expert from the very beginning
416 Published Articles
I met Steven by chance on a trip to Liverpool FC in 2015. He told me what he does for a living and I knew immediately that I wanted to do the same. We stayed in touch for years and finally, a few years ago, he asked me if I wanted to join his new project Kryptocasinos.com. Here I am!
Miguel Díaz Ocampo
Poker and Casino Expert
394 Published Articles
During my studies, I earned money on the side as a poker player and organizer of small poker tournaments. At some point, I abandoned my studies and devoted myself to my passion, gambling. As a KC writer, I can share my knowledge about online casinos with readers and help expose shady casinos.
Paula Winkler
Paula Winkler
Expert for Player Safety & Security
288 Published Articles
After over 6 years in print journalism, I stumbled into the iGaming niche in 2017. One thing became evident to me quickly: Online Casino Reviews need more transparency! I joined the Kryptocasinos.com Team in 2023 and are the main expert for all topics related to „Player Security“.
In my private life, I am an active member of the volunteer fire department and enjoy the outdoors with my dog Ruby.
Stephan Weber
59 Published Articles
I worked in the editorial department of a German casino for a few years. As a crypto fan, this was no longer for me in the long run because I couldn’t and, of course, wasn’t allowed to contribute my private knowledge in any way. I can help you expand your knowledge of cryptocurrencies and online casinos so that you can make the right decisions for yourself.
Steven Harper
iGaming expert for > 10 years
190 Published Articles
I have enjoyed following the international iGaming industry since my first encounter at the age of 23. Fascinated by its diversity and complexity, I was hooked and have never left the industry since. Here at KC, I am a proud member of the founding team as well as the content team. We use everyone’s knowledge to find every possible flaw in a casino so you can relax and play.
Tom Grisper
Casino and Slot Expert
115 Published Articles
I had my first experience with slot machines in 2011 during my semester abroad in Las Vegas. Back in Germany, I wanted to play the same slots, but that was only possible online. Since then, I’ve been playing slots in online casinos and love crazy ideas.

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Here we introduce you to our approach and principles when working on our posts, articles and reviews. (See also Editorial Guidelines)

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Learn our way from the first visit to a casino site to the screening of the casino with all facets. You’ll see that we leave no stone unturned here to find out whether a casino should even be listed with us. (See also How we review)

How we earn money

Of course we want to help you find a reputable and fair casino. At the same time, we earn money with it and show you transparently why we are not for sale and remain true to our principles. (Siehe auch How we earn money)

Info page on Gambling Addiction

We know about our responsibility and would like to set a sign for transparency here by also explaining this topic in detail. It is important to us that people remember our site positively and do not feel pressured to choose a particular casino at any time.

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I have enjoyed following the international iGaming industry since my first encounter at the age of 23. Fascinated by its diversity and complexity, I was hooked and have never left the industry since. Here at KC, I am a proud member of the founding team as well as the content team. We use everyone's knowledge to find every possible flaw in a casino so you can relax and play.
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