Age Of Discovery Slot Review

Rating: 90 %

We’re going on a great journey with the Age Of Discovery slot machine. The background shows a picturesque image on the calm sea. The sun smiles above the clouds. We hope that luck will be with us on the reels.

Basically, we really like the realistic comic-style design. The seafaring theme is also far from over. Ultimately, however, the enjoyment of a slot game depends on two things.

Firstly, we would like to mention the regularity and amount of winnings. There is also talk of volatility in this regard. Here we are offered a balanced relationship between the frequency and amount of winnings.

Symbols and functions are also responsible for the voltage. We want to go into this in more detail in this guide to the Age Of Discovery slot.

Michael Schmitz
Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
Last update: 21. May 2024


Name Age of Discovery
Provider Microgaming
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,62 %
Paylines 25
Reels 5
Rows 3
Min bet 0,25
Max bet 125
Max win x260
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Age Of Discovery: How it works!

We can explain how the slot machine works in just a few sentences. This is because it is a modern slot machine with five reels. After the reels have come to a standstill, each reel shows three symbols.

In addition, we always see 15 images on the pitch. There are now 25 win lines running from left to right. We need identical symbols on these rows. The number of pictures required can be found in the prize table.

You can access the paytable via the menu (three dashes) and then by clicking on the i-icon. Now you can see very clearly how many identical images you need and the associated values.

The total stake per spin starts at €0.25 for the Age Of Discovery slot. We can set the adjustment screw upwards to a maximum of 125 euros. The top prize in this machine is 32,500 euros.

Age Of Discovery winning symbols

For players who only look at the chance of winning, the symbolism is perhaps of secondary importance. From our point of view, however, the images and the functions must interlock. This is the only way to keep things fun.

  • Water dragon (scatter)
  • Gold coin (game)
  • Compass (Bonus)
  • Ship
  • Coat of arms
  • Sextant
  • Papaya
  • Pomegranate
  • Mango
  • Avocado
  • Banana

Water dragon (scatter)

The water dragon itself stands out in particular because it looks a little colorless as an image. This gives the scatter a feeling of unreality. Nevertheless, it is a symbol that we like to see on the reels. This is because the scatter is also known as a single symbol.

All other images in the slot game must follow the win lines. However, the water dragon pays out regardless of its position. If he appears three times, we get paid out five times our stake. Four and five scatters increase our winnings by a factor of 20 or 80.

Gold coin (game)

What is the best way to visualize the meaning of a symbol? Developers like to use the color gold for this. The coin is shiny and appropriately depicts a sailor. The wild is just another name for the game's joker.

Furthermore, it is one of two images in the Age Of Discovery slot, which provides a payback for two of a kind. With a stake of one euro, we still get 0.12 euros back. In return, we double our stake if we get three correct numbers. The factors x20 and x240 give us four and five matches respectively.

Compass (Bonus)

We can win up to 16,125 euros with the compass. However, the bonus round is required for this. To trigger this round, we have to match the scatter three times or more on the playing field.

The question arises as to where the advantage of the bonus round lies. There are no free spins to be won here. In addition, the compass has no intrinsic value. But during the bonus, an “X” marks the target. With just one click you can win a handsome cash prize. Good luck!


In the meantime, we have left the different bonus symbols. We turn with the ship to the first high-paying picture. Nevertheless, with a stake of one euro, we only get back 1.20 euros in the event of three matches.

The payout is already higher with four identical symbols. Because in this case we receive a profit of eight euros paid out to our account. If we even manage five equals, the multiplier x40 comes into effect. The higher the stake, the bigger our payout.

Coat of arms

Seafarers themselves sometimes had a coat of arms. Countries that were discovered needed a coat of arms. Even cities had and still have a coat of arms. This is why the coat of arms has a permanent place here. It shows two sailor symbols and various card game symbols – how fitting.

However, we are more interested in the value than the design of the symbol in the Age Of Discovery slot machine. If we achieve three matches, we get another 0.60 euros back. In return, the payout increases to 7.20 euros for four matches. If we reach a five of a kind, the game rewards us with a multiplier of x32.


Perhaps you have never heard of a sextant. This is a protractor, which is useful for determining position in astronomy. In the past, it was used to measure the angle between the horizon and a particular star. This allowed sailors to determine their position on the water.

However, this important tool only pays out 0.40 euros for every three matches. However, if four of a kind appear, the payout increases to 6.40 euros. Finally, the factor x24 applies to a quintuplet.


Although the theme is seafaring, it is also a fruit slot. In this respect, however, we are glad that Age Of Discovery does not fall back on the same stale fruits as many other slot machines.

Here we start with the low-paying images, namely the papaya. It pays back 0.32 euros from one euro stake for a treble. If we even reach a four, we are still in the profit zone with 4.00 euros. Five matches result in a payout of 8.00 euros.


It remains fruity. The pomegranate should not be confused with our local fruit. This is because they are two different types of fruit in terms of their internal structure and taste.

They are both healthy. Profit is the most important thing for us here. Whereby there is only a refund of 0.24 euros for three equals. However, if we achieve four matches from left to right, we are paid out 3.20 euros. Five of a kind will give you a profit of 7.00 euros.


The mango is one of the exotic fruits that enjoy great popularity in Germany. Their color ranges from green to red and they have yellow flesh. Nevertheless, we prefer to focus on their value in this slot game.

The result is that we can only expect a refund of 0.20 euros for a valid treble on the pitch. In return, we double our stake if four of the same type come to a standstill in accordance with the rules. A five of a kind pays out 6.00 euros, which is the maximum.


The avocado is green inside and out. It has a large core. This should be removed before consumption. This fruit is less popular in Germany. It also plays a subordinate role on the reels – at least as far as the equivalent value is concerned.

However, it resembles the mango in a triplet. Here you also get 0.20 euros back for every euro you stake. If we reach a four of a kind, the payout increases to 1.20 euros. At the end of the day, five of a kind bring us a payout of 4.00 euros.


What does the banana as a fruit on the playing field have in common with the Joker of the Age Of Discovery slot machine? It pays out a small sum for just two matches. However, this is more of a symbolic reimbursement.

Because for every euro we stake, we get 0.08 euros back. Even with three matches, the repayment only amounts to 0.16 euros. If four bananas appear, we are still not in the profit zone at 0.80 euros. Only five matches double the stake.

Features and special features

The design is interesting. But the symbolism alone does not keep us interested for hours. Luckily, we were able to enjoy the Age Of Discovery slot for longer. Because apart from the visual language, the functions are convincing.

These are features and special features that make the experience on the reels something special. We are talking about interesting mini-games or at least high special payouts. We would like to list and present the available functions below.

  • Single symbol (Scatter)
  • Joker (Wild)
  • Treasure bonus
  • Autoplay
  • Turbo mode

Single symbol (Scatter)

What is the advantage of the so-called single symbol? First of all, this is the water dragon already described. For this reason, we will not go into the value again at this point. It should be said, however, that this is very lucrative.

Other pictures must always form a valid row. If the pomegranate appears on the screen, you need at least three of the same kind. These must start on the first reel on the left and move to the right along one of 25 win lines.

It is precisely this obligation to place bets that is eliminated with the so-called scatter. If the water dragon appears on reels one, four and five, we are in for a payout. Five scatters result in a large sum, regardless of whether a line is followed.

Joker (Wild)

When it comes to the joker, we always like to refer to the card game. Rommee is a good example. There you can use the joker in your hand to discard cards. Of course, the Age Of Discovery slot game does not work in the same way.

Because you don't have the choice of where you want to place the joker. Incidentally, the symbol is described by the machine as a wild. But the functionality is identical. This is because the Joker substitutes for other symbols in the slot game. This enables him to start, extend or complete series.

Another plus point is that the game comes with its own value and even offers a small payback for two matches. However, the gold coin does not substitute for the scatter or the bonus symbol. The coin harmonizes with all other images.

Treasure bonus

The compass is the image for the Treasure Bonus. The imagery fits like a glove here. After all, we are looking for treasure. The compass, on the other hand, is an instrument that gives us direction. North, east, south or west – where is the treasure buried?

To start the bonus, we have to bring the compass onto the playing field three times or more. Similar to the scatter, the position does not matter. When we have collected the required number of bonus pictures, the bonus round starts.

We have to look out for the mark with the “X”. That's where the treasure is hidden. Fortunately, we don't need a shovel to uncover the chest with the coins. A simple click with the mouse on the corresponding position is sufficient. We are already rewarded with a cash prize.


Let's use an example to explain the usefulness of autoplay in the Age Of Discovery slot machine. Let's say you deposit 100 euros and bet 0.50 euros per round. Then we're talking about a total of at least 200 laps. As winnings occur regularly, the number of spins increases even more.

Nevertheless, in this example you must press the rotate button (curved arrow) at least 200 times. However, this activity becomes tiresome over time. However, this is exactly where autoplay (three arrows in a circle) comes into play.

Unfortunately, we only have a few setting options after clicking the button. In principle, we can only decide on the number of automatic rounds. The selection starts at ten and ends at 100 spins.

Turbo mode

In principle, this function is based on the autoplay concept. This is because it is also a convenience feature. When the rollers normally rotate, they come to a standstill one after the other. However, only a moment elapses between the end of the rotation of the first and last roller.

This is precisely when turbo mode speeds up the gaming experience. If we press the button with the lightning bolt and color it yellow, the rollers come to a standstill more quickly. Shortly after we press the spin button, the game stops again and shows us new images on the reels.

Of course, we are allowed to use turbo mode and autoplay at the same time. You can't be faster anywhere else. Now it's just a case of leaning back and waiting.


What do we focus on when finding Age Of Discovery alternatives? Of course, the themes of water and seafaring are key. However, we also take a look at the developer Microgaming. At least the operation and design are similar there.

Aqua Lord

This machine is provided by Swintt. This is a new and therefore fresh slot game in which we can collect huge winnings in a bonus round. However, the return to player (RTP) is only 93.06%.

Barbary Coast

Betsoft presents this slot machine with a buccaneer theme. A realistic style is used. The payout rate here is 93%. The highlight is the many features in the game.

Party Island

When recommending another Microgaming slot, we didn't want to stay completely away from the topic of water. That's why we opted for the “Party Island”. This comes with only nine win lines, but with a win rate of 96.12%.

Play Age Of Discovery online – our conclusion

Although there are three special symbols in Age Of Discovery, there are no highly complex games. We therefore recommend the one-armed bandit to anyone who prefers a simple game design. However, you also have to forego free spins.

Highlights of the machine include the high maximum payout of 32,500 euros and the presence of a cash bonus. In general, we consider the Age Of Discovery slot machine to be an entertaining experience.

We believe that every slot machine fan should give this game a chance. But after a few hours you will have seen all the features and will probably move on to the next slot game. We have already presented alternatives for this. Finally, we summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the slot machine:

  • Bonus with cash prizes
  • Autoplay and turbo mode
  • Valuable scatter
  • No free spins
  • Autoplay without limits


Can I play Age Of Discovery for free?

Microgaming itself does not provide a demo of Age Of Discovery. However, if you register with the right online casino, you can try out the game. Otherwise you have the chance to use the demo on the Internet or from us.

Can Age Of Discovery also be played on the go?

Nowadays, there is no game developer who does not rely on mobility. In fact, more than 50% of slot games are played on the move. So it doesn't matter whether you're on your smartphone or tablet, whether you're using an iOS or Android device – it's possible to play on the go.

What are the limits for Age Of Discovery?

You have to deposit at least 0.25 euros per spin for this slot machine. The maximum total stake you can place is 125 euros. The win limit in the Age Of Discovery slot machine is 32,500 euros.

Is Age Of Discovery also available with the Megaways option?

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a Megaways version of Age Of Discovery. The game with its fixed 25 win lines is not designed for this. If you fancy Megaways, then choose another slot machine from your online casino's portfolio.

Can I play for real winnings at Age Of Discovery online casinos?

Of course, you can also play Age Of Discovery for real winnings. However, if you want to achieve real payouts, you also have to risk real losses. You have to register for this slot in a virtual casino and make a deposit. If you deposit real money, you play for real winnings.

Which manufacturer is behind Age Of Discovery?

Microgaming is the software developer responsible for the Age Of Discovery slot machine. The British have a very good reputation and have been on the market for many years.

What is the payout percentage in Age Of Discovery?

The payout ratio is also referred to as the return to player (RTP). This is the percentage that the game pays out to its players. Age Of Discovery comes with a win rate of 96.62%.

Which streamers play Age Of Discovery?

Of course, we can find streamers on YouTube who play Age Of Discovery. However, these are not the big influencers in the industry. But players like Jeff Grant or Walkyria66 enjoy this game.

Is Age Of Discovery a serious game?

Age of Discovery comes from the virtual pen of Microgaming, a reputable company from the UK. The developers have a license, so Age Of Discovery is independently audited. We can rule out fraud here. Now all you need is a reputable online casino.

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