Ethereum Fees Surge Ahead of Dencun Upgrade, Market Value Remains Strong

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The Most Important Information at a Glance

Ethereum fees are skyrocketing as the network prepares for the Dencun upgrade. This upgrade aims to reduce fees within the ecosystem. The fees have risen to over 9,000 ETH, representing the highest value in ten months. Ethereum developers have set March 13 as the target date for the Dencun upgrade.

Ethereum Fees Reach Highest Level in Months

A continuous increase in transaction fees on the Ethereum network has been observed since the beginning of March. According to Glassnode, the fees were around 6,300 ETH at the beginning of the month. At the current time, they have risen to over 9,000 ETH. This increase in fees coincides with the observed increase in transaction volume in recent weeks.

Countdown to Ethereum Dencun

Ethereum developers have set March 13 as the date for the eagerly awaited Dencun upgrade. A key feature of the Dencun upgrade is “proto-dank sharding,” which aims to reduce transaction costs on secondary “layer-2” networks built on Ethereum. This is achieved by providing a special storage space for data.

Transaction Volume Shows Reasons for Fee Increase

An analysis of Ethereum’s transaction volume provides insights into the recent increase in network fees. According to Santiment, the transaction volume on March 6 was over $51 billion. This volume marked the first time since 2022 that Ethereum recorded such a high volume.

Ethereum Records Slight Decline

At the close of trading on March 6, Ethereum rose to about $3,820, representing a notable increase of 7%. This price marked the highest level that ETH has reached in over a year. However, the price has currently recorded a slight decline of about 0.4% and stands at around $3,815.

Our Assessment

The upcoming Dencun upgrade and the associated increase in Ethereum fees are a clear sign of the continuous development and adaptation of the Ethereum network. Despite the slight price decline, Ethereum remains a strong cryptocurrency with a robust bullish trend. It remains to be seen how the upgrade will affect the fees and the overall network.

Sources: Glassnode, Santiment, Trading View, Adewale Olarinde, Ann Maria Shibu.

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