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The online casino world is big. So is the market for cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you can find a wide variety of deposit methods in many online casinos. One of them is the cryptocurrency Dash. So that you know what makes a DASH online casino a trustworthy and good casino, we have created a detailed test report for you.

We will provide you with all the most important information and tips that you should know and consider before making your first Dash deposit at an online casino. We also recommend only reputable online casinos with a license and attractive welcome bonus.

Last update: 18. January 2022
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The online casino world is big. So is the market of cryptocurrencies. Thus, in masses of online casinos also the most diverse deposit methods are available to you. One of them is the cryptocurrency Dash. So that you know what makes a Dash online casino a trustworthy and good casino, we have created a detailed test report for you. Here you will get the most important info you need!

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How do I find the right Dash Casino for me?

With so many online casinos to choose from, it’s important to know which one you can put your Dash Coins to work at. As far as Dash cryptocurrency is concerned, you have an advantage. The deposit option is not yet widespread, so you save yourself a long search, because only selected top casinos provide this method of deposit.

Bonus – What bonus do I get when I play with Dash?

Whoever is looking for a Dash online casino, naturally keeps an eye out for attractive welcome offers or a new customer bonus. Such a bonus determines with what additional payment or free spins you will be rewarded with your first deposit in the gambling house. Depending on the casino provider, there are differences here in terms of bonus money and bonus offers.

But the best Dash casinos not only offer a bonus for new members, but also convince players with easy-to-fulfill bonus conditions and turnover requirements.

Deposit and withdrawal – what are the specifics of Dash?

When using cryptocurrency, there is no difference in depositing or withdrawing compared to FIAT currency – real money. The deposit is quickly credited to your account and you can immediately get started and put your coins to work in the game.

Withdrawing is also a breeze. The first time you want to cash out Dash Coins at the casino, you have to go through what is called the KYC procedure. KYC stands for “know your customer” – which translates to “know your customer“. This process is required for all payments on the Internet for the prevention of money laundering.

Only after this process and when your identity has been proven can a withdrawal be made. Any reputable online casino will therefore request a copy of your identity card before making your first withdrawal.

How fast can I play with Dash?

If you are already in possession of Dash Coins, you can also use them immediately in your created account of the online casino by means of deposit. The process is very easy and fast. So you can start playing with your deposited Dash Coins in the online casino after a few minutes and you will also get your deposit bonus/welcome bonus credited after your first deposit.

How quickly will I receive my earnings with Dash?

With Dash, you’re on your way pretty quickly. A withdrawal is processed faster than with Bitcoins. However, the exact speed will vary depending on the online casino, of course.


The Dash blockchain technology is more decentralized than almost any other blockchain. It is very secure with more than 4,500 servers worldwide. Those who are in possession of Dash Coins do not have to worry about their security. However, we have answered a few more important questions about security for you here.

How do I recognize reputable Dash online casinos?

You can recognize a reputable Dash casino by certain characteristics. The most important feature is definitely a valid gambling license (at least a Curacao license). But also a good customer support with live chat, a large game selection (slot games, table games, etc.) and about a SSL encrypted website as well as a 2-factor authentication with your user account distinguish a good and above all serious casino.

Are Dash online casinos legal?

Yes, it is legal to play with Dash Coins at online casinos. However, this also depends on the laws of your particular region.

Are my Dash Coins safe with the casinos?

Yes. If the casino meets the above security standards, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You can deposit your coins and play with them in the online casino without any worries.

Live Casino with Dash

Of course, you can also use your Dash Coins in the live casino – if the online casino offers it. 22Bet, for example, offers you a quite extensive area with live games. Games from a wide variety of providers are waiting for you here. Among them is Evolution Gaming, probably the best-known manufacturer on the scene. The range of live games covers the classics such as roulette, baccarat, poker and blackjack.

Mobile Apps – Does the casino offer apps or web apps?

Yes, if you want to play with Dash at the online casino, you can also deposit and wager the cryptocoins through the web app. We also conducted a mobile casino test and can 100% recommend 22Bet for mobile use.

Game offer – how big is the selection?

Let’s stay right with 22Bet – here you have a huge range of games from well-known providers such as Betsoft at your disposal. You don’t have to worry about too few games at this online casino. And also not about the payment. You can use your Dash Coins for any game.

Customer service

If you want to use your Dash in an online casino, you should also take a look at the available customer service beforehand. Does your favorite online casino offer the possibility of contact? Preferably even via live chat and with a real service employee and not a bot? If so, you are dealing with a top online casino!

To the conventional customer support, we also appreciate a well-developed FAQ page. There, the most common questions should already be clarified, so you don’t even have to waste time with an email to customer service.

The customer support on 22Bet, for instance, is available 24/7. Both via mail and via a live chat. Here you will also get quick and professional support with your question or problem. You don’t have to worry about the language either! 22Bet has support staff for more than 48 different languages! So customer service here is 1A!

What are the advantages of Dash in online casinos?

In addition to the anonymity of paying with Dash, users also praise the secure network. In terms of mining, Dash also significantly reduces energy consumption compared to other cryptocurrencies! This leads to a higher return on investment while still requiring very little time. Transactions are processed and also settled in seconds. And also when it comes to data protection, Dash is one of the best cryptocurrencies.

What are the disadvantages of Dash in online casinos?

The cryptocurrency has hardly any disadvantage. Only the distribution in the online casino is a disadvantage. Here, unfortunately, there are only a handful of online casinos that offer the cryptocurrency Dash as a deposit method for you.

What is Dash?

Dash (DSH) is an open-source cryptocurrency launched in 2014 that provides user-friendly, scalable solutions for online transactions. Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Dash is based on blockchain technology, through which all transactions are processed.

But what makes Dash superior to Bitcoin is not only the speed of execution, but also the cost. Bitcoin transaction costs are significantly higher than Dash transaction costs.

Who is behind Dash?

Behind the cryptocurrency first launched as Darkcoin, or Xcoin, is Evan Duffield, a software developer from Arizona. Duffield had also worked for the major U.S. bank Wells Fargo. Thus, had experience in the financial world.

Duffield watched the development of Bitcoin with excitement, but wanted to make the cryptocurrency even more anonymous. Thus, he developed code that he thought could have improved Bitcoin. However, the Bitcoin developers were of a different opinion and rejected the code. Thus, Duffield then developed his own digital currency – the Dash – in 2014. Since March 2015, the cryptocurrency also officially bears the final name Dash.

Dash cryptocurrency
Dash as an alternative cryptocurrency

How secure is Dash?

According to our research, Dash is currently more secure – thanks to its new consensus protocol that ensures instant transactions by default – than, say, bitcoin. In addition, the cryptographic encryptions and privacy-focused features of the original Darkcoin are still in place and can therefore guarantee data protection as well! If you make a deposit with Dash in the online casino, you are definitely on the safe side!

Dash Casino Alternatives

The most well-known alternatives are certainly the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. But there are also other widely used cryptocurrencies. We have listed you the most popular and best cryptocurrencies here:

Crypto currency Number of casinos
Bitcoin Casinos 22
Ethereum Casinos 22
Litecoin Casinos 20
Dogecoin Casinos 18
Tether Casinos 18
Bitcoin Cash Casinos 17
Ripple Casinos 15
Tron Casinos 11
Cardano Casinos 9
USD Coin Casinos 8
Binance Coin Casinos 6
EOS Casinos 2
Monero Casinos 2
Chainlink Casinos 1
Solana Casinos 1
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The cryptocurrency Dash is a successor to Botcoin and is also based on blockchain technology. However, like Litecoin, transactions can be processed faster. Both depositing and withdrawing with Dash works quickly and easily in all casinos. Only the distribution is a point where there are deductions. Otherwise, Dash is a very trustworthy cryptocurrency where you do not have to worry if you want to use it in the online casino.

FAQ about Dash

Do Dash Casinos offer the full range of casino games?

Yes, if you have found an online casino that offers the Dash deposit method, you can use it in all games without any problems. Unless it is specially marked.

Do I also get a no deposit bonus at Dash Casinos?

Of course, Dash Casino also offers bonuses in the form of welcome bonuses or even welcome packages. In the rarest cases, there is a no deposit bonus.

Do I have any disadvantages when depositing with Dash compared to depositing with real money?

No. With the cryptocurrency Dash you have no disadvantages compared to any other deposit method at the online casino.