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Getting rich with online casinos is the plan of many visitors. A carefree life is the goal. But how realistic is it to achieve financial freedom at the slot machine or roulette table? Before we get into the sober analysis, there is an encouragement beforehand. Various people have made their wealth in online casinos. There is nothing against trying your luck there. However, money alone does not make you happy. On top of that, it remains to be seen whether Fortuna will be kind to you.

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • Whoever manages to play better than the casino can reap profits in the long run. For this, however, it needs a concept to make the house advantage to the player advantage.
  • Other than that, there is still the possibility to clear a jackpot. Similar to the lottery, some slot machines have winning amounts in the millions on offer.
  • Inversely, not the entire savings in the casino may be risked. Finally, there is indeed the possibility in the online casino to get rich. But the certainty on it there is just not!
  • “Earn money in the online casino” is a start. Because who beats the casino permanently, which in principle only need to raise their stakes.

Get rich in online casinos – Possible at all?

First, we want to ask: What is wealth anyway? For most people, wealth is associated with a fixed number. Anyone who owns a million euros is rich. But in this case, an 18-year-old with one million who lives for another 60 years would have only 16,666 euros a year at his disposal – always assuming that the money is not invested.

From our point of view, wealth is simply the financial luxury of not having to work until the end of one's life. This requires a different amount depending on the stage of life and consumer behavior. Can this amount be legally played for in an online casino? Yes, there are basically two ways to do this.

  1. The hunt for the jackpot: Let's take the Mega Moolah slot machine as a prominent example. There, the biggest jackpot payout to date was €19,430,723.60. At this threshold, we certainly no longer need to define wealth.
  2. Beating the house permanently: This requires a concept, a casino strategy that can be applied over the long term. If you are successful with it over days, weeks and months and you are able to increase your stake more and more, you will also increase your wealth.

Get rich through strategic behaviour

Let's take the jackpot win aside for a moment. It's like the lottery. Of course, there is some chance. But the probability is so low that it is hardly worth thinking about seriously. If you want to get rich in the online casino, we believe that you should rather deal with strategic measures.

The opinions of the players differ on this. Some customers think that strategies can be better applied in the land-based casino. However, we firmly believe that tactics in the online casino also have a chance of success. Below we summarize five strategies for internet gambling banks to help on the road to riches.

  1. Make a casino comparison
  2. Search providers with lucrative jackpots
  3. Stay calm and set limits
  4. Bet on titles with a high payout ratio
  5. Go to an online casino; not a land-based casino

Compare online casinos and choose the right one

It all starts with choosing the right online gambling store. Those who allow themselves to be lured by promises without checking their seriousness sometimes fall flat on their face. Thus, there are some, few fake casinos. These are modelled after real casinos. However, these are fraudulent sites. There, despite full-bodied promises, players need not count on the big win. If a profit is nevertheless made, it often cannot be paid out.

So, first of all, you need a reputable casino. For this, interested parties look at the license. This is usually linked in the footer. In addition, it is important to take a look at the supervisory authority. If the provider now also provides information about data protection and, at best, offers German-language support, the seriousness is done. Furthermore, it is important to see whether games with a high return to player (RTP) are available. If you want to get rich in one fell swoop at an online casino, you should use Jackpot Slots.

Look for lucrative jackpots

If the player wants to accumulate wealth in the online casino, then the main jackpot slots should already be present. We have made a search and listed a few of the most interesting slot machines:

  • Mega Moolah: Microgaming launched this slot back in 2006. Since then, it has enjoyed great popularity. The main prize has already been won several times. This keeps increasing until there is a lucky winner. In turn, the payout ratio is only 88.12 percent.
  • Hall of Gods: NetEnt created a jackpot machine in 2013 that regularly manages to break the two million euro winning mark. Besides the main prize, there are smaller jackpots, but with fixed volumes.
  • Mega Fortune: Once again NetEnt is responsible for the slot machine. A maximum of 80,000 times the stake can be taken as profit. Moreover, the slot game comes with a win rate of 96 percent. That's why it also makes sense to play Mega Fortune apart from the jackpot hunt.
  • Arabian Nights: NetEnt again, again a payout ratio of 96.25 percentage points. The title is highly diversified thanks to its free spins and multipliers. The Arabian theme of 1,001 Nights also knows how to convince.
  • Aztec Millions: Real Time Gaming brings the slot machine to the people. Here you will almost always find a winning sum in the jackpot that exceeds the million mark. 25 free spins can be bagged in the game. The RTP is 95 percent.

These jackpot games are just a small sample. Other titles are available. Fruit Fiesta still comes to mind off the top of our heads. New customers should check if the jackpot slots are available at the online casino. It is the easiest way to strive for wealth.

Set limits and stay calm

This explanation certainly sounds paradoxical. Why should we impose limits on ourselves when the stated goal is to get rich at the online casino. The important thing is not to make a belly landing. In the end, it is a game of chance. If you hope to be lucky and steadily raise the stakes, you are gambling away your current fortune because of a vague hope. We cannot and will not advise this. Therefore, customers should set a budget. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to obtain information on the subject of money management.

Only those who have their own balance under control should tackle big wins. Nevertheless, it is important to keep a cool head at all times. Especially if you want to hit a jackpot, you need patience – and luck. Because especially the slot games are 100% left to chance. There the player has no chance to influence the game result in any way.

Prefer games with high payout ratios

Every casino game comes with a Return to Player (RTP). If a slot machine has an RTP of 98 percent, then on average 98 euros out of 100 euros will be paid out again. However, this does not apply to the individual case. This picture only emerges over a long distance. Many players have to lose so that some can celebrate big wins.

The higher the payout ratio of a slot machine or table game, the better the odds are for the customer. However, it should be remembered that the winning rate is always below the 100 percent. Otherwise, the casino would deprive itself of the home advantage. In French roulette, for example, the payout ratio averages 98.65 percentage points. Our conclusion: To get rich at the online casino, games with high RTP are preferable.

Online casinos instead of land-based arcades

Why are online casinos better suited to reach in various cases than land-based gambling halls? On the one hand, it's about continuity. Wealth cannot be achieved overnight. Especially when the luck factor is involved. Or to put it another way, chasing a jackpot is like a marathon, not a sprint. Within an online casino, we can dial in quickly and easily at any time.

We don't have to get in a car, we don't have to walk, and we can even start the games in the comfort of our jogging suits and from the couch. At the same time, the games in the online casino have the exact same winning probabilities as their counterparts in the land-based casino.

People who became rich in casinos

We can only talk shop on the subject of how to get rich at the online casino. Others have succeeded. Admittedly, some have experienced this sense of achievement in a physical casino. Below we will take a closer look at the individuals and explain how they gained their wealth in the casino.

Jon Heywood

We have already mentioned the Mega Moolah slot machine. With only 30 British pounds, the then 26-year-old soldier Jon Heywood tried his hand at this very slot game. His bet: 25 pence a round. It took just seven minutes for the machine to display the winning amount: 17,879,645.12 euros. At that time, it was clearly the world record for an online casino jackpot.

Ian Speakman

Ian Speakman got rich counting cards. In doing so, the player gains a mathematical advantage over the dealer. Because in blackjack, it helps to know how many high cards are left in the deck. Based on this, the probability of a blackjack can be calculated. How successful Speakman has been in casinos in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria is recently known. For this reason, he is banned from most casinos today. He filed a lawsuit against the suspensions and was awarded justice.

Christian Kaisan

Kaisan has also gained an advantage over the casino with a simple methodology. He used the roulette strategy of kettle peeking. In the process, he watched the croupier play roulette. If the latter always threw the bullet at the same speed, Kaisan could roughly deduce the location of the standstill, taking into account the point of impact of the bullet. In Australia, he is said to have won 250,000 euros within three days using this tactic. His highest daily profit is reportedly 126,000 euros. By his own admission, he won over four million euros in five years.

Sam Farha

Sam Farha's first gaming success can be traced back to Pac-Man. He won 5,000 US dollars playing video games. Later, the Lebanese became enthusiastic about the game of poker. In 1990, he won the World Series of Poker Omaha Hold'em championship. He has already received $145,000 for this. In 2003, he followed that up by winning $1.3 million, despite losing heads-up. By participating in live tournaments and thanks to his unconventional and aggressive style of play, Sam Farha has already won over three million US dollars in prize money.

Archie Karas

Archie Karas is a sad figure among the gamblers who got rich in the casino. At first, he succeeded in achieving the American dream. He began his journey with $50. Then he borrowed another $10,000 in Las Vegas. In a few hours, he was able to repay his debt with interest. He played craps and poker. Over the next three years, his fortune grew to about $40 million as a result. But by 1995, he was challenging elite players in poker. His story ended where it began – in Las Vegas. He lost his profits completely.

Elmer Sherwin

Elmer Sherwin was a World War II veteran. He passed away in 2007. However, he managed a special feature. For the first time, he won the jackpot of 4.6 million dollars on the Megabucks machine at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas. In 2005, Sherwin followed up. This time he cracked the Megabucks slot at Cannery Casino. He stepped up his game. Because the jackpot this time amounted to over 21 million US dollars. Sherwin has donated much of its profits to good causes. So he was able to share his happiness.


The paths to wealth are many and varied. Yes, the online casino can also fulfill the desire to be rich. But Fortuna, the goddess of luck, has to turn a blind eye. Either the player needs a lot of luck to hit the jackpot. Or it takes a shrewd strategy that can be successfully implemented over the long term.

FAQ: Get rich in online casinos

Can you actually get rich with online casinos?

One way to become rich at the casino is to play jackpot machines. For example, the record Mega Moolah win is over 19 million euros. The chance is small. But the possibility is there!

Do I have to pay tax on casino winnings?

One-time gains are not subject to tax in Germany. Only those who are able to make a living from gambling are considered to be professional gamblers and must then also pay taxes.

Can you manipulate casino games to get rich?

As a player it is impossible to manipulate a game. We would never advise that either. Strategies such as card counting or kettle watching come closest to this intent. This is to deprive the casino of its house advantage.

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