VPN Online Casinos 2022

Connecting to your online casinos via a VPN is becoming more and more important. It is an increasingly attractive alternative to circumvent the strict regulations that have been in place since October 2021. A VPN allows you to still use gambling sites in countries where they are completely blocked.

We show you the best online VPN casinos where you can play using a VPN connection without any problems.

Isabella Brown
Author & Responsibility: Isabella Brown (iGaming expert)
Last update: 1. December 2022
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Best VPN Casinos Based on Our Test

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Our Criteria

In our research, we pay attention to whether you are generally allowed to play at an online casino with a VPN. Especially in crypto casinos, this is a huge issue. In addition, we also take a detailed look at a casino and its offer.

Can you expect a rich game selection with prominent software providers, a top live casino section, and a safe and trustworthy environment? Especially when it comes to safety in our tests, we have high standards and make no exceptions!

VPN in Online Casinos: How it Works

After you’ve chosen a VPN service provider and purchased a subscription, all you have to do is activate your VPN before joining an online casino.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Download or install VPN app
  • Open/activate/enable VPN
  • Enter username and password
  • Select preferred location (country)
  • Open browser
  • Visit online casino website
  • Start gambling …
  • … with obfuscated IP address!

By using a wrong or concealed IP address at an online casino, you pretend to be in a country where gambling is allowed. It is just as simple as it sounds. When you finish your casino game, you can disconnect a VPN connection by entering your VPN app and ending the action.


Some VPN tools also come with high latency – that is, the delay. Make sure to choose a server that is as fast as possible so that you can enter an online casino with a fast and stable Internet connection and your game won’t be interrupted.

Advantages of VPN in Online Casinos

Probably the biggest advantage of using a virtual private network is that you can play the games using a VPN. Even in the countries where many online casino offer and games have been completely removed or blocked. For example, you can enjoy your favorite game or a Live Casino session while you’re on vacation – via your cell phone, of course!

Another advantage especially in cryptocasino is probably the fact that you have a higher betting limit using VPN. Especially for high rollers this can be very interesting.

  • Access to the entire online casino offer
  • Access to online casinos blocked in your own country
  • Partially higher limits for deposits and withdrawals
Only VPN Friendly Casinos

We at Kryptocasinos.com recommend that you use a VPN connection only in casinos where it is clearly tolerated and the online casino also wants it, because they would like to serve all customers. We will not recommend any casinos here that may exclude you because their terms and conditions do not allow you to play via VPN.

Disadvantages and Risks of VPN in Online Casinos

We have already mentioned a few disadvantages a little further up in the text, but we want to go into more detail. If you play in an online casino that does not allow a VPN connection, your player account may be blocked without notice and your deposited real money will be frozen and you will no longer be able to access it.

When choosing your VPN, also make sure you choose a good provider. Our experts have selected three different VPN services that are chargeable, but they guarantee a fast Internet connection and a large number of available servers all over the world. Really no one wants a bad internet connection during an exciting live casino session.

  • Some casinos prohibit VPN use
  • Casinos may block you and freeze your money (be sure to read the terms and conditions)
  • FIAT payment services may be blocked

Recommended VPN Providers for Gambling

Meanwhile there are numerous VPN providers. But not all of them are equally good and suitable for online casino. After our detailed VPN comparison, we have listed the three best VPN providers that have convinced us in practice with all the information you need to know.

Good to know: On Black Friday or Cyber Monday you can get great discounts and various subscriptions at 70% or even 80% off. Regardless of this, our top providers also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their offer.

NameNumber of countriesNumber of serversQuantity devicesEncryptionOperating systemPrice p. m.
Private Internet Access7829.336+10AES-256bitWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Android TV, Chrome, Firefox and Operafrom €9.29
NordVPN605.297+6AES-256bitWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Android TV, Chrome and Firefoxfrom €10.15
CyberGhost917.200+7AES-256bitWindows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux and Android TV, Chrome and Firefoxfrom €11,99
Our tested VPN providers in comparison

What Is a VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network“. So this is a network that is designed to protect your privacy. If you use a so-called VPN tunnel to connect to your cryptocasino, then your IP address will not be used, but a new IP that cannot be traced back to you will be used for the connection via an IP network. The VPN server of your VPN service interacts with hundreds or usually thousands of servers around the globe, so you can always change your location as well.

VPN scheme in online casinos
Scheme of a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN

Basically, you have a high degree of flexibility with a VPN connection in the online casino and are also largely anonymous. Despite the many advantages, we want to be transparent, but also inform and educate you about possible disadvantages. In the text below, we will go into more detail about the advantages and disadvantages.

  • High degree of privacy
  • IP address encrypted
  • No geo-restrictions
  • Also increases your anonymity
  • Internet locks can be bypassed this way
  • Location can be changed virtually
  • Hacker attacks are made more difficult
  • The Internet connection is usually slower
  • Powerful VPN connections are not free

Conclusion: Crypto Casino as an Alternative to VPN

We conclude that the use of VPN is tolerated in numerous cryptocasinos and you don’t have to worry about security or your cryptocoins there either. It is important that you check in advance if the online casino agrees with you.

In addition to that, we have now also learned that the choice of VPN service plays a big role. Most good and reputable VPN services have great package prices and always very tempting offers. So it’s worth investing in a paid provider.

In the end, however, every player has to decide for himself whether he wants to use his regular casino via VPN or not. However, if you follow our tips, you will have the entire casino portfolio at your disposal.

VPN in Online Casinos – FAQ

What happens if I get caught playing with a VPN?

If the casino of your choice allows a VPN, nothing can happen to you. However, your account can get blocked if you play in a casino that explicitly prohibits this in the terms and conditions. This means your money is frozen and you can no longer access it.

Why am I not allowed to play via VPN in some casinos?

An online casino must also abide by local laws. If an online casino doesn’t act seriously and follow these laws, it can’t be seen as a trustworthy provider on the market.

Can I play at my regular casino via VPN while on vacation or will I be penalized?

If your regular casino doesn’t allow a VPN, talk to the casino’s customer service and explain what you plan to do. At crypto casinos presented here, you can always play via VPN, meaning you can also use a VPN service from vacation.

Can I use a VPN to avoid the limits in a casino?

If an online casino allows access via VPN, there are no restrictions on the limits as with casinos with a German license, which limits are prescribed by law.

Are there also free VPN providers?

Yes. There are also free providers. However, we cannot recommend them since the Internet connection was significantly worse when testing all our providers.

Can a casino see if I am playing with a VPN connection?

Casinos use high-tech systems that can detect whether a player is playing via VPN. If you “stand out”, you will get a corresponding notice displayed in some casinos.

Is it even legal to play at an online casino via VPN?

Yes, it is legal. The casinos where it is allowed to play via VPN don’t explicitly exclude it and know that their players enter the game with a VPN.

Can I also play at a casino using a VPN on the go?

Yes. The featured VPN services can also be used via mobile devices (iOS or Android).