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Sehr gerne sind wir in Ezugi Online Casinos unterwegs. Denn Spielautomaten gibt es meist in Hülle und Fülle. Doch bei den Tisch- und Live-Spielen sieht es mitunter anders aus. Genau hier springt die Software-Schmiede Ezugi mit Bravour in die Bresche. Kaum ein anderer Entwickler tut sich mit Roulette, Blackjack und Co. hervor. Und dies ist nur die Spitze des Eisbergs an Table Games. Nachfolgend schauen wir auf die besten Ezugi Casinos. Anschließend gehen wir auf die Spielauswahl ein.

Last update: 2. November 2022
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Best Ezugi Casinos 2022

Up to 20% cashback per day
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/ 10
Very good
Cryptocurrencies (10)
Bets.io review
45 % Cashback + 30 Free Spins
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Very good
Cryptocurrencies (12)
JustBit review
130% up to 1 BTC + 300 free spins
Welcome bonus special
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Very good
Cryptocurrencies (6)
Wildcoins review
Up to 450% + 140 free spins
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Very good
Cryptocurrencies (26)
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Fairspin review
Welcome Package
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Cryptocurrencies (12)
TrueFlip review
Up to C$750 + 100 FS
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Very good
Cryptocurrencies (8)
  • usd-coin
RollingSlots review
20% Cashback on Monday
Monday Cashback
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Cryptocurrencies (7)
Coinslotty review
500USD + 200 Free Spins
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Cryptocurrencies (8)
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PlayZilla review
300% up to €1000 + 300 free spins
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Cryptocurrencies (6)
NeedForSpin review
300€ + 150 Free Spins
300 Euro welcome bonus
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Playamo review

Top 3 Ezugi Casinos *

The availability of payment methods, the volume and convertibility of the bonus and, of course, a great selection of games that should unite the best Ezugi online casinos. We have made a selection.

Bets.io – At our test winner Bets.io, over 30 different live casino games from the provider Ezugi are waiting for you. In addition to that, you also have a great game selection of table and card games as well as slots. We were also impressed by the bonus and the security at the casino.

Justbit – Justbit is a very futuristic, modern casino that offers an attractive cashback bonus for your deposits. Here you can also choose from over 12 cryptocurrencies when making your deposit.

Wildcoins – At Wildcoins cryptocasino, there is an exclsuive welcome bonus for you for signing up through Kryptocasinos.com. We would like to positively emphasize the private security settings that are available to you. This way you can set up various limits without contacting support.


First of all, we would like to refer to our test criteria. Finally, our editorial team needs a standard on the basis of which we can evaluate casino sites. This certainly includes the selection of games. This refers to the slot machines, but likewise to the table games. The method of making a payment, as well as the duration of the payment, are also part of our investigation. Furthermore, cryptocasino experts form an opinion about the bonus and customer service. Finally, it is important to look at the security and reliability of the provider, as well as the mobile availability of the games.

Ezugi Live game selection

For most software forges, we start with the slot machines. But Ezugi has decided to put its focus on table games. So we proceed in the same way in the presentation of the games. We start with roulette and blackjack and work our way to baccarat, poker, sic bo and keno. Even lotto games are regularly found in the portfolio of Ezugi Casinos.

Live roulette

Roulette is the most important for many casino players. Tension is created during the rotation. And the joy is great when the ball hits the right number in the kettle. Many players do not even know at the beginning that there are various roulette variants in online casinos. Some Ezugi Roulette games we present.

Car roulette

Here there can be no complaints to the croupier. Because this one is more responsible for the monitoring and the social. The ball automatically rolls into the boiler. At best, of course, this happens only after the player has placed his bets. The game is available on desktop PC and mobile. Customers can tip the croupier. However, this should not be overdone. The number of possible players is unlimited in this roulette variant. Consequently, the table is never full. Otherwise, the typical inside and outside bets are available.

The Return to Player (RTP) for this casino game is 97.3 percent.

Ott Roulette

We, too, had to look into the rules first when playing this roulette game. At least not every provider has Ott Roulette in their program. However, with Ezugi online casinos, the chance is great. Once again, this is a variant set in a real casino. Therefore, customers can experience the real ambience. Again, inside and outside bets are ready. The presentation is unparalleled. Streaming takes place from various casino locations around the world. So if you start Ott Roulette several times, you will sometimes see a different ambience. Land-based and online players participate simultaneously without any communication.

Once again, this is a European roulette variant with a payout rate of 97.3 percent.

Jackpot Roulette

The name alone sounds extremely promising. After all, who doesn’t like to play for the jackpot at the casino? Then this chance exists even in our favorite game – roulette. And the perfect combination is created – Jackpot Roulette. Streaming is done from the studio in Bucharest. This is a variant of Multiview Speed Roulette. A side bet of $2.20 takes place on each spin. This sum contributes to the progressive jackpot. This continues to grow until a player wins it at random. Live chat is enabled in this game.

Once again, the win rate was 97.3 percentage points.

Ezugi Live Roulette

Lastly, let’s talk about the classic roulette game. This is often offered in various language editions in Ezugi casinos. This gives the impression that an enormous number of games from the manufacturer are available. The broadcast will be transmitted from the flagship studio in Romania. Like the other roulette games, this is the European variant with 37 slots. Below that is a green zero. When placing bets, inside and outside bets are available, as well as the French betting forms (rows, neighbors of zero and orphans). The betting limits can be adjusted by the respective casino itself.

Again, the RTP is 97.3 percent.

Live Blackjack

After taking a closer look at the kettle and ball game, we are happy to continue with live blackjack. Just like roulette, it is indeed a game of chance. But knowledge of the card game allows strategies and increases the chance of winning. Let’s see what variants Ezugi has in the program.

Hybrid Blackjack

All the advantages of classic blackjack are also evident in this type of game. The table is not limited in the number of players. As a result, there is always a free seat at the table. The other aspects are sort of taken from standard blackjack. What brings a lot of joy is the live chat feature. This gives customers the feeling of being right in the middle of things instead of just being there. Of course, the game holds a license, namely from the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. The betting and payout options remain the same as in classic blackjack. Tempting side bets round out the offer.

Since Hybrid Blackjack is modeled after the standard variant, the maximum return to player is also 99.5 percent.

Unlimited Blackjack

Together with Hybrid Blackjack, the Unlimited variant shares an advantage. This is the fact that the amount of players at the table is not limited. While at a normal blackjack table, also so that the card dealer is not overwhelmed, only seven people can be seated, there is no barrier here. However, the evaluation for the online players also takes over the program. To increase the game speed, the auto-split feature is automatically activated. This game is also accessible on mobile and desktop PC. Once again we get to reward the dealer with a tip for his work.

For the main bets, the payout ratio at Unlimited Blackjack is 99.5 percent.

Ezugi Live Blackjack

We could also talk about classic or standard blackjack. This is the “normal” version for up to seven players. However, the popular side bets are already included here. This includes, for example, the tip on 21+3. However, there is only an RTP of 93.71 percent for this. If you play the “Perfect Pairs” as a side bet, you will enjoy a winning rate of 95.9 percent. The game is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The odds of the side bets are clearly listed.

During the typical game in Ezugi live blackjack, the payout rate is again 99.5 percent.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a form of gambling similar to blackjack. Nevertheless, there is a significant difference. The cards count differently. And we do not play on the number 21, but only on the nine. This creates a more dynamic gaming experience. Once again, Ezugi Casinos come up trumps with different variants of the game.

Baccarat No Commission

Customers are allowed to run Baccarat No Commission from anywhere in the world. This involves competing against real opponents from around the world. Highrollers appreciate this game. Ezugi provides comprehensive statistics. These can be accessed on the desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. Because on these devices you can run the baccarat game form. The number of players is unlimited. Numerous side bets are available. Social tools round out the offering. Ezugi also describes the game as very popular with Asian players. However, with this the developer mainly addresses the origin of the baccarat.

This Baccarat variant comes with an exceedingly strong payout ratio worth 98.76 percent.

Baccarat Ott

There was already an Ott version of roulette. This game type enhances the classic baccarat experience. The highlight of this game is quickly explained. Because it is streamed directly from the real casino. So while the online customer is placing his bets, in real life, somewhere else in the world, people are taking their seats at that casino table. The transmission takes place in razor-sharp HD. This game can also be run on the computer or via a mobile devise. The number of players is not subject to any limit. Side bets are available, but their RTP does not reach the main game.

This is because Baccarat Ott has a payout ratio of up to 98.94 percent in the standard variant. The side bets reach a maximum return to player of 95.65 percentage points.

Knockout Baccarat

This type of game sounds almost dangerous. But no one is knocked out here. Rather, there are new and fresh betting options here that once again enhance the classic gaming experience. At the same time, Ezugi Online Casino presents fixed odds. This makes the game an experience even for beginners. The cash drop from the knockout bets is higher than the typical side bets. Statistics, social interactions and of course the possibility to tip the dealer are available.

Finally, we look at the payout ratio. This is again at a maximum of 98.94 percent. The side bets again reach 95.65 percent.

Baccarat Super 6

Often game forms differ only in small details. In this case, however, a significant change can be seen from our point of view. This is a change in disbursements. Admittedly, this also has an impact on the win rate. We’ll get to that later. Generally, the Super 6, which is addressed in the title of the game, is a side bet. The Super 6 comes with a winning chance of 12:1, which also directly affects the winning amount. The game is played in HTML5. Other side bets are available. And the studio is directly decorated in Asian style.

The payout ratio is a maximum of 98.76 percentage points. For the banker, it is 98.94 percent. And the eponymous Super 6 buys its in theory high winnings with a low RTP of 70.02 percent.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus

The dragon has a high value in Asia. And here it gets entry into a baccarat version of Ezugi. The software company sells this game as a premium game variant. In general, it is a standard baccarat. But in addition, there is an optional player and banker side bet. This wins if the hand being bet on reaches a higher natural score. The higher the spread between the winning and losing hands, the higher the payout. The cash drop is higher than in other baccarat side bets. Generally, the betting options are thus more diverse than in other games of this type.

The payout percentage for the Baccarat Dragon Bonus is 96.45 percent.

Live Casino Hold’em

In poker, there are also different forms of the game. These sometimes determine how the cards are distributed. We will go over two poker games that are mostly found in Ezugi casinos.

Ezugi Casino Hold’em

In fact, this is the most commonly played poker game in live casinos. This is a house bank game. Accordingly, unlimited poker players may participate. Different game options provide variety. Experienced dealers accompany the gaming experience and are sometimes even available for interaction. In addition to the typical rules of Casino Hold’em, there is also an optional bonus bet.

For the ante bet, the odds key at Ezugi Casino Hold’em is 97.84 percent. The bonus bet still comes to 93.74 percentage points.

3 Card Poker

Here the variant differs in comparison to Texas Hold’em. For five community cards are not available. The dealer and the player each draw three cards from their hands. Compared to the normal poker game, the values of the hand differ a little. Because with only three cards, a straight is harder to make than a flush. Usually there is then the mini royal. It takes the ace, king and queen each in hearts.

The 3 Cards Poker from Ezugi comes with a return to player of 96.63 percent.

Live keno

Ezugi describes itself as a leading provider of live keno. They are certainly not wrong with that. The numbers game is broadcast from the studio in Latvia. The first highlight is already the impeccable user interface, which leaves a very high-quality impression. Once again, the number of players is unlimited. When we place our bet, the odds and the possible payout are clearly displayed. Great! A professional dealer draws the numbers live. This ensures that the gaming experience always remains fair.

Live Keno delights the player with an RTP worth 96.34 percent.

Sic Bo

If we describe Keno as a typical numbers game, Sic Bo is a dice game. Three dice are used, which show the values from one to six. In a sense, the player makes bets on the eyes of the dice in this game. You can bet on the result of one to three dice, as well as on the total sum. Different bets can be viewed directly at the table and placed with one click. Experienced dealers support the customer in his decision.

The Ezugi Sic Bo comes with a win rate of 97.22 percent.

Ezugi Lotto

Ezugi also offers lottery solutions. As an example, we would like to mention a draw of six out of 49 numbers. For us German players, the concept is familiar. Because the classic lotto in Germany is also called 6 out of 49. But while we have to wait for Saturday or Wednesday for the usual lotto draw, Ezugi Casino holds a draw every three minutes. Besides the typical number bet, other side bets can be placed. These include tips on colors or on the total amount.

The total payout on the Ezugi Lotto is a high 99.41 percent.

More Ezugi games

A few more games from Ezugi we want to talk about in fast forward.

  • Andar Bahar: The game of Indian origin is broadcast from Romania. The player bets on the higher card of two stacks (RTP: 94.85 percent)
  • Lucky 7: Here the player must guess whether the next card is under, over or exactly 7. Side bets can be placed on even/odd (Max. RTP: 96.92 percent).
  • 32 Card: Another Indian game. There are four starting hands. And the player has to predict the winning hand (RTP: maximum 93.99 percentage points).
  • Teen Patti: Influenced by poker, this game is played with three cards each (dealer and player). In Ezugi online casinos it is mostly listed under “Poker” (RTP: 96.63 percent).
  • Dragon Tiger: This is a subtype of Baccarat, but it involves betting on the winning hand (Max. RTP: 96.27 percent).
  • Bet on Numbers: Customers are allowed to bet on 36 different number combinations. It is otherwise a game of the “Lotto” genre (Max. RTP: 95 percent).

Bonus at Ezugi Casinos

Of course, a new customer bonus is available at almost all Ezugi casinos. Often there are even bonuses for existing customers on top. For the welcome, the starter bonus could be 100% up to 400 euros. This would double any deposit up to the amount of 400 euros. However, this means that the capital and the bonus are bound by rules. This set of rules concerns the implementation and therefore also the permitted use. Which brings us to the crux of the matter.

Often the redemption of the welcome bonus is provided for slot machines. However, Ezugi offers live games almost exclusively. Therefore, it would need an online casino that allows the conversion at least on a percentage basis in the live casino. And that narrows down the choice. But it also works the other way around. The bonus is used in the slots and the resulting winnings can then be used in the Ezugi games.

Mobile playability

First of all, mobile playability is guaranteed. However, according to our impression, the games do not all run on the same basis yet. Some titles are designed for desktop and Flash output. Others are additionally available on mobile devices and then also run under HTML5. Here, however, the casinos themselves usually already make a preselection. Because, of course, not all Ezugi casino games have to be included in the portfolio. We ourselves did not have any problems playing on iOS (Apple) and Android (Google).

Ezugi alternatives

Of course, there are plenty of alternatives to Ezugi Casino. Whereby a casino on the Internet today anyway works together with various software partners. We introduce some developers and state why we recommend them as an alternative to Ezugi.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is the benchmark when it comes to live casino – probably even more so than Ezugi. Therefore, the studio is very good alternative. Especially since Evolution Gaming still occupies a division that Ezugi has largely left out so far. By that we mean the game shows. Titles like Deal or No Deal or Crazy Time are a perfect example of this. Anyone who has been active in a number of online casinos has probably already tried games from the Evolution Gaming brand.


Habanero is suitable as an alternative to Ezugi because it fills a gap. Namely, while Ezugi focuses on live games, Habanero has a wide range of slots. These include Bomb Runner, Disco Beats, Space Goone or Golden Unicorn Deluxe, among others. Besides over 130 slot machines, the developers still come up with 13 table games and ten versions of video poker.


It was formally our intention to introduce Spinomenal, a smaller provider of casino products. After all, if you only ever go for the well-known titles, you unconsciously limit your experience in the virtual casino. With Age of Pirates, Demi Gods IV, Majestic King or Wacky Monkey, there are many slot games available. More often lately, tournaments are even organized, which even enhances Ezugi online casinos when both developers are represented there.

Ezugi AB – The company

Of course, we have shortly dealt with the company Ezugi AB. The result can be seen in the following profile.

Firmenname Ezugi
Firmensitz Tel Aviv; Geschäftsstellen u. a. in Lettland und Rumänien
Gründungsjahr 2012
Gründer Kfir Kugler
CEO Kfir Kugler
Kundenservice [email protected]
Mitarbeiter 300+
Umsatz 60 Millionen US-Dollar
Website Home

Ezugi online casinos – Our conclusion

Ezugi online casinos are a good choice for all players who like to try different live games. At the beginning, we presented different providers. Live Casino have another advantage. They often come with a very high return to player. Consequently, customers are happy to receive a regular payout – as long as volatility is low. This can sometimes be determined by the type of bet itself.

Frequently asked questions and answers about casinos with Ezugi games

Welches ist das beste Ezugi Casino?

Casino-Anbieter ändern ihr Programm regelmäßig. Dies betrifft die Auswahl an Spielen oder den Bonus. Daher können wir bei der Wahl des besten Ezugi Casinos lediglich auf unsere Liste zum Start dieses Artikels verweisen. Dort aktualisieren wir die besten Internet-Spielcasinos mit Ezugi Portfolio regelmäßig.

Was ist das Besondere an Ezugi?

Ezugi hat sich spezialisiert. In der Hauptsache bietet die Software-Schmiede Live-Games an. Dazu zählen Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Keno und Poker. Obendrein gibt es Lottospiele im Ezugi Casino zu entdecken.

Kann man Ezugi Spiele kostenlos testen?

Auf der Ezugi Homepage gibt es die Möglichkeit, nach einer Registrierung, den Demo-Modus zu nutzen. Viele Online-Casinos haben dieses Feature für ihre Live-Spiele jedoch nicht implementiert. Dort steht das Probespiel oftmals nur für die Automaten bereit.

Sind die Ezugi Spiele sicher?

Ezugi Spiele sind auf Basis von Flash oder HMTL5 programmiert. Ezugi Casinos wiederum kommen mit modernen Verschlüsselungstechnologien daher. Gleiches gilt für die dort verfügbaren Zahlungsdienste. Damit sind die Gelder im Casino und natürlich ebenso die Ezugi Spiele sicher.

How long has Ezugi been around?

Ezugi was founded back in 2012. The provider has its origins in Tel Aviv (Israel). Today, however, there are already studios in Latvia, Romania and other locations.

Gibt es auch Ezugi Bonusse ohne Einzahlung?

Dies ist vom Online-Casino abhängig. Allerdings ist ein Bonus ohne Einzahlung ohnehin schon schwer zu finden. Um den sogenannten No Deposit Bonus für Ezugi Spiele nutzen zu können, braucht es dann obendrein noch die Erlaubnis der Verwendung des Kapitals auf Live-Titel.

Wie vielfältig ist das Spielangebot im Ezugi Casino?

Ezugi trumpft nicht mit hunderten von Automatenspielen auf. Vielmehr legen die Entwickler ihren Fokus auf Live-Spiele. Doch an Vielfalt fehlt es nicht. Denn mit Blackjack und Roulette, sowie mit Keno, Lotto, Poker und Sic Bo sind unterschiedliche Spielgattungen vertreten.

Wer steckt hinter Ezugi?

Kfir Kugler ist Gründer und CEO von Ezugi. Er hat das Unternehmen aufgebaut. Heute arbeiten dort mehr als 300 Personen. Der Umsatz von 60 Millionen US-Dollar wurde bereits überschritten.

Lassen sich die Spiele von Ezugi auch mobil spielen?

Die mobile Spielbarkeit der Games ist gewährleistet. Allerdings ist es vom Spiel abhängig, ob dieses in Flash oder als HTML5 zur Verfügung steht. Letzteres ist der modernere Standard, der sich auch bei Ezugi inzwischen fast vollständig durchgesetzt hat.

Haben Ezugi Casinos eine gültige Lizenz?

Ohne gültige Lizenz schenken die Kunden dem Casino kein Vertrauen. Auch Ezugi Online-Casinos bemühen sich daher um eine Konzession zum Betrieb ihrer Spiele. Häufig findet die Lizenzierung auf Malta oder Gibraltar – also innerhalb der EU – statt.

Welches Ezugi Spiel bietet eine besonders hohe Auszahlungsquote?

Bei der Auszahlungsquote stehen die Blackjack-Spiele an der Spitze. Maximal lässt sich dort ein Return to Player in Höhe von 99,5 Prozent erzielen.