Bridesmaids Slot Review

Rating: 92 %

What’s behind the Bridesmaids slot machine? It is actually a slot game from the film industry. In German, the blockbuster is called “Brautalarm”. Because the machine is based on a real movie, the characters are naturally processed as symbols. We like to call the slot machine a high-gloss machine. The Bridesmaids slot is not only recommended for fans of Brautalarm. The many features and special features in particular ensure long-lasting excitement.

Michael Schmitz
Author & Responsibility: Michael Schmitz
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Name Bridesmaids
Provider Microgaming
Compatibility Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
RTP 96,71 %
Paylines 40
Reels 5
Rows 5
Min bet 0,40
Max bet 60
Max win x1.750
Free Spins
Free Version
Bonus Buy

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Bridesmaids: How it works!

Bridesmaids is a slot machine with 40 win lines. These lines run from left to right on the pitch. The game itself features five reels and four symbols per reel. Accordingly, 20 images are always visible once the rotation is complete.

In our experience with the slot machine, the permitted stake can vary from casino to casino. We were able to run the game in a range from 0.40 to 60.00 euros. The maximum win is 105,000 euros (win factor x1,750).

The Bridesmaids slot can be run on all common systems. This starts with Windows and Mac and ends with iOS and Android. However, because Microgaming has developed the game for all mobile systems, the hardware and software play a subordinate role.

Unfortunately, there is no option here to buy a bonus or hit a progressive jackpot. But the existing functions are absolutely sufficient. There is also no demo to give you an insight with the free trial game.

Bridesmaids winning symbols

It is also worth taking a second look at the symbolism. Because in addition to the special symbols, the characters from Bridal Alarm appear on the reels.

  • Logo (Wild)
  • Cupcake (Scatter)
  • Lillian
  • Annie
  • Helen
  • Megan
  • Rita
  • Becca
  • Heart
  • Spades
  • Check
  • Cross

Logo (Wild)

The logo is quickly explained. All six key characters from the movie Brautalarm are depicted there. They stand in a row. There you can see the bride in white. The bridesmaids in pink line up next to them. But the highlight is the substitution feature and the counter values, because the logo of the Bridesmaids slot machine is able to substitute and complement all other symbols.

Only the cupcake scatter is excluded. The logo also appears stacked. With a stake of 60 euros, we get 900 euros with five matches. There are still 360 or 150 euros, with four or three equals.

Cupcake (Scatter)

The cupcake does not have to appear in a row from left to right to win. Here, it is actually enough to achieve the required number of matches on the playing field. Just two matches are enough to trigger a payout.

With both two and three matches, the slot pays out our stake exactly. If we reach four cupcakes, we get 600 euros back. The equivalent value increases to 6,000 for five scatters. In addition, three or more cupcakes trigger the spectacular wheel bonus.


Lillian is the main character. She is the bride and therefore has the highest value on the reels. She has brunette hair and comes onto the pitch with a cheerful smile and a red background. This prevents any confusion with the other ladies.

With a stake of 60 euros, which we take as a benchmark for each symbol, we get a sum of 60 euros paid out for three matches. Consequently, this is a refund. However, if we reach a quarter, we are talking about a payout of 240 euros. One quintuplet even earns us 750 euros.


So let's start with the bridesmaids. This is where blonde Annie comes into play. She appears against a golden background, which looks good despite the blonde hair. She has an honest look about her, but has to take a back seat to the bride Lillian in terms of value.

Let's first take a look at the repayment for the triplet: If we invest 60 euros, we still get 30 euros back. With four matches, the payout is even identical to Lillian – 240 euros. That leaves the quintuplet, which is rewarded with a payout of 450 euros.


Helen, like the other bridesmaids and the bride of course, presents us with different hairstyles and facial expressions in the symbolism. This keeps the variety in the slot machine. She appears in front of a pink background and has ash blonde hair.

In principle, we can keep it short. This is because Helen's value mirrors Annie's counterparts from the triplet to the quintuplet. Nevertheless, we summarize the payouts here again for three, four or five equals, for the sake of clarity: 30 euros, 240 euros and 450 euros.


Megan is the third bridesmaid with a “remarkable” dress in the game. However, the pictures show more of her face and less of her clothing style. It has a green background. She is also characterized by the fact that she is slightly chubbier than the other characters in the Bridesmaids slot.

However, Megan is clearly at a disadvantage compared to Annie and Helen. In the end, Microgaming decided to halve the counter values. Therefore, a refund of 15 euros (60 euros stake) remains for the triplet. Four matches earn us 120 euros. Five of a kind provide 450 euros.


Let's continue with Rita. It appears against a turquoise background. Incidentally, the colors are similar to those in other slot games. A certain standard has been established. Helen is blonde and has a big forehead – at least in the pictures of the Bridesmaids slot machine.

Which brings us back to the counter values with a stake of 60 euros. Rita is on the same level as Megan. So it comes with 15, 120 and 300 euros, with a triplet, quadruplet and quintuplet.


With Becca we complete the bridesmaids from the movie Brautalarm. It appears for a purple background. The pictures show her with long and short hair. Apparently the bridal bouquet has also been caught. Incidentally, Becca is the last high-paying symbol.

Once again, we don't really need to say much about the counter values. Because she is once again leveling off at the level of Rita and Megan. So we are talking about a payout of 15 euros, 120 euros and 300 euros if you achieve a triplet, quadruplet or quintuplet.


Finally, we come to the symbolism of the playing card suits. We are a little happy about this variety in the Bridesmaids slot. Mostly letters and numbers are used. Here we have discovered the card game heart. Of course, the counter values continue to fall.

Nevertheless, with a stake of 60 euros, it is worth it if we achieve a five of a kind. Because in this case we will receive 240 euros. There is also a refund of 60 euros for four matches. The latest payout is 7.50 euros for a triplet.


In this case, the spade symbol is designed in organs. It shines in the style of a gemstone and is therefore easily recognizable on the reels. Once again, we do not need to go far in terms of counter values. Because the values correspond to the heart symbol.

Of course, we summarize the value once again. If you match three identical symbols on the reels in accordance with the rules, you'll get €7.50 back for a stake of €60. If there are four matches, a full refund will be made. One quintuplet yields a payout of 240 euros.


The order of the card game symbols is a little strange. This is because diamonds are usually the least valuable hand in card games – for example in skat. However, it doesn't matter here because all low pictures have an identical value.

Check has a green base color. If we get five identical symbols from left to right on the playing field, we will receive 240 euros. With a valid four of a kind, we experience a refund of our 60 euro stake. If there are only three of a kind, it is 7.50 euros.


Now we are at the last symbol – the cross. Again, there is not much to tell. The color and the corresponding picture are well known from the card games. Here, however, the cross is not black, but turquoise. This allows the image on the pitch to be quickly identified.

When it comes to the counter values, we can only repeat what we have already said about the previous three card game symbols. For a five-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind or three-of-a-kind, the player receives a payout of 240, 60 or 7.50 euros.

Features and special features

Does the Bridesmaids slot machine have a few bridal gifts in store? In any case! It would be boring if it wasn't. Because a slot machine game presents itself with the symbols. But the real excitement usually comes with the functions.

  • (Stacked) Joker
  • Scatter (single winnings)
  • Bike bonus
  • Boutique bonus
  • Friendly free games
  • Flying High free games
  • Cupcake Booster
  • Magic Moments bonus
  • Autoplay

(Stacked) Joker

Slot machine fans know how a joker, which is usually declared as a wild in the slot game, works. Nevertheless, we will explain it again here in brief. Similar to the card game, the joker can substitute for other symbols.

We would like to explain this using an example. If Annie appears on reels one, three and four along a line, there is no win. The second roll is missing. However, if the joker comes into action here, a payout is made.

It is also great that the Joker logo itself has great value. The wild reaches its limits with the cupcake, which is a bonus trigger. This image cannot be replaced. However, another advantage is that there are stacked Jokers on the reels.

Scatter (single winnings)

Is it a function? From our point of view, yes. Because all opportunities to achieve winnings that run counter to the conventional rules simply have to be a feature. That's where the cupcake comes in.

However, in this case we first want to look at the values – at least one value. Because with five cupcakes, we turn 60 euros directly into 6,000 euros. We are increasing our commitment a hundredfold.

The special feature, however, is that we do not have to form a valid series. The cupcakes can appear on the reels independently of the 40 win lines and we get our payout. But that is not all. Because the cupcakes also trigger the bike bonus.

Bike bonus

The wheel bonus is the link between the scatter and the other bonus actions in the Bridesmaids slot. First of all, however, we need three, four or five cupcakes on the playing field so that the wheel of fortune can be activated at all.

As the name “Wheel of Fortune” suggests, it is left to chance which feature we will be confronted with afterwards. In this respect, the question is whether the bonus wheel itself is a good feature.

However, since the wheel is the triggering factor, it must be mentioned here for the sake of completeness. This is because the wheel of fortune can be used to trigger functions such as the gift box bonus or the friendship free games. We will go into this in more detail.

Boutique bonus

Anyone planning a wedding must be impeccably prepared in many areas. On the one hand, it is often a big celebration. It is also the most important day in a woman's (and a man's) life. Of course, the bridesmaids are also in demand.

Gift boxes are lined up in two lines in front of each other. Each row shows us six packages. However, these presents are not real bridal gifts, but the bride and bridesmaids themselves.

How can we earn from this mini-game? It works a bit like memory in reverse. There are also always two of each person. However, the longer we avoid the doppelganger, the greater our reward.

You can see your multiplier at the top left of this game. The total winnings are shown at the top right. This depends on your success in unwrapping the gifts, but also on the total stake in the Bridesmaids slot. The game ends with two upside-down brides.

Friendly free games

Free spins are actually the typical scatter advantage. Here again, it is the wheel of fortune that has different free spin variants on offer. This also includes the friendly free games. But there are a few special features to discover here.

For once, winnings not only count from left to right, as in the main game, but also from right to left. This doubles our chance of winning. The bride is stacked on reels one and two.

The bridesmaids are staggered on reels three, four and five. In addition, according to the rules, different characters can replace each other like a joker. Ten free games take place first. However, this mode can be retriggered during the free spins.

Flying High free games

In our view, this free-play variant has even more special features. However, there are also only ten free spins to start with. However, two further functions come into effect here – the rolling reels and growing wild stacks.

Let's start with the rolling reels. If a win is achieved, the roles are rearranged. This allows players to achieve several payouts in succession. Although there are actually only ten free spins, this makes the rounds seem much longer.

Growing Wilds also come into play. The wild stacks are increased by one on each spin. In the end, there are 13 stacks. As a result, jokers are much more common on the playing field, which in turn increases the chance of winning.

Cupcake Booster

Together with the wheel bonus, you should also pay attention to the cupcake booster. The players are allowed to choose their own cupcake. The reward is actually obvious – they are multipliers.

The funny thing is, however, that these do not apply to all winnings. Once there are multipliers, they only count towards the pink money prizes. Then again, there are multipliers that are only valid for blue cash prizes. Finally, however, multipliers are still available for pink and blue.

The question remains as to the amount of the revaluation. Corresponding factors come with x2 or x3 and multiply your winnings accordingly. Incidentally, the Cupcake Booster also gives you the chance to win two additional reel pointers.

Magic Moments bonus

What are the “magical moments” that are meant here? At a wedding, there are various memories that the bride and groom want to relive again and again. The yes-word, the kiss in the church or the cutting of the cake come to mind off the top of our heads.

But in this case, it's also about the magical moments from the movie Brautalarm. Nevertheless, they are photos. We do take a closer look at this. But which cash prize is hidden behind which picture is left to chance anyway.

However, players can select up to ten Magic Moments. However, this is only the maximum. In addition, there is, let's say, a carrot with the inscription “I'm Sorry”, which ends the game in advance.


Autoplay is an underrated feature – even in the Bridesmaids slot machine. In this regard, we would just like to briefly explain how much time is saved. Let's say you need two seconds to click 500 laps and the autoplay completes the process in one second.

In this example, we're talking about over eight minutes that you lose every day. If you play 20 days a month, that's 166 minutes, or 2 hours and 46 minutes. We could also extrapolate it to the year.

We would also like to mention the gain in convenience. Most customers play with a constant stake anyway. If you don't have to click all the time, you can concentrate much better on the result on the reels. That is what ultimately matters.


In general, we think the Bridesmaids slot game is a real eye-catcher. Of course, this also applies if you have not seen the movie Brautalarm. If you don't like the design or the functions, we have come up with a few alternatives.

We are guided by three things: Firstly, the game developer Microgaming, which brought Bridesmaids onto the market. Secondly, on the subject of weddings and brides. Thirdly, the wheel of fortune, which we consider to be a key feature.

Jurassic Park

Thematically, we are far removed from “Brautalarm”. However, it is also a movie slot machine and a Microgaming slot. Jurassic Park also comes with a return to player (RTP) of 96.67%.

Mega Moolah

This slot machine is well known. Because it is home to what is probably the biggest jackpot in the world of slot machines. Why is there a recommendation? Because the different main prizes are also displayed on a wheel of fortune.

Wacky Wedding

The small manufacturer Rival has launched the slot game Wacky Wedding. Wedding cakes, champagne and various bonus rounds (e.g. free spins or an expanding wild) are similarities to the Bridesmaids slot.

Play Bridesmaids online – our conclusion

If the machine was only designed for brides and bridesmaids-to-be, the audience would be comparatively small. But the Bridesmaids slot machine is popular. This is also due to the success of the film Brautalarm, which has built up a certain fan base since 2011. The slot game also appeals to all bonus hunters. On the one hand, there are various free game rounds available. Then there is a kind of reverse memory game. We can also spin a wheel of fortune and even collect multipliers – so there's plenty of variety.

  • 2 different free play modes
  • Various multiplier sets
  • Wheel of fortune with various bonuses
  • Niche topic
  • It takes time to explore all the features


Can I play Bridesmaids for free?

We did not find a demo of the game directly at Microgaming. However, there may be a few online casinos that allow you to play for free after registering.

Can Bridesmaids also be played on the go?

Mobility is the be-all and end-all these days. Whether Apple's iOS, Google's Android or any other operating system or device, the Bridesmaids slot machine can be played.

What are the limits at Bridesmaids?

We had to wager at least 0.40 euros during our trial game. The maximum stake available to us was 60 euros. What's more, the top prize is an impressive 105,000 euros.

Is Bridesmaids also available with Megaways option?

Bridesmaids is a slot machine from 2011. There is only this one version and it comes without Megaways.

Can I play for real money at Bridesmaids online casinos?

When you register with the virtual casino and make a deposit, you can risk real money. In this case, you are playing for real winnings.

Which manufacturer is behind Bridesmaids?

The British company Microgaming has turned the movie “Bridesmaids” into a slot machine.

What is the payout percentage at Bridesmaids?

The payout ratio describes the average payout of the slot machine to its customers. With Bridesmaids, 96.71% of the money goes back to the players.

Which streamers play Bridesmaids?

Surely one or the other streamer has already started the Bridesmaids machine. However, we are not aware of any prominent influencer who keeps returning to this slot.

Is Bridesmaids a serious game?

The Bridesmaids slot has been around for many years. Regular inspections by the regulators are therefore on the agenda. What's more, the developer Microgaming is one of the heavyweights in the industry. That's why we are sure that Bridesmaids is a serious game.

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