Fruit Warp Slot Review

Rating: 88 %
The Fruit Warp slot machine has no real rows or win lines. Thunderkick is the developer in the background. This game is a line-up of floating fruit varieties. Payment is made depending on the frequency of the corresponding images. But of course there are similarities to classic slot machines. A specific number of identical symbols is required for us as a customer to benefit from a payout. We'll look at exactly how the concept works and what we should pay attention to in a moment.
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Name Fruit Warp
Provider Thunderkick
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 97 %
Paylines -
Reels -
Rows -
Min bet 0,10
Max bet 100
Max win x11.000
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Fruit Warp: How it works!

There are no typical reels in the Fruit Warp slot. Normally, a specific number of symbols would be found on one level. Lines then usually run from left to right. There is no sign of that here either.

The concept is simply based on the number of matches on the pitch. Payouts take place when three or more of a kind are visible. Bonus rounds are triggered, for example, when four or more matches can be seen.

The theme of the game is quickly described. Because once again it's a fruit slot. Many players appreciate these slot machines because they are easy to learn. As Fruit Warp has an individual design, it occupies a special position among fruit vending machines.

Before you start the first round, you should set the stake. To do this, click on the button with the casino chip in the footer or sidebar. Once you have made your selection, start the round with the curved double arrow.

Fruit Warp winning symbols

Normally, fruit slot machines are always somewhat identical. Because even the fruit rarely differs. However, we have now found an exception here. In the end, Fruit Warp presents us with a great combination of well-known and lesser-known fruits.

  • Dragon fruit
  • Horned melon
  • Babaco
  • Grapes
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Strawberry
  • Plum
  • Cherries

Dragon fruit

The dragon fruit is less well known in this country. In fact, it presents a wild look. It is red with green tips. Somehow the fruit looks more like the egg of a dragon. In general, however, it is by far the most valuable symbol on the slot machine.

We assess all counter values with a total stake of one euro. With three dragon fruits we already get our stake back. Four dragon fruits double the stake in the payout. With six fruits, we have increased the capital sixfold. If we reach nine equals, the factor x216 comes into effect!

Horned melon

The name says it all. It is an orange fruit surrounded by various horns on the outer skin. We like the design of the Fruit Warp slot machine. Because here we are not just served standard fruit.

However, the value is already decreasing noticeably. Three matches only result in a refund of 50% of the stake. With four equals, we turn one euro into 1.50 euros. If we achieve seven identical pictures, we are paid ten times as much. A maximum of nine matches results in a payout of 45x.


The babaco is green when unripe and turns yellow as it ripens. It has several wings and can be quickly identified on the pitch thanks to this characteristic. Incidentally, we are sure that Thunderkick chose these fruits because they are very different in appearance.

In terms of value, if we reach a treble, we still get 0.40 euros for one euro stake. Five of a kind earns us 2.40 euros. With seven matches, it's seven euros. Nine ties ensure a payout of 42 euros.


Now we are leaving the exotic area a little. Because grapes are also well known in Germany. The cute little tears come onto the pitch in purple. This also means that they cannot be confused on the pitch.

As with Babaco, three of a kind still pays 0.40 euros. If there are four matches, we get our stake back here. We double (five of a kind) or triple (six of a kind) our stake. The maximum factor of x36 comes into effect with nine grape symbols.


Logically, the banana is of course also a tropical fruit. However, the fruit has been very popular here in Germany for decades. Some still eat the banana green, others prefer yellow. We like it best in Fruit Warp slot machine in a large number.

Because we only get 0.20 or 0.80 euros for a triplet or quadruplet. Only after five bananas do we enter the winning zone with a doubling of our stake. Nevertheless, bananas can be worthwhile in this slot machine game. Nine matches yield 30 times the capital invested.


Another tropical fruit that has quickly gained popularity in our country. It is mostly round and stands out due to its orange coloring, which also gives it its name. In terms of counter values, it depreciates a little compared to the banana.

Because three of a kind still gives us 0.20 euros here. But four matches only refund 0.60 euros. If we manage to combine six identical pictures on the playing field, we can look forward to a payout of 2.40 euros. If there are nine of the same number, the credit swells to 27 euros.


The strawberry also grows very well here. It is small and red and impresses with its fruity sweetness. Here, too, we only receive a fifth of our original stake if three matches are made. For a stake of one euro, you get 0.20 euros back.

The strawberry has this in common with the previous fruits. But with a four of a kind, only 0.40 euros is paid out. Five matches finally reach the profit zone at 1.20 euros. At the top, with nine equals, it goes up to a sum of 24 euros.


The Fruit Warp slot remains incredibly sweet. Because now it's the plum's turn to be described. It's amazing how the slot game manages to focus entirely on fruit. However, the counter values continue to fall.

The plum only pays out a tenth of your original stake with a treble. If we reach four of a kind, we get 0.30 euros back. A nickel brings us back the stake. With nine matches, the top prize is 18 euros.


Cherries are the final symbol in many fruit slots. They often pay out with just two matches. This is not the case here. However, as we manage completely without win lines and identical pictures of three to nine entries lead to a win, we didn't expect this either.

If we get three of a kind, we get 0.10 euros back (with a basic stake of one euro). For a quintuplet, sextuplet or septuplet, the payout is one euro, two euros or three euros. Eight of a kind earns us five euros. Nine identical symbols ensure a payout of 15 euros.

Features and special features

We have already come across a few special features within the Fruit Warp slot game. This is primarily due to the lack of typical reels, rows and win lines. However, this is accompanied by fresh functions.

Of course, we have made it our business to pick out the special features. Conversely, we are missing special symbols such as the Wild or the Scatter. However, a little variety doesn't hurt. The following features are available:

  • Portal Respin
  • Fruit Mode
  • Warp meter
  • Dynamic multipliers
  • Autoplay

Portal Respin

There is no scatter and therefore no free spins. Nevertheless, we can still achieve re-spins in the Fruit Warp slot machine. In principle, it's quite simple. With just three matches, the machine gives us a win.

However, we need four identical ones for the portal respins. Now the following happens. All symbols that are not involved in the current winning combination are beamed away through a portal. New symbols appear.

The player is practically given a new spin as a gift. Further symbols can now be added to the winning combination. This may increase the payout. However, nobody will take the basic amount we have already won.

If you manage to collect just one more identical fruit on the playing field, the game continues directly in fruit mode.

Fruit Mode

In principle, there are different fruit modes. However, we have referred to the triggering as such as Fruit Mode. Further advantages are discussed below. But first, let's describe how the bonus starts in the first place.

Actually, we only need to add one to the portal respins. Instead of four equals, we need five matches. Nothing more is required. With five identical pictures, no matter where they come to a standstill on the playing field, we have already achieved a win.

In addition to this prize, there is now a special mode to discover. Certain symbols charge the warp meter. This is a fill level indicator. If specific limits are exceeded here, the player can look forward to further bonuses.

These bonuses include extra lives (more respins) or dynamic multipliers.

Warp meter

You may have already seen other slot machines where you can collect specific symbols. These then charge a display at the edge of the pitch. This is exactly how the Warp Meter works. We only need at least five matches on the pitch to charge up.

Once this goal has been achieved, we are confronted with various benefits. Initially, this increases the chance of even higher profits. In this section on the Warp Meter, we will at least describe the extra life.

This is because it creates an additional rotation. The special feature: the player does not have to risk a stake again. This fulfills the concept of a free game in other machines.

However, there is another warp meter advantage to discover with the multipliers.

Dynamic multipliers

We see certain milestones pop up on the warp meter. This applies in particular to dynamic multipliers. If you have achieved enough winnings, the multiplier increases by x1. We have already seen milestones with x6 and x9 on the warp meter.

What do these figures mean? Let's assume we have achieved a win that would have brought in 50 euros in the original game. With a multiplier of x6, the winnings immediately increase to 300 euros. We have therefore won an amount equivalent to six times the original payout.

The display on the warp meter runs from left to right. The number of symbols included in the win describes the progress on the Warp Meter. Each picture represents another item on the list.


Autoplay is actually a self-explanatory feature. This is the automatic rotation of the rollers. However, as the Fruit Warp slot machine doesn't actually have any reels, it's simply a case of rebuilding the symbols.

We are happy to explain the parameters to be set for autoplay depending on the slot game. Unfortunately, we were unable to set any limits in this specific example. Only the number of rounds to be executed automatically must be determined.

The lowest quantity is five automatic rounds. However, these are completed very quickly. Frequent players will therefore be pleased to hear that we can set a maximum of up to 5,000 rounds.

We do not want to conceal one advantage. Of course, we can pause autoplay at any time at the touch of a button.

Alternatives to Fruit Wrap

When we look at the Fruit Warp alternatives, we focus on the features that stand out. One is a fruit vending machine. Then again, there are no real rollers.

We are also talking about a Thunderkick slot machine here. When naming similar games to Fruit Warp, we focus primarily on the developer Thunderkick and the thematic orientation with the fruits.

Fruitoids – A win rate of 96.7% is not bad at all. What's more, we really don't find any 08/15 fruits in this slot machine. The makers at Yggdrasil have really put a lot of effort into the design.

Extra Juicy – Here too, an RTP of 96.5% is not without its merits. Pragmatic Play is responsible for this slot game. It combines the fruit with a diamond. The game is played on ten rows and with a high volatility.

Toki Time – This is a video slot that puts cute little creatures at the center of attention. Eleven win lines and the chance to win from both directions are probably the most exciting features here.

Conclusion: Play Fruit Warp online

First of all, we would like to recommend the Fruit Warp slot machine to every slot machine fan. Are you bored of fruit? Look at it anyway. The fact that Thunderkick has completely dispensed with lines and rows is an eye-catcher in itself.

We also like the fact that we only have to pay attention to the number of identical symbols. Where exactly these occur on the pitch is not important. During the bonus rounds, where we play for multipliers, the excitement increases.

This slot machine game is easy to understand. The functions are perfectly embedded. We have been enjoying this slot game for a long time. Finally, we would like to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the Fruit Warp slot.

  • Games for multipliers
  • Collect identical symbols
  • Win respins
  • No classic wild symbol
  • No classic scatter image


Can I play Fruit Warp for free?

Thunderkick provides a great demo version of the game. Some casinos also use this variant of the trial game. This gives customers the chance to experience the game without having to risk real money.

Can Fruit Warp also be played on the go?

All modern slot machines are designed for the mobile gaming experience. It no longer matters whether you use an Apple iPhone (iOS), a Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android) or other devices. The machines can always be started via the mobile browser.

What are the limits at Fruit Warp?

The minimum stake is just 0.10 euros. This is ideal for beginners or for players with a low budget. The maximum betting limit for high rollers can be raised to 100 euros. The maximum profit is a factor of x11,000.

Is Fruit Warp also available with the Megaways option?

Fruit Warp is a development from Thunderkick. However, there is only this one version of the game. As Fruit Warp manages without lines anyway, it would be difficult to link it as a Megaways variant.

Can I play for real winnings at Fruit Warp online casinos?

Of course, it is possible to play Fruit Warp for real winnings in an online casino. To do this, you need a valid customer account with a provider that offers this title from Thunderkick. If you make a deposit now, you will be playing for real money.

Which manufacturer is behind Fruit Warp?

Thunderkick is a game developer with its roots in Sweden. New slot games have been launched on the market since 2012. Although it is a small company, they supply the major casinos.

What is the payout percentage on Fruit Warp?

The payout ratio is also described as the return to player (RTP). It indicates the percentage of the stake that the game pays back to its players on average. At Fruit Warp we are talking about 97 %.

Which streamers play Fruit Warp?

Big names in the streaming community, such as Rex Borgersen and LetsGiveItASpin, have already tried their hand at the Fruit Warp slot machine. As the win rate in this game is relatively high, we understand that influencers value the title.

Is Fruit Warp a serious game?

Fruit Warp is a game from Thunderkick. The company was founded in Sweden and has been in existence since 2012. Partnerships have been formed with the big names in the casino industry. Of course, games such as Fruit Warp are also checked again by the casino sites themselves. The slot machine can therefore be rated as reputable.

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