XRPL’s AMM to Support Variety of Assets, Boosting XRP Market Dominance

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The Essentials in Brief

The introduction of the Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) platform raises many questions, particularly whether it will only support XRP pairs. Ripple’s CTO, Davis Schwartz, has now provided clarity: AMMs can be created with any asset supported on the XRP Ledger. This development could have far-reaching implications for inclusivity and XRP’s market dominance.

The Diversity of XRPL AMM

Amid discussions about the upcoming launch of the XRPL AMM, Ripple’s CTO has spoken up. According to Davis Schwartz, the AMM will not exclusively support XRP pairs. Instead, users can create AMMs with a variety of assets, opening the platform to a wider spectrum of cryptocurrencies. This could include pairs like CORE/XRP, FURY/USD, and CSC/RPR, highlighting the platform’s inclusive orientation.

The Role of XRP in AMM Pools

Although the AMM supports various cryptocurrencies, Schwartz expects pairs containing XRP to be the most popular. This is due to XRP’s prominent position in the network and its function as the primary gas token. Despite the ability to trade different assets, XRP is expected to play a dominant role in the AMM pools. Schwartz also refuted speculation that Ripple could use escrowed XRP to strengthen the AMM’s liquidity, pointing out potential selling pressure risks.

What’s Next?

The implementation of the XRPL AMM is scheduled for March 22, after validators reached a consensus on March 15. This development marks a pivotal moment for the network, with many eyes on the potential impacts on the price of XRP. On-chain analyst Mr. Huber compares the potential of XRP in the financial system to that of deuterium in nuclear fusion. With the upcoming launch of the AMM feature, the community will welcome the expanded asset support as a sign of inclusivity and eagerly watch for market changes and XRP’s central role in the AMM ecosystem.

Our Assessment

The announcement by Ripple’s CTO that the XRPL AMM will support a variety of cryptocurrencies is a significant step towards inclusivity and diversification. This development not only offers new opportunities for XRP holders but opens the door for broader acceptance of different assets in the AMM ecosystem. While XRP is likely to play a dominant role, the expansion to other assets is a positive sign for the future of the platform. We remain eager to see the impact of this innovation on the market and XRP’s role in this new context.


– The Crypto Basic
– Mr. Huber (On-Chain Analyst)

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