Adventure Palace Slot Review

Rating: 94 %

Even if the name of the Adventure Palace slot machine does not suggest it, it is an animal slot. An endless jungle seems to stretch out in the background, over which the sun is just rising. Of course, the design is part of a slot machine game. But for us, this Microgaming slot is all about counter values, winnings and features. We also look at the operation and examine the entire concept in detail. What also interests our readers is the question of which casinos Adventure Palace can be found in.

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Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
Last update: 21. May 2024


Name Adventure Palace
Provider Microgaming
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,10 %
Paylines 9
Reels 5
Rows 3
Min bet 0,09
Max bet 90
Max win x10.000
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Adventure Palace: How it works!

First of all, we recommend that every player takes a look at the paytable. This is because the symbols are named and assigned values there. There is also an explanation of the functions. Of course, we will also go into this in more detail.

The playing field looks a little small compared to the overall design. Nevertheless, we are dealing with five rollers. Each reel contains three symbols when stationary. Exactly nine win lines run from left to right across the playing field.

The return to player (RTP) is also of interest. This is the payout ratio. It describes the proportion of the stake that the slot machine pays out to its customers. The RTP is 96.1 %.

Before the first round is started over the curved arrow, the stake must be determined. Between 0.09 and 90 euros are allowed per spin. By the way, clicking on the lightning bolt activates turbo mode, i.e. the fast laps.

Adventure Palace winning symbols

In terms of symbolism, a veritable jungle parade of animals awaits us at the Adventure Palace slot machine. We explain the significance and function of the individual symbols.

  • Elephant (Wild)
  • House (Scatter)
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Peacock
  • Pair of birds
  • Cobra
  • A
  • K
  • Q
  • J
  • 10
  • 9

Elephant (Wild)

What is a game in a slot machine? In principle, it is just another term for the joker. This term is familiar to most players from a card game. It is therefore an image that can substitute for other symbols in the game. But what about the equivalent values?

The elephant is one of the few pictures that pay out a small prize with just two matches. Three matches grant more than twenty times the stake for payout. Four matches yield 200 times more and five identical images even yield a good 1,000 times more. Winnings involving the elephant count double!

House (Scatter)

With the Scatter, it doesn't matter where on the reels the symbol comes to a stop. Only the number of houses is of significance. Just two scatters result in a double. If there are three ties, the player receives five times his stake. The x20 and x50 factors take effect with four or five identical images.

However, the scatter has a special significance not only because of its payout, regardless of the positioning of the images. Because it also appears on the playing field as a free game symbol. If it appears three to five times, 15 free spins await you. The winnings in the Free Spins are tripled!


The tiger is the star among the normal symbols. It has the highest values. At the same time, the picture of the big cat hiding in the thicket is beautifully done. Incidentally, it is also a symbol that triggers a payout when two of a kind are found.

Or would we rather talk about a repayment? Because in this case we only get a third of the stake back. With three matches, it's not quite enough for a tripling. But with four and five tigers, we exceed the factors x11 and x75.


The monkey can also be recognized on the playing field. His picture shows him with a dark face and a white mane in close-up. Once again, two identical pictures are enough to achieve a refund. In this case, we get back just over a fifth.

Otherwise, the monkey has exactly the same values as the tiger. The two high-paying symbols have nothing in common here. The factors are absolutely identical for three, four or five of a kind – as the paytable shows.


The peacock is a beautiful animal. Hardly any other bird is so impressive to look at. The peacock also spins his wheel in the Adventure Palace slot machine. It also has colorful plumage. Despite this splendor, the value of the symbolism is now going downhill a little.

First of all, we would like to point out that there are no refunds for two matches. Three matches increase the payout by not quite x1.5. If we get four identical symbols together, the x11 factor applies (as with the tiger or monkey). A combination of five exceeds x40.

Pair of birds

Another impressive picture. It shows two birds with red heads stretching their beaks crosswise towards the sky. It is still the only picture that shows two animals in one shot. Two of a kind is not enough for a win or even a refund.

So we need three matches to get paid out a little more than our stake. If we validly combine four pairs of birds, we exceed the factor x8. With five pairs of birds in a row, the multiplier exceeds x27.


An image that teaches us to fear. The golden cobra stands out against the green foliage. With its dorsal shield and long, red tongue, the snake looks very menacing. Luckily, we don't have to be afraid. We can even make a profit with the Cobra.

With three and five equals, the cobra shows us the same values as the pair of birds. We are talking about a multiplier of a good x1 and x27. However, four matches then cause a downturn. There, the multiplier still exceeds x5.5.

Card symbol A

Let's briefly explain why these letters are used in the Adventure Palace slot. Our brain knows letters and can process them quickly. It is therefore easy to see on the playing field whether there is enough money to win.

The letters are entwined with tendrils. However, the counter values continue to fall. This does not apply to three and four of a kind for A, which corresponds to the ace in the card game. Because here the equivalent value matches the cobra. But with five matches, the factor is 13.8.

Card symbol K

In the card game, the K stands for the king. The letter theme in the slot machine game is based precisely on these card games. After the ace, the king is usually the hand with the highest counter value. We will therefore continue in this vein. With five or four equals, the values match the A.

Only a valid triple combination from left to right results in another downturn. We now only receive just over half of our investment back. The K is also decorated with tendrils.

Card symbol Q

In the card game, the letter Q is linked to the queen. While there are different queens in the card games, the meaningful letter is enough for us – again entwined with tendrils. Below, of course, we take another look at the counter values.

We still get more than 50 % of the stake back if we match three of a kind on the first three reels. We achieve not quite a tripling, with four matches. If there are five identical symbols, the factor x11 applies.

Card symbol J

We have one last letter in the program – the J. This is the equivalent of a jack. The design again shows the silver letter against a golden background, overgrown with green plants.

We don't need to explain much about the value. This is because the letter J comes with exactly the same counter values as the queen (letter Q) brings to the playing field. We are talking about factors of approx. x0.5, x3 and x11.

Card symbol 10

The number 10 joins the ranks of the two previous symbols. By this we don't just mean that it is silver lettering that appears against a golden background. The plant growth is also similar. However, the counter values are absolutely identical when compared with the letters Q and J.

Nevertheless, let's summarize the values of the 10 again. Because with a stake of 0.90 euros (one euro was not possible), there is a payout of 0.50 euros for three matches. If you recognize four of a kind, you will be paid 2.50 euros. For a quintuplet it is even 10 euros.

Card symbol 9

Microgaming has covered the entire range of letters. Item 9 therefore forms the conclusion. Polished to a high gloss, it basically shows us identical counter values to the 10, but there is one special feature that raises the number 9 above the other letters.

In contrast to A, K, Q, J and 10, the 9 is capable of repayment even with two matches. Although you only get 0.20 euros back for a stake of 0.90 euros – but still. Otherwise, we know the payouts: 0.50 euros (three matches), 2.50 euros (four matches) and 10 euros (five matches).

Features and special features

Now you know about the symbolism. It quickly became apparent that various symbols are linked to certain functions. We would like to take a closer look at these features and special features in the following section.

However, there are also features that are not linked to a picture from the Adventure Palace slot machine's paytable. We list the features below and then go into more detail.

  • Joker (doubling winnings)
  • Scatter
  • Free spins (triple winnings)
  • Autoplay
  • Turbo mode

Joker (doubling winnings)

You are probably familiar with the term joker from card games. This is a playing card that can replace other images. This is similar with a slot machine game. However, you may not freely place the joker, often referred to here as a wild. The symbol must be accepted where it comes to a standstill at the end of the rotation.

The elephant acts as a joker here. Nevertheless, it comes with a high equivalent value. Whether it forms a valid row of two or five, it ensures a win. This also applies in combination with other images. Two cobras and an elephant can ensure a payout.

In fact, a combination with an elephant is more profitable than without. Because the elephant doubles the winnings. If you would otherwise win 40 euros – for example with five peacocks – you would win 80 euros with four peacocks and an elephant.


The scatter is also known as a single symbol in a slot machine. There is a reason for this name. While other images have to appear in a row, i.e. along one of nine win lines, this is different for the scatter.

It is perfectly sufficient for the image to be seen on the playing field frequently enough. It takes two to five matches to achieve a payout. The picture itself shows the house in the jungle.

When a payout is made, the total stake is multiplied by the specified single win. However, this is by no means the only advantage. This is because the scatter is able to trigger the free game feature.

Free spins (triple winnings)

We have already learned how to double up with the Wild (Joker). The scatter goes one better with the free spins feature. But first things first. First of all, we need three to five scatters on the playing field to benefit from free spins at all.

If this goal is reached, the Adventure Palace slot machine gives us 15 free spins straight away. The slot game performs these spins with our last bet selection. The number of lines also remains constant.

What will increase is the payout. Because every win that occurs during the free spins is offset with the multiplier x3. If you had won 100 euros in the main game, you would have won 300 euros during the free games. In addition, free spins can even be retriggered.


A slot machine game is a nice treat. But over time, many players find it annoying to have to click the spin button again and again. Let's say you play 500 rounds in one hour. This figure is by no means too high. Then you would have to click 500 times in the manual game.

However, this orgy of clicks is completely unnecessary. Developer Microgaming has integrated autoplay into the Adventure Palace slot. This is a function that allows us to set a number of automatic rotations.

We have to choose at least ten car rounds. We can set a maximum of 100 turns. Click on “Start autoplay” to get started. We have the chance to stop the automatic rounds at any time. Unfortunately, we cannot define limits in this slot machine to achieve an automatic stop.

Turbo mode

For us personally, a slot machine is all about relaxation. If we also win money, all the better. If you want to play the Adventure Palace slot without wasting any time, you might be interested in speeding things up.

The developers have come up with something in this regard. There is a flash below the rotate button. If this is highlighted in white, you are playing in normal mode. With just one click, the flash turns golden and the turbo rounds start.

The game concept remains the same. However, the rollers now come to a standstill more quickly once the rotation is complete. This will allow you to do a few more turns per minute. The waiting time is shortened.


The Adventure Palace slot game has clear strengths. We like the design very much. So when we recommend alternatives, we at least want to present similar slots. Our main criteria are the developer Microgaming, the animal theme and the free spins feature. Can we find similar games to Adventure Palace? Of course! Here is our list:

Book of Oz

This literally magical slot machine is based on the well-known book theme. High total winnings, a great free spin feature and of course the respin of individual reels are features. The slot was also created by Microgaming.

Fortunes of Sparta

The manufacturer of this slot machine game is Blueprint. The game impresses with a payout ratio of 97.04%, which is well above average. However, the highlight is winning up to 100 free games with just one spin.

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

NetEnt has created one of the most impressive animal slots on the market. A win rate of 96.47%, random-based free games and an expansion of the lines to 1,024 are the strengths of the slot machine.

Adventure Palace online gaming – our conclusion

We think that anyone who loves slot machines should give the Adventure Palace slot a chance. Because the payout ratio of 96.1% is quite attractive. On top of that, the free spins feature is impressive.

The animal theme and the comic style also appeal to us. This makes it possible to watch the reels spin for hours. On the other hand, there are very practical reasons why the slot machine deserves a chance.

By this we mean doubling and tripling your profit. This is because, with the participation of the joker, we already receive double the actual equivalent value. During the free spins, the winnings are even tripled.

The autoplay and turbo mode also provide two convenience functions. Here we summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the Adventure Palace slot machine:

  • Double your winnings with Wild
  • Tripling winnings with Free Spins
  • Feature with 15 free games
  • Only 9 win lines
  • No individualization for autoplay


Can I play Adventure Palace for free?

The demo version of Adventure Palace from Microgaming can be found online. However, not every online casino has them on offer. Alternatively, you can play the game with real money and only bet the smallest possible amount.

Can Adventure Palace also be played on the go?

All modern slot machines are designed for mobility. Of course, you can also play the Adventure Palace slot machine on your tablet or smartphone. This is possible regardless of the operating system and device manufacturer.

What are the limits at Adventure Palace?

The betting limits are between 0.09 and 90 euros. The maximum amount that can be won is 900,000 euros.

Is Adventure Palace also available with the Megaways option?

Adventure Palace follows a more classic approach. There are nine lines on five reels. Each reel contains three symbols. It is therefore not a Megaways variant and one is not available.

Can I play for real winnings at Adventure Palace online casinos?

If you choose an online casino and make a deposit there, you can play for real winnings. However, you should find out in advance whether games from Microgaming, specifically the Adventure Palace slot, are available.

Which manufacturer is behind Adventure Palace?

Microgaming is responsible for the development of the Adventure Palace slot game. The company was founded in the UK in 1994.

What is the payout percentage at Adventure Palace?

The return to player (RTP), also known as the payout or win rate, quantifies the average percentage of the stake that is paid out to the customer. Adventure Palace has an RTP of 96.1%.

Which streamers play Adventure Palace?

Adventure Palace does not play a significant role among the major casino influencers. However, if you look around on YouTube, you will find various streamers who give the machine a fair chance. The game has its fans.

Is Adventure Palace a reputable game?

Adventure Palace comes from the British software developer Microgaming. The company has been in existence since 1994 and is licensed and regulated in the UK. Consequently, all slot machines from this company are also checked. This is why Adventure Palace is a reputable game, which is confirmed by our own experience with this machine.

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