Sweet Bonanza Slot Review

Rating: 90 %

In principle, Sweet Bonanza is a modern fruit slot. This is because the slot machine likes to make use of fruit symbols. However, there are also special symbols that enhance the gaming experience immensely.

We highlight the multiplier symbol, which can increase the win by a factor of up to x100. There is also a lollipop scatter that pays out in any position.

However, probably the biggest highlight when playing Sweet Bonanza is the tumble feature, where multiple winnings can occur in just one round.

Author & Responsibility: Julia Beyer
Last update by Gregor Ziegler on 27. May 2024


Name Sweet Bonanza
Theme Fruits
Provider Pragmatic Play
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,51 %
Paylines -
Reels 6
Rows 5
Min bet 0,20
Max bet 125
Max win 21.175 x
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Sweet Bonanza: How it works!

Once you have opened the game, we always recommend going to the paytable. To do this, click on the small i icon in the footer. You have now reached the place where the symbolism is listed and the rules are described.

Once you have an initial overview, you need to familiarize yourself with the layout. As the slot game Sweet Bonanza is a modern slot, we marvel at six reels. Nevertheless, there are five rows of symbols on the playing field.

Normally we would mention the number of win lines at this point. However, there is no corresponding information. This is because a specific number of matches on the playing field is enough to trigger a win. The typical pictures require at least eight of the same type. With the lollipop, four matches are enough.

Sweet Bonanza winning symbols

In fact, we firmly believe that every customer should fully understand the game. We therefore describe the symbols of the slot game below.

Please note: All stated values refer to a basic stake of 2 US dollars. The following pictures are available:

  • Red heart
  • Purple square
  • Green pentagon
  • Blue rectangle
  • Apple
  • Plum
  • Watermelon
  • Grapes
  • Banana
  • Lollipop

Red heart

Although we called the slot machine a fruit slot at the beginning, the more valuable symbols are the sweets. This includes the red heart, which has a maximum value of 100 US dollars with twelve matches. It must appear at least eight times on the playing field to guarantee a payout.

After looking through all the pictures, it quickly becomes clear that the red heart represents the highest value. This at least applies to the normal images. What's more, with a bit of luck, every symbol will lead to a lucrative payout thanks to the multiplier.

Purple square

Another picture from the sweets category. The scale is always identical. The smallest payout is achieved with eight or nine squares. If the image can be discovered ten or eleven times, its value increases fourfold. The maximum value is only reached with twelve or more matches.

Of course, we also want to shed light on the probability of placing the image on the playing field with sufficient frequency. With six reels and five rows, there is room for exactly 30 pictures in a game round. We need at least eight squares to win.

Green pentagon

Sweet Bonanza is a sweet slot. So many sweets naturally put you in a good mood. However, we have to admit that the value of these images is constantly decreasing. Nevertheless, the green square is still one of the high-paying symbols. This image must also be seen at least eight times in order to trigger a payout.

The main win with the green candy starts when the symbol appears twelve times or more simultaneously on the reels. The maximum equivalent value is 30 US dollars. The payout is finally calculated by multiplying the stake.

Blue rectangle

The last and least valuable image from the candy category is the blue rectangle. Because if eight or nine symbols of this type appear, the equivalent value is only 3 US dollars. The sum rises to only 4 US dollars after ten to eleven appearances. Only with twelve or more rectangles is 24 US dollars granted.

Although there is a clear downturn in the counter value, the blue candy is still one of the most valuable images. The symbol is particularly worthwhile with the multiplier, which can increase every win by a factor of up to x100.


We have finally arrived at the fruit. The apple occupies the top position here. However, the pome fruit starts at the equivalent of 2 US dollars. In terms of the required number of matches, the fruits are no different from the sweets. Each picture must be shown at least eight times.

The highest payout, based on the corresponding picture, is then granted for twelve or more matches. The apple still comes with a top prize of 20 US dollars. Do not forget: This value is multiplied by the stake.


The use of fruit on the reels is a classic. Sweet Bonanza makes use of this cliché. The advantage of fruit symbols is that they are familiar to the player and are easy to distinguish from one another. This can be done by color or shape.

The plum is purple and slightly smaller than the apple. Their equivalent value is also lower. It starts at 1.60 US dollars and closes at 16 US dollars. A small side note: the fruits are all polished to a high gloss. As a customer, we practically feel like going into the kitchen and helping ourselves there first.


It is always a curiosity. This is because the symbols on a slot machine are roughly the same size on their own. In reality, however, the watermelon would be much larger than the plum, for example. Reality has to be bent a little in favor of the game.

In many slot machines, the watermelon is the most valuable fruit – not so in Sweet Bonanza. Here she comes in third place. It starts with an equivalent value of 1 US dollar and completes the series with a value of 10 US dollars at the top.


Fruit to grab from time to time. Grapes are popular in Germany. This symbol can be found in the symbolism of many fruit vending machines. From our point of view, the grapes stand out again from the other pictures in terms of color and structure.

However, the equivalent value decreases from symbol to symbol. In the case of grapes, for example, the minimum payout in the event of a win is 0.80 US dollars multiplied by the stake. The maximum prize is 8 US dollars per combination of twelve or more grapes.


The banana is yellow and crooked – who would have thought it? It brings up the rear among the common symbols. No player will be really happy about a small payout round with the banana. Because there are simply enough higher-quality images that would have achieved a better result.

Nevertheless, every payout at Sweet Bonanza is a small sense of achievement. This also applies to bananas, which range in value from 0.50 (eight or nine) to 4 US dollars (twelve or more).

Spiral lollipop

In principle, this is the only fixed special symbol in this machine. The lollipop comes with a spiral pattern in red and white. It acts as a scatter. As with the other images, it is completely irrelevant in which position it appears.

The only important thing is that the lollipop pays out 6 US dollars with just four matches. A tripling of the use is therefore possible here. With five lollipops it is 10 US dollars and with six it is even 200 US dollars (increase by a factor of 100). Four lollipops also trigger the free games.

Features and special features

The symbolism of Sweet Bonanza is quickly internalized. The makers of the slot game have made sure that the images are easily accessible. However, the game's special functions also provide the necessary excitement.

Because while users quickly get tired of the icons, the features never cease to amaze. We have therefore set ourselves the task of working out and describing the functions of slot machines. We start with a list of the features.

  • Buy Feature
  • Double the chance
  • Free spins
  • Multiplier
  • Tumble feature
  • Autoplay

Buy Feature

Don't feel like waiting for the feature to be triggered? Then you have the option of simply buying them. In the case of Sweet Bonanza, we only have the chance to purchase free spins.

The cost of the bonus game depends on the amount of the selected bet. If we continue to play with 2 US dollars per spin, 10 free spins cost 200 US dollars directly. If we increase the total stake to 10 US dollars, the free spins will cost 1,000 US dollars.

After we have made our selection regarding the use, we click on the button at the top left. You then have to confirm your selection of free spins by clicking a button. The bonus game then starts, which in this example was of course not really free.

Double the chance

If we buy the feature, we no longer need to wait for it to be triggered. However, the deal is of course not worthwhile to the same extent as winning free spins naturally is. However, there is a middle way and that is the doubled chance.

This is because there is a small slider below the button to purchase the feature. The description reads as follows: “Double the chance of winning feature”. We pay for this advantage with a higher stake. Once again, the total depends on our basic attitude.

If you still want to be dependent on chance in the hunt for the bonus, but want to give your luck a little boost, you've come to the right place. One click on the slider is all it takes.

Free spins

If we exclude the feature purchase and the doubled chance, the only natural way to win free spins remains. The payout from the bonus game depends on the scatter. As we have already described in the symbolism section, the lollipop is the key symbol here.

It is sufficient for the image to appear four times on the pitch. We are already looking at ten free spins. These rounds are executed with the last selection in the bet. The joy is great when winnings in Sweet Bonanza increase during this phase of the game.

During the free spins round, three more scatters trigger an additional five free spins. With a little luck, the free spins can last for a longer period of time. This is because the increase may occur several times during the feature.


In principle, the multiplier is inextricably linked to the free games. Because this symbol only appears during the free spins phase. In terms of design, it is a colorful bomb. This has a corresponding value printed on it. This value reaches a maximum of x100.

So if our payout would normally have been 120 US dollars, the bomb increases the payout to 12,000 US dollars. However, the colorful bomb is by no means always so generous.

It is also a fact that the multiplier in Sweet Bonanza starts at a factor of x2. In this case, our profit of 120 US dollars would still rise to 240 US dollars. The special feature here, however, is that all multiplier values of the bombs are added together when the tumble feature expires.

Tumble feature

The tumble feature is a real eye-catcher. In most slot machines, the round ends when the spin is completed. Either there is a profit or not. At Sweet Bonanza, however, the round continues after the first win. This is due to the so-called tumble.

This is because the pictures involved in the winning combination simply disappear from the playing area. The corresponding symbols slide into the vacant spaces from above. New images also appear on the pitch. In other words, a completely new game situation arises.

The typical symbols in the game require at least eight matches. These can now be achieved several times per round. The tumble only stops when there are no more combinations to be made. The winnings are only paid out at the very end of the round.


When playing automatically, customers must never lose sight of the big picture. Because playing on the machine should be fun. On the other hand, some players find it annoying to constantly have to press the button for rotation (in this case the double arrow).

Developer Pragmatic Play has come up with something for this – autoplay. In terms of operation, it is a small button that is located below the rotate button. One click and we can adjust the parameters.

We can choose the number of rounds that should be played automatically. The range starts at ten and ends at 1,000 laps. We can even hide the intermediate displays during the gaming experience. There are also two speed modes, “Quick Play” and “Turbo Spin”.

Alternatives to Sweet Bonanza

If you don't change the game from time to time, you will quickly become bored. It makes little sense to always stare at the same images and use 100% identical features. We have therefore summarized three Sweet Bonanza alternatives here.

Wild Candy – Similar to Sweet Bonanza, there are plenty of sweets here. What's more, the playing field is even more generous at eight by eight. Winnings occur when the player forms so-called clusters over the symbols.

Opal Fruits – A little variety does you good? Then let's just move the fruit into space. Free spins with x10 multiplier, wild multipliers and the “Triple Reaction” are features of this slot machine.

Esqueleto Explosivo – The name says it all, because the skeletons explode. However, this is merely a manifestation of the tumble feature, as can also be found in Sweet Bonanza. Multipliers are also omnipresent here.

Conclusion – Play Sweet Bonanza online

Attention sweet tooths! Whether you like fruit or sweets, Sweet Bonanza should be worth a detailed look for you. However, the slot machine not only impresses with its symbols, but even more so with its features. These include the free spins, multipliers and especially the tumble feature.

It is also possible to buy the feature. This shortens the waiting time for the long-awaited reward. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the Sweet Bonanza slot below.

  • Tumble feature allows multiple wins in just one round
  • Multipliers increase to a maximum of x100 during the free games
  • Symbol winnings are not tied to rows
  • Autoplay of up to 1,000 laps makes customers lose track
  • The classic joker that replaces other images is missing

FAQ – Sweet Bonanza

Can I play Sweet Bonanza for free?

Pragmatic Play offers a demo. The trial game is started with a fictitious stake (i.e. without real money). Some online casinos accept the demo. Sometimes, however, the sample is only available after registration.

Can I play Sweet Bonanza on the go?

Sweet Bonanza is a modern video slot with 6 x 5 reels. The display is optimized for all common mobile devices. As a result, the machine can be played on a smartphone or tablet – even on the move. However, this requires a stable Internet connection.

What are the limits at Sweet Bonanza?

When playing Sweet Bonanza, the stake can be reduced to a minimum of 0.20 US dollars. High rollers will be pleased to know that the maximum stake can reach up to 100 US dollars. The total stake is defined by a combination of the stake and the coin value.

Is Sweet Bonanza also available with the Megaways option?

Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play is basically a slot game that does completely without classic win lines. For this reason, there is no version of the game with Megaways.

Can I play for real winnings at Sweet Bonanza online casinos?

The demo is only there to try it out anyway. If you achieve a high payout there, it will only be credited to your account balance as virtual and non-withdrawable assets. However, if you visit a real online casino and make a deposit there, you can play for real winnings. We have prepared a selection of suitable casinos.

Which manufacturer is behind Sweet Bonanza?

The developer studio Pragmatic Play is behind Sweet Bonanza. In recent years, some of the world's most popular slot machines have been produced there.

What is the payout percentage at Sweet Bonanza?

The maximum return to player (RTP) at Sweet Bonanza is 96.51 percent. Small deviations are possible depending on the setting, which is why the lowest possible RTP is 96.48 percent.

Which streamers play Sweet Bonanza?

Almost all well-known casino streamers have already tried this machine. To the best of our knowledge, Roshtein and Drake have already won larger sums at Sweet Bonanza.

Is Sweet Bonanza a serious game?

Sweet Bonanza is part of Pragmatic Play, a company licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Consequently, the gaming machines are subject to regular checks. For this reason, Sweet Bonanza is reputable for us.

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