Bitcoin Demand Rises, Supply Drops: Price Surge Anticipated Amid ETF Popularity

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The Essentials in Brief

Bitcoin is currently experiencing high demand and a reduced supply, which could indicate a positive price development. The amount of Bitcoins held by digital asset managers such as trusts, ETFs, and funds has reached historical highs. This is a sign of the ongoing institutional interest in the valuable cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Funds Exceed 2021 Bull Market

Bitcoin fund holdings have surpassed the values of the 2021 bull market. Daily fund inflows increased significantly in February. According to an analysis of data from Bytetree by AMBCrypto, at the time of writing, nearly 950,000 BTC were locked in these investment vehicles. This exceeds the values seen during the peak of the 2021 bull market.

US Spot ETFs Drive Change

Inflows have increased in recent months, driven by the hype around spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US market. After the spot ETFs got the green light last month, a sharp decline was recorded, exacerbated by outflows from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust [GBTC]. However, outflows have significantly decreased in February, leading to a steady increase in daily inflows.

Why is this Important?

The more Bitcoins that enter these funds and become immovable there, the scarcer this already rare commodity becomes. With consistently high demand, this supply/demand dynamic would ultimately force a price increase and confirm Bitcoin as a store of value. This sentiment was echoed by well-known on-chain analyst Ted. He noted: “Bitcoin demand is currently exceeding new supply by more than three times… If this continues, there is only one direction for the price, and that is UP!”

Our Assessment

Current trends suggest that the Bitcoin price could continue to rise due to high demand and limited supply. The increasing number of Bitcoins held by institutional investors, as well as the decrease in available Bitcoins on centralized exchanges, could lead to further scarcity and thus a price increase. However, it remains to be seen how market dynamics will develop in the coming months.

Sources: Bytetree, CryptoQuant, AMBCrypto, Aniket Verma, Saman Waris.

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