7’s To Burn Slot Review

Rating: 86 %

The retro slot 7’s To Burn certainly has its charm. Sometimes even we don’t feel like playing spectacular slot machines with dozens of colorful symbols and complex functions. If you are also looking for a simple and liberating gaming experience, then this machine is the right choice for you. Because here it’s all about the real classics among the symbols – sevens, fruits, bar symbols and stars. However, this does not mean that the slot machine has no features. Nevertheless, the possibilities on a playing field with three by three symbols are naturally limited. However, high winnings can still be made with 7’s To Burn.

Michael Schmitz
Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
Last update: 21. May 2024


Name 7’s To Burn
Provider Barcrest
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 95,10 %
Paylines 5
Reels 3
Rows 3
Min bet 0,01
Max bet 50
Max win x250
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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7's To Burn: How it works!

The controls are located to the left and right of the playing field on the screen. There we adjust the stake, which ranges between 0.01 and 50 euros for 7's To Burn. However, we have already seen online casinos with different limits.

The background of this slot is on fire. However, the reels themselves have a white background. Therefore, the overview is well maintained. We start a rotation at the bottom right with the corresponding button.

You play on three reels. Each roll contains three rows. Furthermore, five win lines wind their way across the playing field. As you need three identical pictures to win anyway, it doesn't matter whether you count the identical pictures from left to right or vice versa.

The core of a slot machine, however, are the symbols and the functions. It is precisely these aspects of 7's To Burn that we want to look at in detail in the following sections.

7's To Burn winning symbols

In this case, the symbolism must be described as extremely classic. In the following, we will look at fruits, stars, bar symbols and the so-called Super Seven. These pictures have not lost their charm even after years. This is the paytable for the slot game:

  • Burning sevens (game)
  • Original seven
  • Stars
  • Bells
  • Bar symbols
  • Melons
  • Plums
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Cherries

Burning sevens (game)

The burning sevens are the highlight of the 7's To Burn machine. Because they act as game. Our regular readers are no doubt aware that this is just another term for the game's joker. Consequently, the burning sevens can replace other images.

But there are restrictions: During the main game, the burning sevens only replace the original sevens. Only when the “Hi Roller Mode” is activated is the joker able to replace any image. Furthermore, three of a kind come with a value of x250, which corresponds to the main prize.

Original seven

They occur more frequently than their burning “relatives”. It is the typical red super seven that can also be found in other slot machines. A special feature of 7's To Burn is that all images are shown twice in their field.

As described above, these sevens can be replaced by the joker anytime and anywhere. That's why players like to see this image on the reels. With an equivalent value of x100, the original sevens are among the high-paying symbols.


The five-pointed golden star in duplicate must appear three times on a valid line on the reels – only then does a payout occur, whereby the stake is multiplied by the symbol multiplier. Each stake is multiplied by a factor of x40.


Bells can often be found in Christmas slots. However, they also have a certain tradition in retro vending machines. The symbols are unique and can be quickly distinguished from the others. Ultimately, however, what counts most is what a symbol on the reels is worth. What all the pictures have in common is that a combination of two of the same thing does not promise success. With three bells, the factor x40 applies – as with the stars.

Bar symbols

Personally, we always find bar symbols very uncreative. However, 7's To Burn is a classic slot machine. We have already seen all the images that appear here elsewhere. It is precisely this lightness of symbolism that makes the Barcrest title so successful. In addition, the bar symbol is far from being at the bottom of the symbols, as is the case with many other slot machines. With 7's To Burn, players can still look forward to a payout of x20 in relation to the stake.


Now it's getting fruity. In terms of value, watermelon is the top fruit in many retro vending machines. Is it because of their size compared to other fruits? Here the melons have a multiplier of x20 – so they are on a par with the bar symbols.


We are also standing at the fruit shelf of 7's To Burn. In principle, there is something for everyone here. However, the plums have already been significantly reduced. Because here you only get paid out a factor of x8 of your stake. However, plums are not alone with this value – only melons are the positive exception here. All other fruits also have to make do with the x8 multiplier.


“Sour makes you happy”, as the saying goes. Of course, we are all about having fun. It can't hurt to mention this from time to time. A game session should be ended as soon as the fun begins to suffer. There is nothing special to report about the value of the lemons. The lemons also have a multiplier of x8.


The oranges continue with a fruity freshness. The slot machine is by no means stingy when it comes to fruit. But once again, it only helps us if we get three identical symbols and they line up along at least one of five active win lines. In this case, your stake is also multiplied by a factor of x8.


Cherries play a special role in many slots. This is the case because they pay out with just two matches. However, we are denied this special feature with 7's To Burn. Like the other symbols, we need a valid row of three for the cherries. The cherry symbols also have a multiplier of x8, which is applied to the stake in the event of a win.

Features and special features

Special features add the real spice to a slot game, as they are often associated with high winnings or at least the chance to win. We have already mentioned that 7's To Burn is not a very modern machine. As you can easily deduce from the symbolism, this is a retro slot. Nevertheless, we found some special features, which we explain below.

  • Wild symbol
  • Hi Roller Feature
  • Autoplay
  • Gambling function

Wild symbol

In contrast to the Joker in card games, the Wild, the Joker variant in slot machines, does not allow the player to use it at will. Wilds appear in one position on the reels and may or may not result in winnings. This can be easily described using an example: Let's assume that during a spin, for example, the stars appear on reels one and two along a valid row. Now the third position is missing for the payout. If a game comes to a standstill there, it pays out. But that only applies to 7's To Burn in the Hi-Roller phase. Otherwise, the burning sevens only replace the classic sevens.

Hi Roller Feature

How do we even get to the Hi Roller feature? As the name suggests, this is a function for those players who want to place high stakes. All you need to do is click on the corresponding button on the right-hand side of the screen. This is because there is a button next to the playing field that says “Hi Roller”. However, before you start the spins, you should check your stake again. This is because the increased chance of winning is accompanied by an increased risk due to the higher stake.

But why can we win higher? Because we get an alternative symbol set where the Wild symbol is suddenly able to substitute for any other symbol in the game. This increases the number of valid combinations and therefore the frequency of winnings.


Several rounds can be completed in one minute on a slot machine. Any experienced player will tell you that constantly clicking on a button quickly becomes a monotonous activity. It may be easier to activate the autoplay mode. However, we recommend that you only use this feature once you have found the machine to be good and exciting. This is because the autoplay function allows you to predefine a number of rounds that the slot machine will play independently. It is possible to stop the automatic spins at any time – for example, in the event of a high win or continuous losses.

Gambling function

Isn't the slot machine already a game of chance? Yes, but there is a special function in many slots that is described in this way. In a way, this is a card game of chance in which the player has to guess the color. First of all, you have to play and make a profit. Now 7's To Burn gives you the choice: either you collect the winnings, which are then credited to your account. Or you can decide to gamble and risk the winnings.

Suppose you have won 10 euros. Now you choose red or black. A face-down card is turned over. If you have chosen the correct color, your winnings will increase to 20 euros. However, if you make the wrong choice, the winnings are lost.


As a rule, we base our alternatives on the game under review because we are convinced that our readers are looking for something similar. This is also how we proceed with 7's To Burn, but we want to leave room for a spectacular exception.

Fire Joker

This is also a classic slot machine with stars, fruits and a joker. There are also five win lines to play on and the maximum win is 800 times the stake.

Triple Tigers

Pragmatic Play only released the slot with the different colored tigers in 2018. Complicated features should also be avoided here.

The Dog House

In the Megaways version, the Pragmatic Play slot game offers up to 117,649 winning ways. Payouts are possible up to 6,750 times the stake. What's more, you're virtually inundated with functions in The Dog House – a great contrast to 7's To Burn.

Play 7's To Burn online – our conclusion

Who can we recommend the 7's To Burn slot machine to? First of all, all beginners can feel addressed. If you are still confused by too many functions, you should familiarize yourself with the simple concept of a retro slot at the beginning.

However, the 3-reel machines also have a lively fan base. Of course, this type of slot machine is also associated with a nostalgic look into the past. We understand this desire for simplicity very well. It is not necessary to stare at the reels for a long time to recognize a winning combination.

In general, 7's To Burn has its own charm and we can only recommend that every player should try the game for themselves.

  • Simple operation
  • Hi Roller Feature
  • Gambling function
  • No bonus rounds
  • No free spins
  • Symbolism quickly becomes boring


Can I play 7's To Burn for free?

Even after a lengthy search, we were unable to find a free demo of this slot from Barcrest. However, if 7's To Burn is listed at an online casino with a demo function, it is possible to test the game for free.

Can 7's To Burn also be played on the move?

Almost all modern slot machines are now also optimized for tablets and smartphones. This means that 7's To Burn can also be played on the move without any problems.

What are the limits at 7's To Burn?

The betting limit starts at 0.01 euros and ends at 50 euros. The win limit is a factor of x250.

Is 7's To Burn also available with the Megaways option?

No, because the retro slot machine is a game with three reels, three rows and five win lines. An expansion via Megaways would not make sense with this game concept.

Can I play for real winnings at 7's To Burn online casinos?

Find an online casino with Barcrest slot machines. If you register there and the game 7's To Burn is available, you can play for real winnings after making an initial deposit.

Which manufacturer is behind 7's To Burn?

The software company Barcrest has developed the classic 7's To Burn. The company enters into partnerships with casinos to bring the game to the people.

What is the payout percentage at 7's To Burn?

The payout ratio, also known as the win ratio or return to player (RTP), describes the percentage of the payout. The RTP for 7's To Burn is 95.1%.

Which streamers play 7's To Burn?

The game is available in real arcades and online casinos. That's why there are numerous videos about 7's To Burn. But the prominent streamers are more interested in other slot machines.

Is 7's To Burn a serious game?

Barcrest, the developer of the 7's To Burn slot, enjoys a good reputation. Before a game is added to the portfolio by an online casino, it is checked again. The slot machine game can therefore be described as reputable.

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