5 Reel Drive play Slot Review

Rating: 80 %

5 Reel Drive is a slot machine with a fun comic style. At the same time, we are talking about a slot that comes with the popular car theme. The basic structure is coherent. It remains to be seen whether the machine will provide lasting fun and excitement. However, we were convinced of this after just a few laps. We have to admit that there are fewer bonus rounds here than in some other slot machines. On the other hand, we have hardly seen the Scatter so often on the reels anywhere else. Microgaming has created a slot machine that is easy to learn. Although there are special symbols, there are not enough of them to confuse newcomers. This means that 5 Reel Drive is also aimed at beginners.

Michael Schmitz
Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
Last update: 21. May 2024


Name 5 Reel Drive
Provider Microgaming
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,95 %
Paylines 9
Reels 5
Rows 3
Min bet 0,25
Max bet 18
Max win x10.000
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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5 Reel Drive: How it works!

To better understand the 5 Reel Drive slot machine from Microgaming, let's first take a closer look at the playing field. The background is bathed in the colors of evening red and the symbols come in a trendy comic style.

The slot has nine win lines. However, the small number of lines has a positive effect on use. The limit in the 5 Reel Drive slot is between 0.25 and 18 euros. However, casinos with a German license are limited to a maximum of 1 euro per round.

Of course, we will go into the special features of the slot machine below. If you want to get an overview yourself, we recommend taking a look at the prize table. To do this, first click on the three lines below the playing field and then on the “i” icon. If you want to find out more, it's best to try the demo version of the slot.

5 Reel Drive winning symbols

The symbolism is at the heart of every slot machine. With 5 Reel Drive, the following winning symbols are the ones you should be concerned with:

  • Traffic sign (game)
  • Police car (scatter)
  • Flag & burning tire
  • Trucker & Truck
  • Driver & Car
  • Driver & car
  • Cube
  • Hamburg
  • French fries
  • Soft drink
  • Cake
  • Coffee & donut

Traffic sign (game)

The traffic sign is based on the American model. It shows a black, curved arrow pointing forwards on a yellow, square shield. The picture itself acts as a game. In the language of slot machines, this is just another term for the joker.

As a joker, the traffic sign is able to replace all the pictures in the game. The only exception is the scatter. Two hamburgers and a wild can create a winning combination. To do this, however, the images must appear in a valid row from left to right. The joker has no value of its own.

Police car (scatter)

The second special symbol in 5 Reel Drive is the scatter, which is represented by a police car. However, unlike most other slot machines, the scatter does not trigger a bonus round here. The police car focuses on the essentials. It pays out regardless of its position on the reels. Only the number is decisive.

Three police cars already reward the player with a payout of five times the stake. With four scatters it is already twenty times as much. If five police cars actually come to a standstill on the playing field, your stake is multiplied by a factor of x50.

Flag & burning tire

First of all, we think it's very good that 5 Reel Drive doesn't use standard symbols at all. There are no card game symbols here and you won't find any fruit or gems. In fact, the game often combines two images into one symbol. In this case, it is the black and white checkered flag and the burning tire.

The flames are surely intended to symbolize how hot this symbol is. After all, it provides the highest equivalent value. It also pays out a small win (x1.33) with just two matches. If the picture can be seen three times in accordance with the rules, the payout is a good four times higher. The payout increases to the factors x55 (four equals) and x111 (five equals).

Trucker & Truck

The trucker with the baseball cap and the red truck are in second place in terms of value. If there are two matches, the slot grants a payout with a factor of x1.33. With three equals it is x4.44. If the length of the combination increases to four or five identical symbols, the factors x55 and x111 are used.

Driver & Car

Steep glasses on his nose, a quiff on his forehead and a yellow scarf characterize the driver, who takes third place among the counter values with his equally yellow car. It also enables a payout with two matches (x1.11). If three equals appear, the factor increases to a value of x2.78. If we line up four or five identical images, multipliers of x16.67 and x100 appear.

Driver & car

The gradation continues in small steps. The driver's trademarks are her pink headgear and sunglasses as well as her pink car. As far as the values are concerned, it is the first symbol that causes a slight loss (x0.89) in a two-of-a-kind combination. In return, you benefit from three equals (x1.67). If four or five equals appear starting from the left, the factors x10 and x88.88 apply.


With the dice as a rear-view mirror decoration, the typical gambling symbolism is picked up on the one hand and on the other hand the car theme is also retained here – even if this symbol reduces the value even further.

This is because the dice only come up with a factor of x0.78 for two matches. However, this is the last symbol where two of a kind pay out at all. More matches come up with the factors x1.67 (three equals), x8.89 (four equals) and x77.78 (five equals).


There's a good reason why we only recommend playing 5 Reel Drive when you're full. In addition to the main theme of cars, there is another focus in the slot – fast food. The Hamburg-based company naturally takes the top position in this series.

However, it is inferior to the aforementioned symbols. This is because the burger has a value of x1.44 with three identical symbols. A combination of four is rewarded with the multiplier x6.67. In the end, the combination of five achieves a factor of x66.67.

French fries

The packaging of the French fries looks strikingly similar to that of McDonalds. Instead of the golden “M”, however, Microgaming has used the number 5 as a reference to the title of the slot.

If we reach three equals on the playing field from left to right, the factor x1.11 comes into effect. With four matches, the counter value increases to x3.33. Finally, there is a valid combination of five French fries symbols. A multiplier of x33.33 applies here.

Soft drink

A decent fast food meal naturally includes a soft drink. We are slowly reaching the critical threshold for counter values. Because three soft drinks return exactly the capital invested. We only reach the winning zone (x2.22) when four identical symbols appear. If even five matches appear on the playing field in accordance with the rules, the game pays out the stake increased by a factor of x13.33.


You can also enjoy a sweet treat at the rest stop before getting back behind the wheel. However, the value of the piece of cake symbol continues to decrease. In a series of three, there is only one payout with the multiplier x0.78. The multiplier only increases to x2 in the win zone with four identical symbols. It is then worthwhile with a row of five. This is because a factor of x7.78 applies here.

Coffee & donut

We have now reached the bottom of the counter values, so to speak. However, three equals still grant a refund with the factor x0.67. Furthermore, four and five matches involve the factors x1.44 and x5.55.

Features and special features

To achieve worthwhile winnings, nothing beats special features and special symbols in a slot machine. In terms of features, however, the player must expect some compromises, as 5 Reel Drive is basically a rather simple gaming experience. By the way, we don't mean that in a negative sense – quite the opposite. Sometimes it can simply be relaxing to watch the slot spin. There are no interruptions due to complicated bonus rounds. Nevertheless, there are special symbols and settings that we would like to describe below.

  • Scatter
  • Autoplay
  • Quick Spin


The crux of the matter with every symbol is that it is linked to the win lines. Nine lines wind their way across the pitch from left to right. If the trucker follows a row on reels two to five, there is no payout. Because the gap on the first roll is serious.

This is the transition to the scatter. The police car is actually a completely normal symbol. This scatter does not trigger any bonus rounds. However, the image is not tied to the win lines. Consequently, it does not matter how a combination comes about.

We also achieve three of the same with the police car when the symbol appears on reels one, four and five. Of course, we also achieve a high payout with five of a kind. In our experience, the scatter provides winnings more frequently here than in other slots.


Many players find it annoying when they constantly have to press the same button. Alternatively, you can simply click on the plus symbol above the spin button. Now set the number of rounds to be executed automatically. The selection ranges from x10 to x100.

However, the autoplay feature in 5 Reel Drive does not allow you to set any other parameters. You must therefore stop the auto rotations manually if in doubt. It is also important to set the stake in advance using the button below, as the game carries out all spins with this setting.

Quick Spin

However, the autoplay function is not yet the maximum in terms of speed. This is because we can also set the quick spin, i.e. an accelerated spin, via the main menu. Quick Spin can also be activated together with Autoplay. There is a lightning bolt below the selection for the number of automated rounds. Click on it to execute all auto laps at increased speed.


There is no denying that 5 Reel Drive has its strengths. These sometimes result from the simple concept. The player doesn't have to pay much attention here, but can sit back and relax. For other players looking for action, this strength is more of a weakness. You need bonus rounds, Megaways or an Avalanche feature. When selecting alternatives to 5 Reel Drive, we have chosen machines that at least have similarities with the slot described here.

Monster Wheels

Monster Wheels is another slot machine from Microgaming and once again the theme is cars. However, the structure of the reels is a little unusual here, as there are a total of 288 winning paths.

Drive Multiplier Mayhem

Once again, we have selected a slot machine with a car theme. This time, however, a realistic style has been incorporated. NetEnt is also not stingy with free spins, multipliers and other exciting features.

Dream Run

This slot machine from Real Time Gaming completes our trio of cars. The main prize with a multiplier of up to x7,500 (possibly depending on the casino) is a great incentive.

5 Play Reel Drive online – our conclusion

Cars and fast food are the themes in 5 Reel Drive. The slot machine impresses with its basic simplicity. Some players will find this description boring. But the machine is just right for a leisurely round.

You don't need to worry about any functions or special features. You will look in vain for free spins and multipliers here. However, the Scatter is always visible on the reels. Game also regularly does the honors. We also like the fact that Microgaming has completely dispensed with filler symbols.

  • Very frequent Scatter wins
  • Well suited for beginners
  • No free spins
  • No bonus rounds and multipliers


Can I play 5 Reel Drive for free?

Although we were unable to find the demo version directly on the Microgaming homepage, we were able to find it at various online casinos. Accordingly, it is possible to play 5 Reel Drive for free.

Can 5 Reel Drive also be played on the go?

Microgaming is a software developer that attaches great importance to mobile gaming. This makes it easy to play 5 Reel Drive on the go with your smartphone or tablet. It doesn't matter whether iOS, Android or another operating system is used. The display works independently of the device specifications.

What are the limits for 5 Reel Drive?

The minimum stake is 0.25 euros. A maximum of up to 18 euros can be wagered per spin.

Is 5 Reel Drive also available with Megaways option?

In general, 5 Reel Drive takes a more classic approach. We are therefore not surprised that there is no variant of this slot machine with Megaways.

Can I play for real winnings at 5 Reel Drive online casinos?

It's best to start by looking for casinos that list Microgaming slots. If 5 Reel Drive is available, all you have to do is register with the casino and make a deposit. Now you can play for real winnings with your stakes.

Which manufacturer is behind 5 Reel Drive?

Microgaming is responsible for the development of the slot machine. We like the design of 5 Reel Drive, which completely dispenses with filler symbols.

What is the payout percentage for 5 Reel Drive?

The payout ratio, also known as the return to player (RTP), is 96.95%. This is a very decent value, which is above the average for slot machines.

Which streamers play 5 Reel Drive?

We searched for a while, but the title is not particularly popular among renowned casino streamers. A few smaller names have tested the slot game at least once.

Is 5 Reel Drive a serious game?

Microgaming is a reputable game developer. The provider's games are checked by various supervisory authorities. Of course, this also applies to 5 Reel Drive, which is why there is no doubt about the reliability of the machine.

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