88 Fortunes Slot Review

Rating: 94 %

SG Digital and Shuffle Master have launched the 88 Fortunes slot machine. The Asian appeal can be recognized at first glance. At the same time, the playing field is very varied and yet clearly laid out. The golden symbols, which are the centerpiece of the machine, promise high rewards. Nevertheless, players do not have to do without features and other special features. Of course, we present the highlights of the 88 Fortunes slot in more detail in our review. First, let’s take a look at where the one-armed bandit can be played online. We then turn our attention to the individual symbols and their functions. Let’s get one thing straight: the slot machine game is really fun.

Michael Schmitz
Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
Last update: 21. May 2024


Name 88 Fortunes
Provider SG Digital Shuffle Master
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,00 %
Paylines 243
Reels 5
Rows 3
Min bet 0,08
Max bet 88
Max win x2.273
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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88 Fortunes: How it works!

The theme of this slot is Asia. It is difficult to narrow it down further. Because on the reels we see classic coins, a Chinese ship, but also gilded animals. Luck is another theme, as this term can already be found in the title of the 88 Fortunes slot machine.

The game is played on five reels, with each reel showing three symbols. Consequently, 15 symbols are visible after each spin. The win lines make their way across the playing field from left to right. There are exactly 243 ways to win.

Before you embark on your adventure and get started with the 88 Fortunes slot, we recommend taking a look at the paytable. You can find these by clicking on the i-icon at the bottom right. This is because the symbols are listed in the pay table and the special rounds are described.

There is one more thing you should do before you press the curved arrow for the first turn. We are talking about the choice of use. You make this selection on the left-hand side of the playing field via the number of gold symbols and the bet multiplier. Below the reels you will find the total bet per spin that you have chosen.

88 Fortunes winning symbols

Next, let's take a look at the winning symbols of 88 Fortunes one by one. In doing so, we will address their counter values and special properties.

  • Fu Bat (Wild)
  • Gong (Scatter)
  • (Golden) Jade
  • (Golden) ship
  • (Golden) Turtle
  • (Golden) hat
  • Golden coin
  • A
  • K
  • Q
  • J
  • 10
  • 9

Fu Bat (Wild)

Fu Bat is a symbol with no intrinsic value. Nevertheless, the player is delighted when it appears on the screen, as it acts as a wild. The Wild is able to substitute for all other symbols with the exception of the Scatter. For example, if the ship appears on reels one and three, no payout is made. However, if the wild completes the position on the second reel, a payout is imminent. The wild symbol only appears on reels two, three and four.

Gong (Scatter)

The scatter shows the highest value of the game. If we set the stake to just 0.88 euros, a profit of up to 44 euros is possible. However, we need the gong on the rollers five times for this. If the scatter appears four times, a payout of 8.80 euros would reach our account. For three gongs it is 4.40 euros.

However, the gong is not only good for high winnings. This is because it is the scatter and can trigger free games in this role. To do this, the sound body must be seen three, four or five times on the pitch.

(Golden) Jade

The symbol is only available if five gold symbols (88 credits) are activated. Otherwise it comes onto the pitch as a normal jade. However, we describe the pictures in their perfect form – in gold.

For example, five matches result in a payout that exceeds ten times the stake. If there are still four matches, the factor x2 is exceeded. With three golden jade symbols, the 88 Fortunes slot machine still rewards you with a small win. Without the “gold mode”, the counter values are reduced to the status of the letters.

(Golden) ship

Does this ship lead us to treasures? At least the golden variant is good for nice sums of money. The design resembles an old Chinese ship with three sails. But as players, we are more interested in the values.

With five matches, the payout exceeds five times your stake. If there are still four identical symbols that move across the playing field in accordance with the rules, you will receive a small win. With three of a kind, a little more than half of your stake remains.

(Golden) Turtle

This animal is moving at a typically leisurely pace over a large pile of gold coins. The background color of the water animal is green. We can therefore quickly distinguish the symbol from the other images, even in gold mode.

Which brings us to value. Here, the turtle enters the playing field with a factor above x4 – provided we combine five images according to the rules. With four matches, you get roughly the same amount as your stake. If there is only one valid combination of three, this leaves approx. 50 percent.

(Golden) hat

This headgear comes with great decorations on the pitch. It is a symbol of wealth and power. This fits in perfectly with the 88 Fortunes slot game. Because as players, we also want to win a few riches for ourselves.

Which brings us back to the counter values. Here, the five-of-a-kind pays out almost three times your stake. Once again: Only in Gold mode (second button). With four matches, a refund of a good 50 percent is granted. With three equals, the figure is around 30 percent.

Golden coin

We are talking here about a coin typical of Asia. This has a square hole in the middle. Nevertheless, it is the only gold symbol that can always be seen in this color on the playing field.

Although this is the case, it is the major symbol with the lowest equivalent value. You will still receive a small profit if you match five. However, with four and three matches, you have to settle for a pro rata repayment.


Many slot machine users find letters and numbers boring. The purple A will therefore not be very popular. But there is actually a reason to bet on the letters, which are inspired by the card games.

This is because our brain can process letters and colors very quickly. A mix-up is practically impossible. But when it comes to value, the benefits are rather limited. Because even a five of a kind only pays out a little more than half the stake. With a quadruplet it is still more than a tenth and with a triplet a good fifth.


If the A stood for the ace, the K stands for the king. The playing card is nicely designed. But here we have to make do with the abbreviation, the letter K. As it is designed in orange, it is not difficult for us to identify it on the pitch.

Fortunately, this applies to all letters and numbers. There is also another thing they have in common. This is because all letters have absolutely identical values. With a stake of 0.88 euros, these are factors of x0.5 (five of a kind), x0.1 (four of a kind) and x0.05 (three of a kind).


If we continue along the row of letters, we come to the yellow Q. This is the description of the Queen. Despite a similarly warm color scheme as the K, it is very easy to tell them apart.

Once again, we must point out the equality of counter values. This is because the Q also comes with factors of x0.5 to 0.05 for five to three identical symbols. Once again, no profit can be made with this letter, only a refund.


We have now reached the last letter. The correct sequence is followed in the 88 Fortunes slot machine. Because the queen is followed by the jack. This is represented by a blue J on the reels.

Of the letters, the J has the strongest color. The J therefore catches our eye the most. However, a comparison with the other letters again shows that the values are the same. The quintuplet (x0.5), quadruplet (x0.1) and triplet (x0.05) grant an identical payout.


Although we have left the letters, which are based on the characters in the card games, we are still loyal to the playing cards. Two numbers have also found their way onto the playing field. Here we describe the number 10.

The 10 appears on the pitch in bright red. Again, we don't need to go to much trouble to describe the values. At this point, we simply refer to the counter values of the letters A to J.


We conclude the symbolism with the number 9. It shines in a vibrant green and can therefore be quickly identified on the rollers. This picture is also based on the playing card of the same name. Although this has no significance for the slot game 88 Fortunes.

We would like to describe the value one last time. A stake of 0.88 euros results in a payout of 0.50 euros (five of a kind). There is also a credit of 0.10 euros (four-piece) or 0.05 euros (three-piece).

Features and special features

The symbolism fluctuates between modern and classic. This mixture is not wrong. Especially with a large number of symbols, it is important that they can be quickly distinguished from one another. The functions are a little different.

Variety is required here. Below we have taken a look at the most important features and special features of the 88 Fortunes slot machine. We list the functions below and describe them in the following paragraphs.

  • Gold symbols
  • Game
  • Jackpot feature
  • Free spins
  • Autoplay

Gold symbols

In principle, you control this function by using the credits. So it has something to do with the size of the stake. On the left, you choose whether you want to play with one to five gold symbols. The selection increases the prize amount. At the same time, this increases the use.

The stake can also be set in a button located just below the selection of gold symbols. In this regard, you should definitely get an overview centrally under the playing field. This is because it shows the total stake per round.

We also recommend simply switching through the different levels of the gold symbols and looking at the paytable for each one. You can see very clearly how the respective counter values change in the 88 Fortunes slot machine.


When it comes to slot machines, we often talk about wilds. This refers to jokers, as you know them from the card game. But there is a difference. Because a game is to be accepted where it appears on the pitch.

In this case, the Fu Bat symbol appears as a Wild. It is a universal replacement for other symbols. In fact, 88 Fortunes can even replace the Scatter in terms of value and function. In addition, the Fu Bat symbol only appears on reels two to four.

This means that the game cannot start or complete lines. Nevertheless, it is possible to initiate or extend a line win. If the turtle appears on reels one and three, there is no win. If a wild lines up on the second reel, a payout is imminent.

Jackpot feature

If you start the slot 88 Fortunes and look at the top right, you will see four jackpots listed. These come with the descriptions “Grand”, “Major”, “Minor” and “Mini”. According to the designation, their value continues to decrease.

The stake selected also has something to do with the size of the jackpot. This is because it is explicitly not a progressive jackpot. The much more interesting question, however, is how we as players can crack the jackpot.

Fu Bat triggers the jackpot game. The number of gold symbols is also decisive. If a jackpot can be won, a new window will open. Click on coins to collect identical pictures. Three matches trigger the named jackpot.

Free spins

The gong must stop three, four or five times on the pitch. In this case, the free spins trigger. We're talking about ten free rounds. During these free spins, you can neither change the gold symbols nor the stake.

There is one advantageous special feature during the free spins. This is because the letters and characters are completely removed from the playing field. In principle, you only play with the gold symbols (alternative reel set), which promises higher winnings. It is also possible to trigger the jackpot in these rounds.

So Fu Bat will stay with you. The same applies to the gong. It is the only symbol without gold in the picture, which makes it very striking. Three or more additional gongs grant us further free rounds.


At first glance, the autoplay on the 88 Fortunes slot looks self-explanatory. Click on the double arrow below the spin button and set the number of automatic rounds. Here you can choose between ten and 200 rounds.

If you look carefully, you will see the following button: “Click on the extension arrow for more options”. Of course, we don't need to be asked twice. Because this one click opens up further options for the automatic game.

Once we are allowed to set a sum that we lose until the autoplay stops. Conversely, we can define an individual profit. In this case, the automatic rounds stop when this win amount has been reached or exceeded. Once you have made your selection, you can sit back and watch.


With regard to the alternatives to the 88 Fortunes slot machine, we focus on the special features. We therefore opted for slots with an Asian theme on one occasion. Furthermore, we couldn't resist mentioning at least one other machine with a jackpot.

Book of Ming

BF Games combines the Asian setting with a cozy library flair. The game definitely looks good in terms of design and is also equipped with a gambling function. The game is played on ten win lines.

Big Panda

In this case, we have opted for a different combination. We are clearly staying in China. But in this slot we are dealing with animals. Big Panda is from Amanet and comes with super symbols and a bonus feature.

Wild Chapo Dream Drop

In this variant, the Wild Chapo slot machine is equipped with different progressive jackpots. Relax Gaming has created a motivating slot that comes with free spins, respins and high top prizes, among other things.

88 Fortunes online – our conclusion

Of course, you don't have to be a fan of Asia to enjoy the 88 Fortunes slot machine. Many gamers remain loyal to the slot because of its features. On the one hand, there is the chance to win ten free spins, which can even be retriggered.

The Fu Bat symbol is also a real highlight as a wildcard. This is because it not only serves as a universal substitute, but can also activate the jackpot game. Four main prizes from Grand to Mini are available here.

The game concept itself is very easy to understand. Players should only familiarize themselves with the stakes and the gold symbols here in advance or in the slot's paytable.

  • Different application levels
  • Chance to win big jackpots
  • Free spins with gold symbols
  • Gold feature raises the stakes
  • No progressive jackpot


Can I play 88 Fortunes for free?

Shuffle Master has released the demo version of the slot to the general public. This allows websites and online casinos to offer the game on a trial basis. The player bears no risk here, but there are also no real winnings to be won.

Can 88 Fortunes also be played on the go?

Mobility is an issue for all slot machines. 88 Fortunes is also designed for iOS, Android and other operating systems. This means that the game can be played on all systems and devices, even on the move.

What are the limits at 88 Fortunes?

The stakes in this slot are geared more towards low-budget players. This is because amounts between 0.08 and 88 euros can be bet. The maximum win can be achieved with the Grand Jackpot. It amounts to 200,000 euros.

Is 88 Fortunes also available with the Megaways option?

Yes, a Megaways version of 88 Fortunes is also available. This increases the number of win lines from 243 to 117,649. This adds a little more variety to the game.

Can I play for real winnings at 88 Fortunes online casinos?

Of course, it is possible to play for real winnings in the Shuffle Master slot. However, you need a provider that has the game in its program. You have to register there and make a deposit.

Which manufacturer is behind 88 Fortunes?

Shuffle Master has launched 88 Fortunes. Although it is a lesser-known brand, some impressive slots from this provider have been released in the meantime.

What is the payout percentage at 88 Fortunes?

The payout or win rate describes the average amount of the stake that is paid out to the players. 88 Fortunes has a return to player (RTP) of 96%.

Which streamers play 88 Fortunes?

There are definitely clips from arcades in which 88 Fortunes can be seen in action. However, this game has not yet been played by the popular streamers.

Is 88 Fortunes a serious game?

Both the slot game 88 Fortunes and the developer Shuffle Master enjoy a high reputation in the industry. The slot can therefore be classified as reputable.

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