Tiger Rush Slot Review

Rating: 100 %
Although the Tiger Rush slot machine belongs to the 'animals' category, it is actually only the tiger itself that appears on the reels. The playing field comes in the usual format. Brilliant images and exciting features await the interested customer. But what exactly can players look forward to? There are sticking and spreading jokers. There are also free spins and a bonus game in the slot. This in turn expands the playing field. In the course of our description of the Tiger Rush slot, we will explain which combination of symbols is required for the features.
Author & Responsibility: Gregor Ziegler
Last update by Stephan Weber on 12. March 2024


Name Tiger Rush
Provider Thunderkick
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,3 %
Paylines 5
Reels 3 (Hauptspiel) und 5 (Bonus-Runde)
Rows 10 (Hauptspiel) und 25 (Bonus-Runde)
Min bet 0,10
Max bet 100
Max win x1.750
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Tiger Rush: How it works!

The tiger can already be found in the name of the game. In fact, it can take several rounds before the striped fellow appears. As a special symbol, the big cat appears less frequently than most of the other images in the game. Nevertheless, we consider the one-armed bandit to be an animal slot.

The initial situation can be described quickly. This is because the player starts playing on a playing field with five reels, three rows and ten win lines. However, the number of rows increases to five within the bonus round or bonus game. The number of win lines is also increased to 25 in this case.

We generally recommend taking a look at the paytable before starting the actual game. Because the symbolism is explained there. Once the last doubts have been dispelled, start the round by clicking on the double arrow. This button is located at the bottom right of the footer.

Before starting, the user should define their stake using the button with the coin. You are allowed to bet sums between 0.10 and 100 euros. This makes Tiger Rush suitable for beginners and high rollers alike.

Tiger Rush winning symbols

The symbolism is the heart of a slot machine. This makes it all the more important to familiarize yourself with the images, their functions and their equivalent values. Below we name the symbols and then describe them in detail.

  • Tiger (Wild)
  • Logo (scatter)
  • Bird mural
  • Flower mural
  • Yellow stone
  • Green stone
  • Red stone
  • Blue stone
  • Purple stone

Tiger Wild

The tiger is the wild symbol. Another common name for beginners is the joker. Consequently, the tiger has the chance to substitute for other symbols, start or complete rows. However, there is one exception. This refers to the scatter, which cannot be replaced by the wild.

When the tiger appears in the center of the screen, two things happen at the same time. Once the tiger spreads over the entire roll. There will also be a free round. However, the joker remains in place. This increases your chances of winning in the next round.

Logo (scatter)

The logo is easy to describe. It shows the inscription Tiger Rush in the form of a neon sign. The lettering has a yellow frame. Compared to the rest of the symbolism, the image catches the eye. It is immediately recognizable. However, it can only be found on the first and last roller.

However, the scatter has no value of its own. This symbol is only used to unlock the bonus round or the bonus game. Either two Scatters have to appear or a Joker has to come to a standstill next to a Scatter.

Bird mural

In principle, the Tiger Rush slot machine has a rather simple design. But the murals lighten up the atmosphere a little. In this case, we see autumn leaves in the background and a silver bird in the foreground. Of the paying pictures, the greatest value can be seen here.

However, the picture must appear in a valid row of three for a payout to be made at all. Higher winnings are awarded if the bird appears four or even five times. Always observe the direction of the lines from left to right or vice versa.

Flower mural

The design of the mural with the flower also stands out. It shows the yellow flower in the foreground and other plants in the background. The color with which the mural is woven is purple. In terms of value, it is already no more than a third behind the bird mural.

Otherwise, however, the symbol behaves identically. It must appear at least within a combination of three. Otherwise the customer cannot expect any profit. In addition, matches must occur along the lines on the pitch.

Yellow stone

In principle, it is a gemstone. There are five of this type of symbol. The stones can be distinguished on the basis of two characteristic values. Visually, this is the color. In fact, the design is so striking that there is virtually no chance of confusion.

A second distinction can be made on the basis of the equivalent value. The yellow stone with the highest value clearly stands out. Here, too, we need three to five of a kind to achieve a payout – starting on the first reel on the far left or right.

Green stone

Depending on the design, the colors yellow and green can be similar. But in the Tiger Rush slot machine, manufacturer Thunderkick has chosen neon colors. It should be easy to distinguish between them even for people who cannot see very well. In terms of value, the green gemstone follows the yellow one.

What the stones all have in common is that they do not even pay out the stake placed as a win with a valid three-of-a-kind combination. Users are only in the profit zone if there are four or more matches. The highest payout is, of course, for five equals.

Red stone

Each stone also has a small print reminiscent of the jungle theme. Foliage is printed on the red gemstone. The stones can also be distinguished from one another at first glance on the basis of this feature and to a small extent on the basis of their shape.

Once again, there is a gradation in value. In general, however, several combinations can occur at the same time with the stones because they appear most frequently on the playing field. You need three, four or five matches along a winning line to receive a payout at all.

Blue stone

The blue stone has its decoration at the bottom left. Its shape is somewhat reminiscent of a triangle with rounded corners. The tip shines. But despite this brilliance, there is only one symbol on the playing field that is worth less than the blue gemstone.

In the event of a three-of-a-kind combination, the player still receives 40 percent of his stake as winnings. Even with a combination of four, the capital invested is no longer returned. All we can do is form several rows or aim for five of a kind.

Purple stone

This brings us to the end of the symbolism. There were exactly nine images to describe in Tiger Rush. The purple stone provides the finishing touch. It is rounded at the top and has its decorations on a large part of the surface, starting from the right-hand side.

The violet gemstone also sets the tone in terms of value. Because no other symbol has a lower value. However, such a consideration must always be put into perspective. For example, five purple stones are worth more than four yellow stones.

Features and special features

The Tiger Rush slot machine thrives on its symbols. But the real highlight is the special functions. Within a slot machine game, we are talking about features. The Joker and Scatter are typical.

However, this slot game from Thunderkick also has other highlights to offer. From our point of view, the free rounds stand out in particular. But let's not beat about the bush. The functions are listed below, followed by a description:

  • Joker
  • Free round(s)
  • Bonus rounds
  • Playing field extension
  • Autoplay
  • 2-Ways


The tiger itself appears as a joker. However, within the paytable we are talking more about a wild. However, the function is identical. This is because the tiger is able to replace all images in the game, with the exception of the scatter.

We would like to illustrate this with an example. Assume that the carpet with the bird appears on a line – but only on the first and third roll. No profit would be made in this way. If the wild takes over the position on the second reel, a valid combination is still created.

The tiger can expand when it appears in the middle of the roll or by chance. In this case, it covers three (normal game) or five positions (bonus rounds) of the reel.

Free round(s)

The key symbol is once again the tiger. Because the chance of the big cat spreading across the reels is relatively high. If the joker has expanded, two things can happen. Once there is a win. But in the second step, a free spin sets in.

This is a single round that the player does not have to pay for. The wild sticks to its position as an additional bonus. Better still, if another tiger appears, it will also expand. Further winnings can occur and there is another free spin.

The slot machine applies this principle until no more new tigers appear. As the tigers also act as wild cards, no winnings are possible in this phase of the game.

Bonus rounds

The scatter, i.e. the game logo, is the main symbol that triggers the bonus rounds. But what kind of bonus can we expect? At least five free spins are granted in a row. A higher number of free spins is possible if several combinations occur at the same time.

The two scatters that appear on reels one and five are originally responsible for triggering the free games. However, there are alternative combinations that activate the trigger. The free spins also start if a Wild and a Scatter come to a standstill next to each other.

This makes it possible to achieve multiple combinations. For example, two scatters and a wild could appear next to a scatter at the same time, which positively influences the number of free spins on the Tiger Rush slot.

Playing field extension

In principle, this feature belongs together with the bonus rounds. Because in this case we don't just get free spins. The playing field expands on reels two to four and one position up and one position down.

Whereas there were previously only ten win lines to play on, the field has now been expanded to 25 lines. The advantage is even greater. This is because if a tiger appears during the bonus round, it also spreads across all five fields of a reel.

The expansion of the reels lasts as long as the bonus rounds. After five, ten or 15 free spins, the playing field returns to its normal format and the number of win lines is reduced to ten. However, Tiger Rush displays the winnings achieved in advance.


There are plenty of players who prefer to press the spin button manually. However, over time it becomes tiring to always have your hand on the mouse or your finger on the button. In this respect, the developers have recently come to their senses and invented autoplay.

This is an additional button located to the left of the button for the rotations. It also shows a double arrow. However, the play symbol is located in the middle. After clicking on it, we can set the parameters.

Initially, we can choose between five and 5,000 automatic rounds. We can also determine whether the reels come to a standstill when a feature is triggered during autoplay. In any case, the motto in this mode is: sit back and watch.


The majority of slot machines pay out their winnings when symbols start on the left-hand side of the playing field and expand from there to the right. This also applies to the Tiger Rush slot. However, the Thunderkick machine is a 2-way slot.

In this case, pictures may also start on the first reel on the far right and spread to the left along the valid lines. In this case, the greatest advantage is achieved with a combination of five, which is then scored starting from the left and right.

Those who are not used to this type of profit calculation need not worry. This is because the slot machine shows the symbols involved in the combination in a light color and grays out the other images.

Alternatives to Tiger Rush

Tiger Rush is a great slot game. However, many users quickly lose interest if they are not offered a little variety. We have therefore selected three Tiger Rush alternatives.

Feline Fury – From the big cat, the tiger, to the ordinary cat. Ordinary? Not quite! Because the cats in this slot machine game are dressed up as monks, knights, pirates and merchants. Feline Fury is therefore a fantasy cat slot machine.

Cash Camel – If you're looking for a fun animal slot, we recommend Cash Camel as an adventure. The camel on one side and the cactus on the other flank the playing field. There are rows and rows of rather exotic animals here.

Crystal Burst XXL – Why do we recommend this machine? Because he has one thing in common with Tiger Rush. This is because both slots pay out from left to right and from right to left. Otherwise, this is a classic fruit slot.

Conclusion: Play Tiger Rush online

At first glance, Tiger Rush seems really inconspicuous. But appearances are deceptive. In addition to the classic jokers, there are also two ways to win free spins. If the wild expands, at least one free spin is automatically awarded. Then there are the bonus rounds, which are triggered by the Scatter or a combination of Wild and Scatter.

Thunderkick has focused on the overview in the design. The maximum win that can be achieved is a multiplier of x1,750. Other highlights include winnings in both directions and the expansion of the playing field from three to five rows. Below we summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the Tiger Rush slot machine.

  • Profits pay out in both directions (left -> right and right -> left)
  • Tiger regularly spreads across the entire reel as a joker
  • Bonus rounds are triggered by the Scatter or by a Scatter/Wild combo
  • The design of the slot machine game is rather simple
  • The neon design of the colored stones is too eye-catching for some players

FAQ about Tiger Rush from Thunderkick

Can I play Tiger Rush for free?

Of course you can start the Tiger Rush demo. There are no costs involved. However, if a profit is made, the credit will also only be in the form of play money.

Can Tiger Rush be played on the go?

All of Thunderkick's modern games are 100 percent mobile-compatible. As a result, the Tiger Rush slot can be played on a smartphone or tablet.

What are the limits at Tiger Rush?

The minimum bet for a round of Tiger Rush is 0.10 euros. Depending on the casino, high rollers can wager up to 100 euros. The maximum win multiplies the stake by a factor of x1,750.

Is Tiger Rush also available with the Megaways option?

No, the Megaways option is not provided. However, the bonus rounds can be activated during the game. The playing field expands from ten to 25 win lines.

Can I play for real winnings at Tiger Rush online casinos?

If you are registered as a player at an online casino with real money stakes, nothing stands in the way of making a deposit. Then choose Tiger Rush from the portfolio and you're ready to go.

Which manufacturer is behind Tiger Rush?

Thunderkick is the development team behind Tiger Rush. However, the design itself is considered minimalist in this case. The functions make up for it.

What is the payout percentage on Tiger Rush?

The return to player (RTP) is 96.3 percent. This means that an average of 96.3 euros of every 100 euros staked is paid out again. However, various players have to incur losses so that others can win.

Which streamers play Tiger Rush?

In fact, off the top of our heads, we can't think of a casino streamer where Tiger Rush is an absolute favorite. However, we have already seen various influencers launch the animal slot – including CasinoDaddy.

Is Tiger Rush a serious game?

The company Thunderkick AB is registered and licensed in Great Britain and Malta. The games must also undergo strict testing regulations in this respect. For this reason, we definitely consider the Tiger Rush slot machine to be reputable.

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