Stablecoins’ Role in Predicting Bitcoin Trends: A Focus on USDT

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The Role of Stablecoins in Bitcoin’s Next Step

Bitcoin has surpassed the $43,000 mark, strengthening confidence in the market. A key indicator for Bitcoin’s future development is the flows of stablecoins. But what exactly do these flows mean and how can they help us understand Bitcoin’s next moves?

Stablecoin Flows as an Indicator of Accumulation

A decline in Bitcoin and Ethereum on centralized exchanges indicates accumulation. This means that investors are taking their cryptocurrencies into self-custody and reducing the risk of sales. This trend has been observed since March 2023 and has slowed down in early December when the Bitcoin price rose to $44,000.

In the meantime, the reserves of the stablecoin Tether (USDT) on the exchanges have increased. An increase in Tether reserves is a sign of investor confidence. They are willing to risk their stablecoin capital for altcoins and could thereby increase the prices of assets on the market.

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The Importance of the USDT Dominance Chart

The USDT dominance is a measure of the market capitalization of USDT in relation to the total crypto market capitalization. A decrease in USDT dominance would coincide with an increase in the market. In the second half of January, USDT dominance rose sharply as prices fell. This suggested that investors were fleeing to the stablecoin amidst market uncertainty.

However, if USDT dominance falls below the 5.88% mark, this could indicate that the market is ready to rise again. With the renewed rise in the Bitcoin price above the $43,000 mark, this could lead to an increase in Bitcoin and various sectors in the altcoin market.


The movements of stablecoins can give us important clues about the future development of Bitcoin. A decrease in USDT dominance could indicate an impending rise in the market. However, it is important to closely monitor developments in the market and make informed decisions.

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