XRP’s Potential Rise to $0.1 Boosted by Bitcoin’s Price Increase

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Can XRP rise to $0.1, in the wake of Bitcoin’s price increase?

The question of whether XRP can reach a value of $0.1 is currently being hotly debated. The recent price increase of Bitcoin plays a particularly important role in this. In the last 24 hours, the sentiment around XRP has been consistently positive, even if this has not yet been reflected in a corresponding inflow of money.

XRP records over 3% increase in 24 hours

XRP has recorded an increase of over 3% in the last 24 hours. Buyers have become more aggressive, which is reflected in the growing financing rate. XRP followed the broader market in its recent price trend. In addition, its recent movement has been enough to push it over a crucial threshold in a key metric.

XRP pushes above the neutral line

The recent price trend of XRP has shown an improvement as it has recovered from the drop it experienced a few weeks ago when it fell below the $0.6 mark. In the last two days, XRP has initiated a rally that has led to a higher price compared to previous weeks. At the close of trading on February 13, it had gained 2.45% and was at about $0.53.

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How did the XRP supply respond in profit?

The recent uptrend in the XRP price had a remarkable effect on the total supply in profit. An examination of the supply in profit by the Santiment chart showed a decrease in previous months, which reached its lowest level in months on February 1. The number dropped from over 80 billion to about 75 billion. It then began to experience uptrends, and the recent increase added two billion between February 12 and today’s date. At the time of writing, the total supply in profit was over 82 billion. This indicated that currently over 82% of the total XRP supply was in profit.

Financing rate shows positive sentiment

The examination of the XRP financing rate on Coinglass showed that buyers have become more aggressive recently. The chart showed an increase in the financing rate to about 0.029 at the time of writing, which was the first time in weeks. This indicated a growing interest from buyers and a growing sentiment in the market. However, the significant inflow of money had not yet begun, as shown by the open interest. However, signs of an increase were visible at the time of writing, with open interest reaching about $634 million.

How much are 1,10,100 XRPs worth today?

The growing interest in XRP and the positive market sentiment raise the question of how much 1, 10, or 100 XRPs are worth today. It is important to always stay up-to-date and carefully observe the market in order to make informed decisions.

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