Cosmic Voyager Slot Review

Rating: 92 %

Space is the theme of the Cosmic Voyager slot machine. Infinite expanses have been of interest to mankind not only since Star Wars and Star Trek. For centuries, mankind has looked up to the heavens and asked itself questions. We are looking for answers! However, we are only interested in the Cosmic Voyager slot. We want to find out how the machine works, which symbols stand out and what functions it has. We want to see whether the initial fun of this Thunderkick production can be maintained in the long term.

Michael Schmitz
Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
Last update: 22. May 2024


Name Cosmic Voyager
Provider Thunderkick
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,14 %
Paylines 10
Reels 5
Rows 3
Min bet 0,10
Max bet 100
Max win x5.000
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Cosmic Voyager: How it works!

First, let's take a look at the playing field of the Cosmic Voyager slot machine from provider Thunderkick. We really like the fact that the rollers are transparent. Because this gives us an insight into the universe beyond.

The playing field is set up with five reels. Each role shows three pictures. When a rotation is complete, we see 15 symbols standing at the same time when stationary. Incidentally, only ten win lines run from left to right.

By the way, the winning lines can be checked. There are small diamonds to the left and right of the symbols. If you hover over it with the mouse pointer, the game will show you the corresponding win line. However, the lines are also shown in the paytable.

There we also find the value of the symbols, which we will discuss in a moment. The round starts with the curved double arrow. You can set the stake in advance within a range of 0.10 to 100 euros.

Cosmic Voyager winning symbols

Symbolism is the foundation of a slot machine game. The values that ultimately determine the payout are linked to the images. We have taken a look at the symbols. Our description always assumes a basic stake of one euro.

  • Game logo (Wild & Scatter)
  • Mask
  • Star
  • Polygon
  • Cube
  • Pyramid
  • Yellow planet
  • Pink planet
  • Green planet
  • Blue Planet
  • Purple Planet

Game logo (Wild & Scatter)

Personally, we really like it when the Wild substitutes for every other symbol in a slot machine. There are often exceptions to this rule – not so in the Cosmic Voyager slot. However, this is also due to the fact that Wild and Scatter are one and the same symbol here. This is why the picture can trigger up to ten free games. We will come back to this later.

As a Wild, the logo with the inscription Cosmic Voyager can therefore complement and substitute for other symbols. In its role as a scatter, the picture pays out regardless of its position. The use is doubled with just one drilling. Four matches mean a payout of 20 euros. If there are five matches, the machine pays out 200 euros.


There's something alien about the mask. She has a golden design and blue eyes. A purple glow emanates from it. In this sense, it immediately stands out against the dark background of the space automaton. In addition, the mask grants a win with just two matches.

This is because two masks double the stake. With three masks you would already get ten euros. If you manage to match four symbols across the playing field in accordance with the rules, you win 50 euros. With a valid quintuple, we are talking about a payout worth 250 euros.


The star is surrounded by an almost heavenly glow. It shines in a positive sense and is immediately recognizable on the reels. Once again, this is a picture that results in a payback with just two matches. Here you get back exactly the original stake.

On the other hand, we enter the profit zone with three equals. This is because our stake is returned to our account multiplied by a factor of x5. With a quadruplet we even get 25 euros paid out. If we achieve five matches along one of ten win lines, the prize increases to 100 euros.


Some players may wonder what all these geometric shapes are doing in the Cosmic Voyager slot machine. But we have to describe the pictures somewhere, and we have limited ourselves to the most striking features.

The polygon also begins with a refund with two equals. However, players only get half of their original stake back. However, if you achieve three, four or five matches, a reward of 2.50, 12.50 or 30 euros awaits you. Higher stakes naturally also lead to higher winnings.


The cube is surrounded by a green veil, which makes it fit in well with the space ambience. Similar to the polygon, we get 50% of our stake back with two of a kind.

If, on the other hand, we line up three identical pictures from left to right according to the rules of the slot machine, our stake is doubled. Four of a kind ensure a tenfold payout. If we reach a five of a kind, we turn one euro stake into a profit of 25 euros.


Logically, the pyramid is the last of the high-paying symbols. It is the last picture that provides a refund (50%) with two matches.

If, on the other hand, we manage to get three valid matches in a row, we get our stake doubled again. The gradations between the symbols are flat. For a quarter we get ten times our stake. A quintuple earns 20 times as much.

Yellow planet

Now we come to the more well-known celestial bodies. The first planet in yellow is somewhat reminiscent of Saturn. Only the color is stronger here. What is also striking about the Cosmic Voyager slot machine is that from now on there is no payout for two of a kind.

If we link three planets of this type, starting on the first reel on the left, on one of ten lines, we are paid out 0.50 euros (with a stake of one euro). Four yellow planets earn us three euros. With five symbols of this type, we are happy to receive 15 euros as a payout.

Pink planet

Pink is really not a typical color for a planet. Of course, we have to defend the guys from developer studio Thunderkick here – because it's not about the laws of physics or logic. Players should be able to distinguish the symbols as well as possible. This goal was achieved with flying colors.

If the pink planet appears three times in accordance with the slot machine rules, players can look forward to a refund of 50% of the stake. With a valid treble, there is a payout of 2.50 euros. Five of a kind already pay out 12.50 euros.

Green planet

The green planet also sparkles unmistakably on the reels of the slot machine. The celestial bodies fit perfectly into the overall look of the slot. Once again, there is only a payout for three or more matches. Incidentally, this is identical for all planets.

Consequently, we also receive a payout from the planet in green that corresponds to half of our stake – with a stake of one euro, we receive 0.50 euros. If we see a four-in-hand on the pitch, we will be happy to double the stake. Five equals ten times our stake.

Blue Planet

Now that we've described the green planet, the blue counterpart can be done very quickly. The design differs only in nuances and, of course, in color. Blue and green are difficult to confuse here – especially against the black background. However, the values of both planets are exactly the same.

Nevertheless, we would like to recapitulate the counter values in brief. For example, the Cosmic Voyager slot awards a payout of €0.50, €2.00 or €10 for three, four or five blue planets. These values apply to a basic stake of one euro.

Purple Planet

This is the last planet in the solar system of the Cosmic Voyager slot machine. It is purple and cuts neither a better nor a worse figure than its two predecessors. By this we mean that it shows exactly the same values again.

On a positive note, we must mention that even with a small payout, we always get at least 50 percent of the stake back. If we reach four purple planets, we even double the capital invested. With five equals, we can increase our stake tenfold.

Features and special features

The symbols in the Cosmic Voyager slot may not look very spectacular. But they fit perfectly into the ambience and give the vending machine that certain something. Beyond that, however, it is the functions of a slot machine that provide long-lasting motivation.

That's why we also took the opportunity to take a closer look at the features and special features. As Cosmic Voyager only has one special symbol, the logo, the selection of functions is not particularly large. But the list is not small either. There are also special features that are not triggered by a picture.

  • Joker
  • Expanding symbols
  • Bonus round (free spins)
  • Symbol growth
  • Autoplay


Joker and Wild are terms that are used simultaneously in the course of a slot game. In this case, it is the logo with the inscription Cosmic Voyager. Let's just take the green planet as an example.

If this appears on reels one and two along a win line, this is not enough for a payout. Because according to the profit table, we need at least one triplet. However, the joker can help out here.

It would only have to appear in the right position on the third reel and we would be rewarded with a refund. It would be a win if another game came to a standstill on the fourth reel. The same applies to a green planet.

Jokers can not only extend win lines, but also start, expand or complete them.

Expanding symbols

If a stack of three identical pictures comes to a standstill on the first roller, another function is automatically triggered. Let's assume we are talking about three masks. Each additional mask on the playing field would now also extend over the entire roll.

If there are also masks on rollers two (top) and three (bottom), both rollers would be completely covered with the mask. We would have already achieved a decent payout. But there is one exception.

Because the expanding symbols do not appear without reason. Assume you have three masks at the front and only one more mask on the last roller. In this case, no payment would be made even after the extension. In this case, the machine does not trigger the feature.

Bonus round (free spins)

Once again, the logo, which also acts as Scatter and Wild, is the all-important factor. This is because the image must appear three or more times on the pitch. Otherwise the bonus game will not start. This is basically the execution of ten free games.

There are only a few rules to follow with regard to the free spins in Cosmic Voyager. For once, you are not allowed to adjust the bet during the spins. You have to make do with the bet level that was preset when the round was triggered.

There is also a chance to increase the number of free games. This is because the logos can still appear on the playing field during the free spins. Three more bonus symbols increase the number of free spins by another ten.

Symbol growth

This function is similar to the expanding symbols. However, the symbol growth only comes into effect during the free games. The difference is an advantage for the player. All you need here is an expanding symbol on the front reel and the function is triggered.

As a result, all of the same images expand on the next reels. Once again, however, this only applies if a distribution is made. Otherwise, the slot machine doesn't bother to animate the symbol growth.

When triggering, however, it is important that it is an image that appears in the game “as a stack”. This applies to the star, but not to the planets. Because only all medium and high-paying images from the Cosmic Voyager slot machine are stacked.


With autoplay, we as players can only set a few parameters. However, one of them is how many rounds the machine spins in a row without us having to lift a finger. Many slot games allow up to 100 automatic spins.

In our view, Thunderkick has even gone a little overboard in this respect. The list starts with a manageable amount of five Autospins. However, we can increase the range up to 5,000 revolutions per minute.

On the other hand, we would have been pleased if we had been able to set stop limits. At least you can set a check mark. Then the slot machine stops when we have won a feature. This is useful if we sometimes leave the room during auto rotations but don't want to miss the function.


It is very easy to find Cosmic Voyager alternatives. After all, the space theme has been in vogue for years. However, the slots differ quite significantly depending on the manufacturer and orientation. We have chosen three space machines, all of which go in a slightly different direction.

Planet Rocks

You can win 218 times your stake in this slot machine. In general, however, it is a space theme with a classic orientation. This is why various gemstones find their place on the playing field.

Space Traders

This is an unusual slot format, with three times three symbols. The characters and symbols are criss-crossed across the playing field. Somehow this game seems to tell its own story.


With Starquest, Big Time Gaming has created a Megaways slot with up to 117,649 lines. There are also expanding jokers and other special features to discover.

Play Cosmic Voyager online – our conclusion

Star Trek and Star Wars are right up your street, or you spend a lot of your nights looking at the stars anyway? If you still have a soft spot for slot machines, then you should definitely give the Cosmic Voyager slot a chance.

What we really like is the wide range of applications. We can start with as little as 0.10 euros, but we can also go all out with 100 euros. Beginners and high rollers alike should be able to identify with this.

  • Expanding symbols
  • Wide range of use
  • Autoplay up to 5,000 laps
  • In principle only 1 special symbol
  • No limits for autoplay


Can I play Cosmic Voyager for free?

Thunderkick provides a free demo of the slot. Anyone interested is therefore able to enjoy a free trial of Cosmic Voyager.

Can Cosmic Voyager also be played on the go?

All game developers place the highest priority on mobile gaming. This is because more than 50 % of access nowadays is from smartphones or tablets. This also applies to Cosmic Voyager, which runs on all systems known to us.

What are the limits for Cosmic Voyager?

We must stake at least 0.10 euros per round. The maximum we can risk is 100 euros. The maximum win is our stake multiplied by a factor of x5,000.

Is Cosmic Voyager also available with the Megaways option?

The Cosmic Voyager slot is only available in this one version. Consequently, there is no variant with Megaways.

Can I play for real winnings at Cosmic Voyager online casinos?

If you take the trouble to register at a real casino and make a deposit there, you can play Cosmic Voyager for real winnings. However, you should make sure in advance that the game is available in the respective casino.

Which manufacturer is behind Cosmic Voyager?

Thunderkick is registered as the developer and manufacturer of Cosmic Voyager. The game developer has launched other highlights such as Fruit Warp, Luchadora and Esqueleto Explosivo.

What is the payout percentage on Cosmic Voyager?

The payout ratio is often replaced by the win rate or return to player (RTP). This is the percentage of the stake that the Cosmic Voyager slot pays back to its customers. The average figure here is 96.14%.

Which streamers play Cosmic Voyager?

Among the better-known streamers, we have already seen Le Gratteur Fou, CasinoDaddy and Slot HunterZ play Cosmic Voyager. This means that slot machines are also popular with influencers.

Is Cosmic Voyager a serious game?

Thunderkick is a reputable gaming company with licenses in the UK, Malta (EU) and Romania. The online casinos also check the machines again separately. Cosmic Voyager is therefore reputable.

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